Sour Glue Delta-8 Flower



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When it comes to Sour Glue you can expect a potent body charge. This flower is known for its uplifting mood effects with it’s wakeful aromas of coffee and hints of chocolate diesel. But be prepared to have this strain slowly creep up on your body and give you major relaxing vibes.

Typically, smokers can feel an immediate burst of energy and “sociability” shortly after taking their first hit of delta 8 Sour Glue. For this reason, many people like to use Sour Glue at informal social outings and parties. 

Overall, you should think of delta 8 Sour Glue as a sativa-leaning hybrid. While this strain isn’t a classic “wake & bake” hybrid, it tends to be more energizing than relaxing. 

IHF always recommends testing new strains when you have plenty of free time at home. After a few tokes of delta 8 Sour Glue, you should have a good idea of how it affects your body.

⭐️ Fresh out of the greenhouse

⭐️ Hand Trimmed to Perfection



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