Sour Apple Cannabis Strain Review

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Sour Apple Cannabis Strain

Like digging your teeth into a bright green apple, the Sour Apple strain has what it takes to get you to pucker. The ultra-sour herb delivers a mouthful of tart goodness that settles underneath the sides of the tongue, increasing salivary production and activating an intense episode of sour jaws. Mixing together the strong, piquant taste with hints of fruit, the Sour Apple strain definitely makes up for its aggressive sour-streak with delicate hints of apple and peach that pierce through on the exhale.

But while it might awaken your senses, the Sour Apple strain does the opposite for your body and mind. Delivering a heady, cerebral impact that releases tension from mind, Sour Apple also flips the switch in your physical self, tearing you away from the aches of your body and placing your system in a state of subdued numbness. The result? A strong, long-wearing couchlock that enables heightened cognitive activity, kind of like you’re Stephen Hawking or something.


The Origins of Sour Apple

The daughter of a sativa and a hybrid, it’s a mystery how Sour Apple ended up with its indica leaning effects. Both of its parents – even the hybrid – are dominated by sativa properties, which are barely mirrored by the strain’s genetics. Nonetheless, it’s flavor is pretty straightforward, perfectly sliced down the middle to manifest both of its parents in the taste encounter.

Sour Diesel is perhaps one of the most widely appreciated cultivars from the early 90’s. Touting flavors that combine sour citrus and strong diesel, the herb tugs at the senses and drives its user straight into an overwhelming sensory experience that can spark bug-eyed confusion, among other things. But as you contend with the opposing notes dancing on your tongue, the herb drives through the system with its stress-relieving action that lifts the tension away from both body and mind.

Cinderella 99 is the hybrid in the mix, and is known for its fun fruity flavor that blends effortlessly with hints of herb and spice. Blurring the lines between indica and sativa, this cultivar provides dreamy effects that calm the mind and then fuel the body to put you in a productive state of autopilot.


Sour Apple Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Sour Apple nugs look like pale little Christmas trees, dressed and dusted in freshly fallen snow. The pallid leaves are definitely not quite as saturated as other herbs on the shelf, but they make up for it with their almost-red tresses that cover every inch of their surfaces. Just like a tree on the world’s favorite holiday, these nugs tout beautiful red ribbons that decorate them in festive contrast.

But more than the hairs, what really makes the Sour Apple cultivar stand out is its intense snowy exterior. As though left outdoors on the first snowfall in a Canadian winter, the Sour Apple herb touts a thick jacket of frosted trichomes that glitter and shine with sticky golden resin.

As you stick your snout into the jar, the Sour Apple strain welcomes you nostrils with the thrilling scent of sweet apples and pears. Its fruity aroma, intertwined with flowers and herb, can feel a lot like faceplanting into a bowl of every good thing that grows in the wild. Refreshing and invigorating, its aroma hides hints of sour and diesel in the backdrop which can be undetectable to the unassuming olfactories.


Sour Apple terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Whether you’re just back from a hectic day at work or if you’re looking to release some tension after a heated argument with your other half, there’s no better way to achieve what you’re hoping to than with the Sour Apple strain. Specifically engineered to relax and calm the system, this herb drowns out everything around you for complete numbness that intensifies the minds faculties.

Within a few moments from that last toke, expect your limbs to start feeling heavy, being weighed down by some unseen force against your sides. Then soon after, you’ll start to feel the urge to take a load off as the rest of your body is burdened by the same tendency, making you want to do away with any movement for the time being. This, friend, is couchlock, and Sour Apple brings long bouts of it.

But as your body drifts into a subdued numbness, your mind is rapidly brought into a state of active energy. Thoughts and ideas race through your mind, helping you uncover things that might have been hidden from your consciousness in the past. It’s like your body is sapped of allocated bandwidth to fuel your mind so you end up being super smart for a few hours, kind of like a Stephen Hawking moment.


Sour Apple Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

There are two distinct phenotypes of Sour Apple, and its growth really depends on which one you managed to cop. If you’re holding on to some seeds that contain the Sour Diesel genetics, then your plant should tower over 6 feet in height at maturity. This specific variety will produce about 1 to 2 ounces of bud for every square foot it grows, available for picking at about 12 weeks from the seed.

Then there’s the variety that takes after the Cinderella 99 parent. In these cases, you should expect a short, dumpy plant that reaches a maximum of 3 feet. Yields are much more abundant at 6 ounces per square foot despite the relatively shorter stature. These are also faster to finish, taking no more than 7 weeks to provide you your returns.


Who Is It For?

Feeling stressed? The Sour Apple herb can be a great way to unwind. Lifting away the impurities of both body and mind, the cultivar can bring you to the next level of relaxation as your physical self is turned into a mere vessel for elaborate cognitive activity. Helping you zone in on complex thoughts and ideas, the strain promises to help you tap into uncharted cerebral territory that you can use to your benefit whenever you feel stuck in a rut. All of this, contained in the delightfully tart fruity flavor of the Sour Apple herb.


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