Sour Grape Cannabis Strain Review

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Sour Grape Cannabis Strain

While Sour Grape’s taste might send you into a minute-long pucker, its effects are far more relaxed than its awakening taste. One of the most heavily juxtaposed genetics on the market, Sour Grape’s flavor and impact aren’t entirely in tune, but nonetheless, they deliver a remarkable experience that you’re unlikely to enjoy any other way.

Although its taste might wake up your senses and awaken your body, Sour Grape’s chemistry does the opposite. Relaxing, calming, and soothing, this strain works to subdue the body while it activates a happy, euphoric disposition. With no intention to lull you to sleep, this herb makes the ideal choice for those moments when you just want to unwind, watch your favorite reruns, or spend a few meaningful moments with your closest friends.


The Origins of Sour Grape

Sour Grape combines the properties of two Cannabis market giants, inheriting from each parent supreme chemistry that gives it its impressive flavor and well-balanced effects. Sour Grape itself demonstrates hybrid genetics, but its parents fall on opposing ends of the spectrum. In that sense, the Sour Grape comes out to be one of the most popular chronic herbs on the market.

Its first parent, Granddaddy Purple, is a solid indica that delivers slow, calming, relaxing effects that take the body hostage in a blanket of relief. Often used by Cannabis heads suffering from a variety of aches and discomforts, the Granddaddy Purple strain does its job by subduing the body and preventing a range of symptoms that might entice unwanted jitters. It’s also worth noting that GDP is one of the strongest grape flavored herbs available, which is where Sour Grape inherits its distinct fruit flavor.

Then there’s the Sour Diesel herb. Considered the forefather of countless award winning contemporary strains, this bitter cultivar blends together gasoline with tart citrus, creating a swirl of intense flavor that can make it a tough taste encounter to master. Its sativa effects are mildly mirrored by the Sour Grape strain, but its sour flavor is really the centerpiece of its offspring’s genetics.


Sour Grape Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Well, it smells like grape. Crack open the lid and the Sour Grape strain comes shooting out with the strong scent of crushed grapes. Tied together with hints of citrus and gasoline, the fragrance can be a bit of a puzzle especially if you’ve yet to encounter dynamic herb chemistry. To the trained snout, hints of sandalwood and mint may be detectable, but it should take a few extra whiffs before those notes manage to pierce through.

On the surface, the Sour Grape herb looks like your average everyday herb – hints of green and yellow, encased in a cage of golden orange hairs. These tresses traverse every inch of the nugs and emerge through the cracks between each leaf, providing texture and dramatic appeal to enhance the herb’s overall aesthetic.

While there’s nothing particularly stand-out about the herb’s color, its intense trichome layer does make up for it. The thick fuzz makes the nugs look fat and dense, and glistening nectar that oozes from the fur make it appear as though the samples were dusted in glittering crushed diamonds. It’s this distinct property that really makes the Sour Grape strain stand-out in a line-up, earning the attention of veterans who know what a dank herb should look like.


Sour Grape terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Like a cup of freshly brewed tea, the Sour Grape strain works to relax the body by unclenching the muscles and relieving tension. As the beautiful brew of cannabinoids course through your bloodstream, they massage the muscles and numb down the body without pushing you to the brink of couchlock. The sudden release from physical aches and discomfort should also indirectly improve your mood, making it easier to relax and enjoy your time without the weight of a sour mood raining on your parade.

Then of course, the cognitive effects start to roll out. Further enhancing the experience, a sense of well-being pours out from your attic, trickling through your central nervous system. Releasing happy hormones throughout your body, the chemistry inspires feelings of happiness and euphoria that are relaxed and well-rounded. Perfect for unwinding, this herb makes it possible for you to breath easy, feel light, and enjoy each moment as it passes by – whether you’ve got friend around or not.

Taste-wise, do expect exactly what the strain’s name suggests. It’s going to be pretty sour, and a low tolerance user might have a challenge trying to down that smoke. The sharp texture doesn’t exactly abrade the throat, but it will shoot down into the lungs with vigor that might require some throat clearing. Sweet notes of grape and herb should be detectable during the smoke experience, making it an otherwise pleasant sensory encounter.


Sour Grape Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Taking after its Sour Diesel parent, the Sour Grape herb does require some cultivation know-how for proper care. Growing over 6 feet in height, they can be farmed outdoors, but novices might find better luck caring for the variety indoors where they have a better opportunity to manage the various elements in its environment. For the most part, Sour Grape should flower within about 12 weeks from the seed, so don’t expect to be able to grow it more than once a year.

The average yield for this particular cultivar lies at around 1 to 3 ounces for every square foot of plant. Certainly, it’s not going to be a lot, but for a modest sized Cannabis business, the so-so yield can be more than enough to supply the demand of a small group of patrons.


Who Is It For?

The Sour Grape Cannabis strain is a delightful herb that contrasts its flavor with its effects. While the overall taste might send your senses reeling, its impact is smooth and easy, relaxing the mind and body for the ideal wind-down mood. Needless to say, there’s still the potential of overindulging especially if you’re not fully aware of your own tolerance. Beginners should be careful to take more than they can handle, since too much Sour Grape has been known to cause extended periods of knocked-out couch lock.


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