Sour OG Cannabis Strain Review

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Sour OG Cannabis Strain

A veteran on the cannabis scene, Sour OG is a coveted classic that boasts a reputation that’s built on solid cannabis foundations. Born and bred to be a crowd pleaser, this herb has its roots in two of the biggest, baddest cultivars from the hay days of the American cannabis scene. So it’s really no wonder why decades down the line, Sour OG continues to be a massive hit among users old and new.

Piney, earthy, citrusy, minty, peppery, hoppy, and gasoline-y, Sour OG brings together every single flavor that you might find in a cannabis strain. But more than anything, this herb delivers equal parts of lemon and diesel to allow a flavor-fuelled tug-of-war while its rugged chemistry inspires cerebral activity while keeping your body glued to your seat.


The Origins of the Sour OG Cannabis Strain

Sour OG rose to popularity in the late 90’s when it first dropped on the scene after having been cultivated from two of the most prominent herbs of the decade. And with such prominent parents, the Sour OG herb was destined for greatness from the beginning. Fortunately, it had the chemistry to back up its heritage, thus giving it the leverage to provide its patronage exactly what they were looking for.

The OG Kush cannabis strain is considered one of the greatest classics of all cannabis time, possessing complex genetics that provide its users both intense flavor and interesting effects. The forefather of countless herbs on the market, the OG Kush cultivar is the proud parent of many award-winning strains that have made it to the top with the help of their ancestor’s genetics that never go out of style.

Sour Diesel is the other parent in the mix, and it contributes strong, tart, piquant flavor to the combination. Its sharp-tongued citrus essence clings to the mouth and throat, activating the nastiest episode of sour jaws you might have ever experienced with a sour cannabis strain. With effects that work on stress and apprehension, this strain is the go-to for users who want to get away from the worries of everyday life.


Sour OG Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The garish apparel that the Sour OG cannabis strain wears definitely gives it an edge over all the other strains on the shelf. Its bright green, yellow, and orange leaves clump together in tight little nugs, despite being larger than your average strain. These clusters tout dense leaf collections, interspersed with bright orange hairs that project from every existing crevice on the surfaces. These tresses entangle together and create an intricate network of connections that cage the leaves in texture and fiery color.

The trichomes are definitely dense, characteristic of the classic 90’s strains. The fuzzy white hairs project from every inch of the surfaces, and cover the nugs in the delicate resin that contains the cannabinoids and terpenes of the distinct strain. The aroma, owing to the thick nectar production, is aggressive and overbearing. Wafting from the leaves, the fragrance can be detected the moment the nugs are let loose.

Blending together citrus and gasoline, the aroma produced by the Sour OG cannabis strain is the epitome of balance. With neither note overpowering the other, the sensory tug of war can confuse the sinuses. All together, the notes can be so well incorporated that it can be tough to figure out which one you’re picking up at a given time. For the more seasoned snout however, it may be possible to detect hints of mint, fruit, and sandalwood that are amplified during the smoke encounter.


Sour OG terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The fast-acting herb is what many veterans call a one-hit-quit wonder. In essence, that means that the Sour OG strain needs no more than a single toke to achieve its promised effects. That said, it’s strong fruity herbal flavor can make it tough to stick to just one drag. As a smoke, the undertones of fruit and mint become far more palpable as the gasoline finish subdues into a backdrop. Novices should be careful to overindulge considering the strain’s aggressive chemistry.

The gradual effects tend to take their time with this one, but they’re not exactly what you might describe to be slow. An initial cerebral clarity starts like a seed in your mind, slowly growing into full-blown mental cleansing. The reduction of clutter and freedom of cramped cognitive bandwidth heightens your sensing, making it effortless to pick up on minute stimulation around you.

And as you revel in this new found cognitive freedom, the chemistry then melts the body from the head down. The sudden onset of physical numbing immediately relieves physical aches and discomfort, letting you ease into a chair with zero sensing of tension and pressure. At the height of the experience, you get full on bodily relief that’s highlighted by crystal clear cognitive functioning that’s creative and active.


Sour OG Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Relatively difficult to grow, the Sour OG cannabis strain thrives best indoors. Susceptible to all sorts of diseases that inflict cannabis plants through cold and moisture, Sour OG has a better chance at reaching maturity when kept indoors. This also gives you a better opportunity to manage all the different variables throughout its environment. Under the right conditions, Sour OG should flower around 9 weeks from the seed, which definitely isn’t a short time to wait.

Other than that, it’s important to know that this specific herb doesn’t really yield quite a lot of bud, at an average of just 1 to 3 ounces for every square foot of plant. But since it can grow up to 6 feet in height, you might still be able to get your hands on a substantial yield.


Who Is It For?

Sour OG’s effects can be pretty well balanced as long as you know how to manage your doses. As a one-hit wonder, Sour OG doesn’t really call for a lot of herb to achieve your desired effects. But because it tastes pretty awesome, it might be difficult for a first-timer to really measure out how much is enough. Perfect for those moments when you need a clear head and a subdued body, the Sour OG strain can become an overpowering couchlock with uncomfortable mental clouding if you manage to step over the boundaries of your tolerance.


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