Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain Review

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Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

Dominated by sativa genetics, the Strawberry Cough strain was so named for its sweet berry flavor coated in a skunky aftertaste that triggers a violent coughing fit. With an abrasive smoke that makes even the most seasoned, experienced Cannabis heads gag, the Strawberry Cough strain might not be the best bet for low tolerance users who aren’t entirely accustomed to the throat wrenching texture of thick angry smoke.

But even then, you might want to consider upping your tolerance, since Strawberry Cough does deliver quite a range of effects that surpasses what it can do to your throat. Uplifting and enlightening, this herb takes your perceptions to the next level, awakening your senses and opening up new areas of your mind that you might have yet to tap into.


The Origins of the Strawberry Cough Strain

If we’re being honest, there’s not really a lot of information on where Strawberry Cough comes from. And to be frank, that’s really part of its appeal. Buyers tend to gravitate towards strains with strange beginnings, and this herb is definitely one of them. And since the cultivar’s parents have yet to be discovered, it goes without saying that those who cultivate the herb do so by clone-only practices.

Of course, there’s always speculation on the roots of a specific cultivar. Some experts suggest that one of its parents is likely the Strawberry Fields indica where it might have inherited its distinct strawberry flavor. But then again, that would entail that the other parent would have to be a solid sativa, given that the Strawberry Cough is a sativa through and through.

While there isn’t any evidence to support it, some speculate that the other parent in the mix may have come from the Haze lineage. Others assert that the coughing caused by the herb is more similar to the scraping texture that the Diesel family tree is known to cause. And with a slight hint of gasoline goodness, that assumption might not be too far off the target.


Strawberry Cough Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Light and pale, the lack of saturation makes the Strawberry Cough strain look like the ghost of a Cannabis nug. As though sapped of any color, this strain can look particularly lacking in life next to many of the other more dramatically painted herbs on your budtender’s shelves. Nonetheles, it does get the job done of stealing your attention with its noticeably uncommon aesthetic.

If you do decide to have it taken down from the shelf for a good old fashioned whiff, the strain makes up for it’s lack of color by smacking you in the kisser with a wealth of fragrance. Strong and sweet, the aroma that comes off of the nugs can be described as freshly sliced berries rolled in newly cut grass. The ultra-organic nectarine smell can be a refreshing encounter, laced with minute traces of mint and herb that add a sharp sinus-clearing strength to the mix.

Thick, fuzzy trichomes give the nugs a fat look to them, as though they were encased in fluffy faux fur. Glittering in the light with hints of resin on their tips, these trichomes produce an abundance of nectar that creates that enticing dewy, gooey look that gives Strawberry Cough an edge despite its lack of saturation.


Strawberry Cough terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Although it tastes bomb, Strawberry Cough doesn’t really feel bomb, unless you’re one of those pain for pleasure kind of guys. That first drag might be cut short by the violent texture that comes with its plumes. As it first makes contact with the soft tissues of your throat, the strain aggressively tears apart at everything in its path, activating a strong urge to heave and cough to get rid of the irritation. Sure, it’s gonna taste like sweet berries. But are you really going to care about that while it tries to literally rip your throat out? Probably not.

Well, when you do manage to move past the coughing fit, Strawberry Cough reshapes your cognition. Enabling strong cerebral activity, the strain clarifies your mind and gives rise to a strong, reinforced perception of stimulation and ideas. The heightened cognitive sensation makes everything around you seem ten times more detailed, helping you pick up on minute aspects of your surroundings that you might have never noticed.

Together with the cognitive refresh, Strawberry Cough brings down tension and stress by melting away any physical negativity that might be weighing you down. The intense release can make you feel numb in a way, but it won’t entirely lock you down to your seat. As your breathing slows and your heart rate joins in on the beat, you’ll likely feel the desire to just sit back and enjoy the cognitive changes to magnify their benefits.


Strawberry Cough Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

An easy peasy herb to cultivate, there’s a load of reasons why a beginner might seek out Strawberry Cough as their first commodity. For starters, it’s a fast finisher with a record flowering time of just 6 weeks from the seed. Second, its harvest is pretty bangin’, bringing you up to 6 ounces of bud for every square foot of the plant’s height and growth. And then of course, there’s the fact that it’s a pretty resilient crop that grows just fine even outdoors. The catch? There is none. It’s really that good.


Who Is It For?

Perfect for those high stress situations when worry and apprehension cloud every inch of your mind, the Strawberry Cough strain highlights the fact that there’s really no need to stress out so much. With genetics that lift away cognitive distress to pave the way for true cerebral bliss, this strain ensures supreme clarity and heightened perception that can help you tap into your mind in ways that you probably haven’t tried before.

Is it going to be a great experience, taste-wise? Sure. But it helps to remember that even the most experienced veterans have had trouble downing this stuff. So if you’re a novice who wants to experience stress relief, then maybe try something that won’t murder your throat first.


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