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Spectrum CBD Hemp Seeds

Spectrum CBD Hemp Seeds





Bred for terpene isolation and lofty CBD production, our Spectrum CBD hemp seeds transcend the levels typical of boutique grade cultivars. Courtesy of our careful R & D, we have selected premium phenotypes for consistent manufacturing.

Our full spectrum CBD hemp seeds are guaranteed to meet all of your needs and exceed expectations. With Spectrum seeds, you will always surpass ROI without compromising quality.

Spectrum’s aromatic metabolites attract pollinators and infuse your hemp plant with everything it requires in order to enhance your hemp flower’s CBD content. Its many substantial terpenes include Humulene, Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene, giving the resulting nugs a tropical, hoppy scent with notes of clove and basil.

Spectrum’s low THC level works to counteract Myrcene’s sedation, enabling the resulting hemp flowers to deliver a clean and attentive toke without gluing you to the couch for the duration.

All of these terpenes provide what’s known as the “Entourage Effect,” working in concert to assist in CBD and THC’s passage through the bloodstream. Additionally, they help to lower the blood-to-brain barrier.

With Spectrum, you are simply getting bigger and better results once your CBD hemp flower has bloomed.

Grow difficulty is virtually non-existent with these remarkable units of reproduction; they are both mold resistant and humidity-friendly. You can anticipate a flowering time of around 65 days. Growers can use the SCROG growth method with our feminized seeds for best results.

Expect your seeds to produce an indoor plant of no less than 40 cm in height with a yield of approximately 400 gram per m2. Outdoor plants are expected to reach 80-120 cm in height with a similar yield.

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