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Taking its name from the iconic tastemaker and curator of top-shelf cannabis strains, Sherbet is the brainchild of Mr. Sherbinski. This calming yet lively strain offers an otherworldly combination of flavors, with a strong punch of pepper gently blanketed in citrus and hoppy to give you an awakening blend of tongue caressing tastes. Leaning towards the indica side, the Sherbet strain manages to bring you the best of both worlds, deliver just enough energy to see you through the day without magnetizing you to your bed.


The Sherbet strain doesn’t get its killer profile from nowhere. This world-class cultivar was the result of the inbreeding between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Needless to say, the union was nothing short of sublime, giving us what many know today to be one of the best indica-leaning strains presently available.

Girl Scout Cookies

Any purist would say that for anyone to be considered a true-blue cannabis connoisseur, they’d have to try the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Considered a rite of passage, GSC is an icon in its own right, demonstrating the perfect balance between indica-sativa effects, all wrapped in flavors that can tickle anyone’s taste buds.

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Pink Panties

Dense and dark, the Pink Panties strain is relatively unknown to most of those in the cannabis mainstream. But its aromatic floral fragrance and hard-hitting indica qualities have gained the attention of a niche audience, especially those most interested in a fragrant strain that plays with the sense of smell as much as it does with the taste.


The pallor of the Sherbet leaves might make it look a little less than desirable at a glance, but its frosted, residue-coated flowers are anything but lackluster in terms of taste and effects. The light green nugs aren’t quite as eye-popping as other strains on the market, but the icy Sherbet look definitely doesn’t deceive purists and traditional users who know that beauty is more than leaf-deep.

THC Content

Averaging just 18.5% THC, the Sherbet strain isn’t what you would call potent or powerful. But with the ideal balance between indica and sativa effects, this moderate THC strain allows a controlled, well-rounded body buzz and heady high that are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed yet energized – all at the same time.

Because Sherbet doesn’t overpower, it makes a suitable choice for daytime use, allowing you to maintain supreme control over your consciousness and wakefulness without sacrificing the pleasant benefits of a cannabis strain. For first-timers and low tolerance users, its moderate THC content can be great for a laid-back cannabis experience.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Just like an icy cool serving of your favorite sherbet, the Sherbet cultivar takes pride in its aromatic qualities that flit and flutter through the air from the moment you crack open the pack. This fragrant strain boasts notes of pepper, citrus, and hoppy, with tinges of herbal notes gently weaving through.

When you first take a drag, the strain delivers a symphony of pepper and citrus that battle it out to take center stage as they caress and dance on your tongue. Midway through, the taste of hoppy overpowers the primary flavors, embracing your tastebuds for a truly awakening experience that demands the full attention of your senses. And finally, the taste of jet fuel ends the entire toke, bringing the dynamic taste experience to a halt.

Sherbet Effects

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The Sherbet strain can be described as a 65-35 indica-sativa strain, providing a more calming, relaxing experience, but still keeping you energetic enough to prevent the ever-infamous couchlock. What that means is that you can enjoy the heady buzz that cannabis is best known for, without dealing with the numbing effects of sedation.


The Sherbet brand of relaxation is one that many typically hope to achieve. Light, breathy, and calm, the relaxation brought about by a dose of sherbet will have you seated, collected, and attentive. With a clear mind and an unclenched body, you’ll feel much more in control of your thoughts and feelings, allowing a more balanced and calm disposition.


Maybe you’re just not feeling yourself, and that’s okay. Sherbet takes away negativities from your thoughts, feelings, and your body to uplift your spirits and take you to new heights. In full effect, the strain promotes a sense of overall well-being which can work wonders to help you navigate your day without a hitch.


There are certain strains that are best known for their ability to get your creative juices flowing – and Sherbet is one of them. Take a toke of this bad boy and watch that mental block clears away to give rise to a more fruitful, effortless thought process that gets sh*t done.


Anyone feeling down in the dumps can get an instant mood upgrade with the Sherbet strain. This cultivar takes away your woes and gives you a sense of peace, putting a tune in your head and a smile on your lips that sticks around for hours after your last toke.


Just like most other cannabis strains, Sherbet thrives best in warmer climates with minimal humidity. The strain is moderately difficult to grow, and may be prone to certain types of fungus and root rot. Being careful to supply the plant with too much water can be a smart way to prevent the typical dangers it faces.

The Sherbet cultivar can grow anywhere from 30 to 78 inches when fully mature and produces a moderate yield of 1-3 ounces of bud for every foot of the plant’s height. Expect the plant to reach full maturity within 7 to 9 weeks after starting the growing process.

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If there’s isn’t enough space outdoors, it’s possible to grow the Sherbet cultivar indoors. Use a plant-growing lamp to provide sufficient heat and brightness. Keep the plant away from humid environments and allow exposure to fresh air after watering to promote proper evaporation and prevent root rot.


Growing the Sherbet plant outdoors requires quite a few preparations. Ensuring enough heat and light can help the plant thrive. At night, temperatures shouldn’t fall more than 10 degrees below daytime temperatures. Avoid planting the cultivar too near to other plants to ensure proper nutrient absorption from the soil.

Similar Strains

There are a lot of reasons to love the Sherbet strain. But if you were looking for something similar, but with a mild twist, these reminiscent cultivars might be right up your alley:

  • Original Glue
  • Platinum GSC
  • Gelato
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Blue Cookies
  • Animal Cookies


You’re not the only one who’s fallen in love with the sticky, sweet, citrusy flavors of the Sherbet strain. See what lots of other patrons have to say about this one-of-a-kind top-shelf cannabis variant:

  • Sherbet didn’t look too good when I saw it sitting on the shelf beside a bunch of other more colorful strains. But I gave it a shot and wasn’t disappointed. It glides like GSC but has an appeal of its own. Truly a staple.
  • I love that the THC is just the right level for a low-tolerance user like myself. I always struggle with strains that are too strong, but Sherbet gives the best balance so I can enjoy my high without losing my grip.
  • I’ve grown all sorts of cultivars, but Sherbet is one that I just keep coming back to. It’s not as easy to grow as choices like Blue Dream, but its quality never disappoints.

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Final Thoughts

The Sherbet strain is one that’s been around for decades, and it’s not hard to see why this cultivar has such potent staying power. Perfectly balanced, the Sherbet cultivar can give you a light, easy, effortless high that uplifts, energizes, and relaxes without forcing you into intoxication or sedation.


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