Sex Panther CBD Flower

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Sex Panther is another exotic indoor strain that highlights delicious notes of fruit with gassy aromas. These frosty buds are painted with light greens and highlighted with colorful purples. This strain is perfect for those looking to jump start the day with extra focus. Sex Panther leaves consumers enjoying uplifting potent cerebral effects with full body relaxation.

4 reviews for Sex Panther CBD Flower

  1. Ashley Jones (verified owner)

    Looks great, smells like lemonade and moss, definitely earthy. I want to like this, but body feelings ( 1/10), mind feeling ( 0/10) Stick to delta 8 fortified. If you’re looking to try for taste then you will not be dissatisfied. Overall, its good. Just something I won’t buy again. Lol I really wanted to like this…😅🍧😂

  2. sexyblueEyes69 (verified owner)

    Beautiful awesome smelling nugs

  3. sexyblueEyes69 (verified owner)

    Really beautiful thank you buds highly recommended and not because it does what you think takes away your pain makes your life easy stable and this is a very trusted company all their products are beautiful and they have great customer service

  4. James Myers (verified owner)

    Really really nice buds, smoke great!!

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