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Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Review

July 07, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Review

Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

With electrifying effects enveloped in sharp-tongued flavor, the Sour Tangie herb awakens a creative fever that works hand in hand with a euphoric buzz. Its intense sativa chemistry awakens both body and mind, filling up your tank with unprecedented vigor that can help you power through a task-filled day. And with an added flavor bonus that focuses on bringing together tangy citrus with spice and mint, you can expect this cultivar to refresh your system straight from that first whiff.

Combining the genetics from an old school classic and a modern-day hot shot, the Sour Tangie Cannabis strain was developed with one thing in mind – to bring you rugged sativa effects while caressing your taste buds with the sweet, sumptuous flavor of an A-list herb.


The Origins of the Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

Bred by DNA Genetics, Sour Tangie is a pure sativa with hints of indica chemistry. The herb comes from the combination of a long standing Cannabis legend, and a relative newcomer, giving it the properties that appeal to both veterans and Cannabis millennials. While both parents are pure sativas, the Sour Tangie does manifest some mild indica properties despite being genetically a pure sativa as well.

East Coast Sour Diesel has been around for generations, and serves as the forefather and genetic backbone of many successful contemporary Cannabis strains. Coming from the Diesel family, this cultivar demonstrates robust gasoline flavors that mix together with citrus and pepper. With unrelenting effects, this herb is best reserved for veteran smokers in search of soaring euphoria and high levels of unprecedented energy.

Then there’s the Tangie. Relatively new to the scene, Tangie gets its name from the lip-smacking tart orange-lemon zest that lingers within its leaves. Refreshing and invigorating, this strain focuses more on your mood. With chemistry that helps to relieve a sour disposition, Tangie works to change the way you perceive stress, and thus shifts your behaviors altogether.


Sour Tangie Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Half part orange and half part green, there has yet to be a strain that looks as aggressively tangy as the Sour Tangie. Its leaves are equally divided in color, with neons and light greens mingling with harsh orange overtones that provide intense saturation. Add in the immense tresses that cover the nugs in a network of angry vines, and you’ve got a rugged look piece of bud that can definitely steal your attention from its place on a shelf.

Interestingly, even with its dense trichomes, the colors seem to pierce through without the slightest hint of being watered down. Instead, the jacket that layers over the leaves add a metallic, glittery look that makes the strain look even more like a prop from a fictional fantasy forest.

If there’s anything about the Sour Tangie scent, it’s that it doesn’t disappoint. Strong and zesty, this herb delivers a noseful of sweet citrus aroma that spans between lemon and orange. The delicious nectarine fragrance and comes through with hints of gasoline and mint – both inherited from the herbs’ parents – which make the overall olfactory experience even more dramatic and three dimensional.


Sour Tangie terpene profile


Experience and Effects

As a sativa, the Sour Tangie herb delivers awakening, energizing, and active effects that blend together the impact of its parents. The initial feeling – a strong cerebral buzz – recalibrates the mind and allows super-sensing that makes it possible for you to pick up on the slightest details in your surroundings. The heightened sense of perception makes everything seem and feel far clearer, and also allows users to focus their minds on a single goal minus the mental clutter.

Soon after, the Tangie parent’s genetics shine through. Imbuing the body with a sense of well-being and innermost joy, the herb enables a moderated euphoria. Controlled and guided, the feelings of happiness and elevation don’t overpower the body. Instead, they work together with your new found clarity to give you a sense of purpose and drive. Needless to say, Sour Tangie makes the perfect choice if you’re looking to reignite your desire to move through what might be a tedious stack of work.

But more than just its effects, the way Sour Tangie brings that to your body can be an experience all on its own. Packed with rich, piquant flavor, the cultivar produces a strong, citrus flavored smoke that’s smooth and airy. The fast moving plumes feel like silk as they move through your throat, leaving an aftertaste of gasoline and mint in its wake.


Sour Tangie Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

There are two distinct phenotypes of Sour Tangie that can take after either two of its parents in terms of growth requirements. If you manage to get your hands on the Tangie-esque herb, then expect a bit of a challenge. Otherwise, the phenotype that takes after the East Coast Sour Diesel ancestor can be relatively effortless to grow.

The harder herb variety will require indoor facilities and frequent topping, despite being a sativa herb. That’s because the 6 foot tall plant can grow relatively compact towards the top, requiring pruning to penetrate the interior with sunlight and warmth. Depending on the phenotype you get, you could be looking at between 7 to 10 weeks before the plant flower from the seed. Harvests are pretty much the same between these two phenotypes, ranging from 3 to 6 ounces for every square foot of plant.


Who Is It For?

The awakening effects of Sour Tangie make it a favorite among users in search of an herb that won’t only clarify their mind, but also improve their mood. Delicious and refreshing, the Sour Tangie cultivar delivers a mouthful of strong, sumptuous, fruity flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Perfectly balanced and well-rounded, this strain can work well for users of all tolerance levels.

But don’t think that your specific capabilities don’t factor in. Overindulging in Sour Tangie can produce the unwanted effects of jitters and undirected energy which can feel uncomfortable and worry-inducing. As with any other herb, the Sour Tangie will require that you fully understand your own tolerance to avoid the overbearing effects of biting off more than you can chew.


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