Stardawg Cannabis Strain Review

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Stardawg Cannabis Strain

Said to have been named for its starry trichome fur, the Stardawg cannabis strain is a sativa-biased hybrid that works to relieve a range of known daily disturbances. Bringing together the tastes of pine, herb, mint, and citrus, the soothing flavor and aroma can be a relaxing, clarifying sensory encounter – like a cup of freshly brewed tea. But for as tranquilizing as the taste and fragrance might be, the Stardawg cannabis strain really isn’t about putting you to sleep.

Instead, this strain focuses on disturbances, discomforts, distress, and all of the other negative juju that might be weighing down on your shoulders. And as it lifts away the unwanted energy and symptoms that might be dragging you down, the Stardawg cannabis strain blasts you off into unprecedented positivity and glee that you’ve probably never known before.


The Origins of the Stardawg Cannabis Strain

The Stardawg strain, as its name suggests, comes from the prominent Dawg family. A direct descendant of one of the many phenotypes of the iconic Chemdawg, Stardawg combines the genetics of two hybrid parents that both offer slightly indica leaning effects for supreme relaxation.

The Chemdawg 4 strain is one of two parents in the marriage. Carefully handpicked and isolated as its own strain, this Chemdawg phenotype arouses cerebral well-being coupled with intense body melt that takes all your cares away. Lemony and piney, the delicious flavors and intoxicating aroma that spreads from the leaves can be an experience all on its own, making the Chemdawg strain both effective and enticing.

The second parent – called Tres Dawg – is an almost balanced hybrid that teeters ever so slightly on the side of indica chemistry. A child of Chemdawg and the famous landrace Afghani, Tres Dawg combines euphoria with a soothing tranquility that can get you giggling and smiling as you sit on your sofa doing absolutely nothing.


Stardawg Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Stardawg is an earthy looking strain that touts what looks like an unruly mop of red orange hairs. Its elaborate tresses are clumped together in clusters, creating tangled bunches of hair that add to the nugs rebellious appeal. Oversized yet compact, this strain can steal your attention with its larger-than-life aesthetic that’s coupled with its hefty weight.

Now, if its sheer size doesn’t steer your sights towards its nugs, then perhaps its intense trichomes will. The ‘star’ in its name comes from the fact that these nugs are coated in a rich, glistening jacket of dazzling crystallized trichomes. These tiny hairs produce the coveted cannabinoid and terpene chemistry that gives the strain its power and fragrance.

And on the topic of fragrance, let it be known that Stardawg can be a formidable sensory encounter, invigorating your olfactories with the strong aroma of spice and pepper that shoots through the sinuses to clear away any obstructions. Mixed together with hints of peppermint and lemon, the fragrance can be a truly delightful experience that can keep you coming back for more.


Stardawg terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Stardawg is often touted as the ideal daytime herb, putting you in the perfect temperament to go around town and tick off every item on your long list of things to do. When broken apart, the tight, oversized nugs release a slight bitter gasoline taste that mixes together with its peppery herbal blend. Needless to say, this diesel finish comes out strong during the smoke. And while the plumes might feel light and airy on the inhale, they scrape the throat on the exhale with their strong gasoline touch.

Fast-acting, the Stardawg cannabis strain gets to work immediately on your disposition as it enters your blood stream. Once imbued into your system, the chemistry works on the mind first and foremost. Its effects on cognition wipe away every nasty and harmful thought you have, giving you a clean slate and supreme concentration that heightens your sensitivity to all the stimulation around you.

The strong cerebral effects are coupled with a sense of deep rooted happiness. Giggles will flow from your lips without effort, and a perpetual smile will wipe across your face for no apparent reason. The positivity can trickle out into your words and expressions, and may easily infect those around you. In some cases, users have also reported that the Stardawg strain can be a smart choice if you’re just struggling to find the words during a social gathering.


Stardawg Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

While an expert farmer probably wouldn’t recommend Stardawg to a budding cultivator, they can be relatively easier to grow than others in the Dawg family line up. For the most part, they’re going to need lots of sun and warmth, as well as enough space to branch out its sativa-esque height. These plants can grow up to 7 feet in height, but will typically average 4 or 5 feet. Sensitive to moisture and all sorts of cannabis plant diseases, the Stardawg herb is often better off grown indoors.

But hey, on the upside, for all the effort that the strain requires, it does payback with a bountiful yield. Producing around 6 ounces of bud for every square foot, the Stardawg strain promises an abundance of product that you can expect in about 7 or 8-ish weeks from the seed.


Who Is It For?

If you’re tired of cussing at every slow moving car in your lane, then Stardawg is for you. As though changing your personality all together, Stardawg can take all of those daily annoyances and turn them into nothing more than a backdrop to an otherwise happy and smiley day. Perfect for hot-headed, stress-laden workers who just can’t seem to catch a break, the Stardawg strain puts you in such a good mood, that it becomes almost impossible to find room to be upset.

Keep in mind though that smoking too much may produce either of the extremes on the cannabis spectrum. That really depends on the phenotype you get your hands on. On one end, Stardawg can induce intense couchlock. On the other, it could put you into a jittery state of heightened, undirected energy. Whatever the case, it would help to manage your dose if you’re new to the scene to minimize the risk of exaggerated effects.


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