Special Sauce Cannabis Strain Review

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Make everyday life a little more exciting by drizzling it with your favorite Special Sauce. Beloved by cannabis users for its sky-high CBD content, Special Sauce can put your body in a state of absolute relaxation as it punches up creativity for a fruitfully meditative cognition. The sweet, hoppy aroma can be particularly pleasant, and its combination of earth and berry flavor undertones makes for a dynamic, multi-faceted smoking experience.

Smooth and velvety, the flavorful burn produced by the Special Sauce strain can be especially easy to breathe. Light and airy puffs make it particularly pleasant for novices and first-time users who might not have what it takes to manage the flavor and heavy, throat-scratching smoke that more intense strains are likely to produce.

Origins of Special Sauce

The Special Sauce cultivar we know today comes from the careful breeding practices of Oregon-based farmers. They took the original Special Sauce strain, chose a specific phenotype, and crossed it with Early Resin Berry. These two cultivars contributed their own unique genetics into the mix, producing what many know and love today as one of the most formidable cannabis strains in terms of CBD content.

The original Special Sauce strain lends its strong CBD profile to its offspring. Its earthy, woody flavors are also well represented in the present-day Special Sauce variety that’s widely circulated in the market. In terms of its Indica-leaning effects, the Special Sauce parent also brings its calming benefits to the table, producing a particularly relaxing descendant that’s effective against agitation.

The Early Resin Berry strain on the other hand is where the Special Sauce cultivar gets its flavor. The light, fruity, berry flavors reflected in this ancestor come shining through with full force. Other than that, Early Resin Berry also donates its lively, upbeat effects that shift the mood for a more balanced cluster of effects.

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Appearance and Aroma

One thing you’ll notice about the Special Sauce strain is that its nugs are particularly small. The micro-sized bud is compact, and might even look miniature next to the oversized nugs of cultivars like Northern Lights or Big Buds. But don’t be fooled by the unassuming size – Special Sauce brings with it loads of flavor and aroma that make up for its fun-sized samples.

The exterior of the nugs demonstrates a rich, earthy blend of colors, blending together various hues of green, brown, and gold to bring forth a truly organic aesthetic. Enveloped in a delicate network of yellow-orange tendrils, the nugs’ natural look is further heightened by an intricate dusting of fuzzy white trichomes. The sticky resin leaves a thin film on the skin when handled, and is also mainly responsible for the nugs’ fragrance.

In the aroma department, Special Sauce is light and delicately fragrant. The sweet smell of berry blends together with sandalwood, earth, and hoppy for a packed sniff experience that caresses the senses with loads of rich, organic notes.

Experience and Effects

Low-tolerance users and beginners often find comfort in the pleasant smoke experience that comes with the Special Sauce strain. True to its name, the strain’s viscous, smooth smoke drips down the throat with relative ease, coursing through like a delicate fluid and leaving no traces of smoke or scratch anywhere throughout your system.

The taste, much like the aroma, is delicate, yet pleasantly satisfying. It starts off with sweet notes of berry, then transforms into a darker blend of earth and wood. Together, all of these organic flavors mesh inside the mouth and caress the taste buds, heightening gradually as the seconds pass. Right before the taste subsides, a delicate, yet distinct floral flavor comes into play, wrapping up the encounter in the most pleasant way possible.

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When it comes to its effects, the Special Sauce strain delivers an overpowering sense of calm that can easily take you from feeling stressed out and anxious to relaxed and easy-go-lucky. The Indica-leaning cultivar packs a potent concentration of CBD, proving to be a wonderful solution against negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings that might agitate your system through overstimulation.

But don’t fret – this Special Sauce won’t sedate. With the effects of its ERB parent mildly reflected in this descendant strain, the calming effects are balanced out by a gentle full-body buzz that awakens the mind. So, altogether, you can expect a calm disposition that lifts away physical discomfort plus meditative cognition for hours of unrestricted mental exercise.

Growing and Processing

Like many cannabis varieties with specific growing needs, the Special Sauce strain thrives best indoors. This gives you the opportunity to fine-tune all the different needs that the plant requires and adds an extra facet of protection as your cannabis reaches maturity. For the most part, Special Sauce will grow best in light premixed soil that isn’t too dense and moist.

The strain takes about 7 weeks to reach the flowering phase which is relatively short when compared with other varieties. The moderate yield comes up to about 4 ounces per foot of the plant, making it reasonably rewarding to grow. As the herb reaches maturity, it would be best to provide nitrogen and phosphorous rich supplements. Three days before harvest, you may want to stop watering the plants to ease the process of drying.

Because of its robust CBD profile, Special Sauce is always a preferred candidate for extraction. The high-CBD content makes it the ideal choice for those who want to manufacture their own cannabis-derived products without losing the potency of cannabinoids in the extraction process.

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Who Is It For?

Perfectly balanced and effortlessly steady, the Special Sauce’s effects make it a premium choice for a broad range of users. Not likely to overwhelm the system, this strain provides a subtle full-body buzz and a meditative cognition that’s perfect for those moments when you just need to let go, let loose, and unwind.

An effective remedy against a wealth of daily discomforts, this strain can become a staple in your stash especially if you’re constantly looking for worthy relief versus cognitive and physical distress. So, whether you constantly battle it out with stress, tension, or physical discomfort, all you really need is a dose of Special Sauce.


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