Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

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Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain

Its name says strawberry, but its aroma screams citrus. Something of a misnomer, the Strawberry Diesel strain tastes and smells more like a zesty lemon than it does a sweet berry, but even then, the diesel end of its name is no joke. Developed after bringing together two of the most eminent parent herbs in the biz, Strawberry Diesel is a versatile strain that can work both nights and days.

Fast-acting and heavy-handed, the Strawberry Diesel strain is a go to for veteran Cannabis heads who have developed a solid tolerance for hard hitting hybrids. With that, you should expect that low tolerance users and rookies might have a difficult time wrestling with the cultivar’s chemistry, since it is pretty intense.


The Origins of the Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain

A hybrid-sativa cross, Strawberry Diesel has been around for a pretty long time. Having first appeared on the market in the early 90’s, this cultivar has a bunch of landraces in its heritage which also explains why its such a hit. Specifically developed as a night-and-day strain, Strawberry Diesel’s chemistry makes it possible for users to use as little as possible without sacrificing the intensity of their experience.

NYC Diesel is a 60% sativa dominant hybrid that comes from the blissful marriage of the Mexican and the Afghani landraces. Herbal and citrusy in flavor and aroma, the NYC Diesel makes its mark with a strong gasoline undertone that chases the taste buds with its intense bitter element. In terms of effects, this award winning cultivar enables supreme cerebral activity while subduing the body for complete mental control.

Strawberry Cough on the other hand might not have been able to fully infuse its offspring with its sweet berry flavor, but it makes up for it with the effects it passes down to its descendant. Its cerebral effects that zone in on clearing the mind are accurately represented in the Strawberry Diesel cultivar, as well as hints of its muscle-numbing magic to boot.


Strawberry Diesel Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Dark and dank, the Strawberry Diesel Cannabis strain looks more diesel than it does strawberry. Its deep colored leaves are painted with various shades of dark green, all loosely mixed together without rhyme or reason. Its bright brown orange hairs are tossed in with complete reckless abandon, spewing from every crevice and creating little clusters of pubic growth wherever they find room to expand.

Encased in a fur coat of fine white fuzz, the Strawberry Diesel strain possess a violent trichome layer that glistens with the golden haze of its dewy resin. This sticky nectar covers all the surfaces of the nugs, and produces a sticky texture that also wafts with the strain’s signature aroma.

And since we’re on the topic of scents, it helps to know that the Strawberry Diesel strain almost always throws a curve ball when it comes to fragrance. While most buyers would expect to be greeted with the rich aroma of sweet fruity berry goodness, the herb takes a turn towards citrus town. Its strong, sour lemon fragrance laced with hints of jet engine fuel isn’t exactly unpleasant. In fact, minor tinges of herb and mint make it especially delightful. It’s just that with a name like Strawberry Diesel, you might be expecting more sweet succulent nectarine goodness.


Strawberry Diesel terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Feeling stressed out? Strawberry Diesel might be for you. Beloved for its energizing buzz that starts from the ground up, this herb wipes out distress and inspires a sense of purposeful vigor that clears a path in your mind for rock solid concentration. As though plowing through daily stresses and worries, the strain helps you zero in on your target and gives you the cerebral zest to work towards it.

Body-wise, the herb releases physical tension and pressure to give you a heightened sense of strength and physical capability. As though operating without all the hindrances that keep you from giving your 100%, the strain makes the perfect solution for those days when you really want to exert the full capacity of your effort.

In the same light, the Strawberry Diesel strain can also make the ideal nighttime herb. Often touted as the perfect all-around solution, taking slightly more than your usual dose will result to a sleepy stupor that’s more clouded than clear. Keep in mind though that it’s a fine line between sativa and indica with Strawberry Diesel, so it might be best to measure out our tolerance before you begin.


Strawberry Diesel Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

It’s not exactly the easiest crop to grow, but it’s definitely not the hardest either. Experienced farmers might find it to be relatively straightforward, while those who have yet to collect experience in Cannabis farming might think it to be a challenge. Whatever the case, Strawberry Diesel has better chances of reaching the height of its genetic potential when grown indoors, away from cold and moisture which tend to be its biggest weakness.

Growing to demonstrate a cross between indica and sativa morphology, the herb will rise to about 5 feet in height or less, with branches that reach out just enough to give the inner growth enough light and warmth without the need for pruning. In about 8 to 9 weeks from the seed, Strawberry Diesel should be ripe for the picking, producing roughly 4 to 5 ounces of bud for each square foot that it grows.


Who Is It For?

Ideal for Cannabis heads who want a single strain they can use for all sorts of situations, the Strawberry Diesel’s versatile effects mean that you can limit your selection to just this one, and still get the best of both worlds. Keep in mind though that the real challenge with Strawberry Diesel is finding the balance. Take too little, and the sativa-esque effects might be too faint. Take too much, and the indica properties could overpower you with unprecedented couchlock. To make sure you’re getting the ideal dose for your needs, take your tokes in succession. Watch out for the effects and measure up your tolerance to find out how much you need to awaken your system, and how much you need to achieve the perfect calm stupor.


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