Stormy 2.0 Cannabis Strain Review

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A select phenotype of one of the sexiest strains around, Stormy 2.0 is a seductress that captivates the mind and body with its sensual appeal. With full-bodied flavor, an alluring aroma, and blissful effects, Stormy 2.0 is just as enticing as her sultry mother strain. The only difference is that Stormy 2.0 comes with more relaxing effects and a stronger diesel undertone that further highlights her sweetness.

Serving the purpose of the perfect little treat after a long day of work and toil, Stormy 2.0 can be the respite that you deserve. Lending calm, relaxation, and the toe-curling goodness of full body release, this sexy strain works hard to deserve its spot on the top shelf.

The Stormy 2.0 Lineage

The Stormy 2.0 strain is a select phenotype of the Stormy Daniels cultivar – a spunky, sensual cannabis variety that sparks socialization and lends an air of unshakable glee. The strain’s fruity, berry, earthy flavor takes your taste buds on a wild ride that explores every corner of the known cannabis taste experience. Completely captivating, the lip-biting effects of the Stormy Daniels strain perfectly represent her namesake, giving you a fun and feisty encounter that engages the whole body.

Taking a select phenotype of the Stormy Daniels cultivar, the Stormy 2.0 strain was born. This specific subvariety demonstrates more pronounced contrast between the various tastes the strain produces. Sweeter berry versus a strong diesel undertone makes for a more dramatic flavor encounter. Other than that, the Stormy 2.0 strain also does away with the talkative effects, far better for those who want to quiet down and relax with the help of cannabis.

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Appearance and Aroma

If there’s one way to describe the Stormy 2.0 strain at a glance, it’s that it’s a feminine looking strain. The solid jacket of green hues envelopes the nugs, giving it that quintessential organic look. But take a closer look, and you’re likely to find a mix of pink and purple streaks painting the nugs’ interiors. These colorful shades add decorative appeal and dimension to the bud, earning it a rightful place at the top of a retailer shelf display.

Once you break open the pack, the sweet aroma of berry breaks loose, wafting through the air as it fills the space around you. The delicate sweetness of fruit and candy mix together for an uplifting fragrance that can make you want to dig your snout into the bag. But as the aroma saturates your senses, the smell of gasoline makes itself known.

Experience and Effects

Just like her mom, Stormy 2.0 produce a light, airy smoke that’s easy on the throat. The creamy, velvety clouds pass through the mouth and into the lungs without scraping against the soft tissues. This allows a truly tolerable experience that transcends all levels of expertise. For beginners, the smoke can be a wonderful introduction to the world of cannabis. For veterans, the silky-smooth smoke is an effortless treat and perhaps a well-deserved break from more intense strains.

Stormy 2.0 is fast-acting, producing its effects almost instantly after a couple of drags. The complex cannabinoid profile makes it so that the impact starts in the mind, resonating with a clarifying buzz that works to relieve cognitive distress. As you bask in the comfort of crystal-clear cognition, a whisper of calm oozes through the limbs and body. This adds palpable weight to the extremities, limiting the desire to move.

At full force, Stormy 2.0 can stimulate the body with a sensual tingling sensation that focuses on the most sensitive areas. If you’ve got your special someone around, the stimulation can be more than enough to spark an intimate moment. But if you’re all by yourself, then the reverberating tingle can become the focal point of relaxation, massaging away tension and putting you in a state of absolute release.

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Growing and Processing

Stormy 2.0 isn’t the easiest strain to grow. The cultivar can prove to be a challenge for most farmers, requiring very specific environmental and nutritional needs to reach its full potential. But keep in mind that strains with more detailed growth requirements tend to demonstrate better cannabinoid and terpene profiles. That means that the effort you put into growing a cultivar like Stormy 2.0 isn’t lost – you’ll likely end up with a top-quality strain that deserves nothing short of a top dollar.

With a minimum yield of around 3 ounces for every foot of the plant’s height, Stormy 2.0 isn’t likely to give you a bountiful harvest. Nonetheless, each crystallized nug promises top-shelf effects and flavor with rich terpenes and a dense coat of trichomes for a truly blissful smoking experience. The premium strain is perhaps one of the most colorful during its flowering phase, with deep rich purples and pinks dominating its facade.

Thanks to its rich CBD content and complex terpene profile, Stormy 2.0 makes yet another great choice for extraction. The cannabis variety produces a potent extract, ideal for creating a range of cannabis-derived products that showcase the true power of the plant. Of course, choosing the right extraction process should help you make the most of the herb’s promising traits. But for the most part, Stormy 2.0 retains her qualities well regardless of your extraction process of choice.

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Who Is It For?

Whether you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or if you’re hoping to give yourself some well-deserved pampering at the end of a long day, Stormy 2.0 is here to match your needs. The sensual strain can lift away discomfort and put your body into a pleasurable state of calm, tingling through your most sensitive regions for a cannabis experience like no other.

Although she’s a little harder to grow, Stormy 2.0 might just be the perfect investment for budding farmers in search of a way to make a fat profit. The strain’s ultra-complex chemistry makes her the ideal choice for those who want to grow a plant that exceeds the quality of your average, everyday cannabis cultivar. With a little time and patience, Stormy 2.0 guarantees premium returns that magnify the benefits that the herb is loved for.


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