Return / Refund & Shipping Policy

Please read the below in full to completely understand the shipping, return and refund policies for online orders placed on (IHF LLC).

Refund Policy – Unopened Packages

The allowable refund period for unopened packages is 30 days from the date of receiving your order (as observed with the tracking number). For a full-refund, you must confirm the package is unopened and ship the items back to us. You are responsible for the full postage costs of returning the package, unless IHF LLC management has determined that we are responsible for the shipping costs. In this case, we will send a pre-paid shipping label to return the package. Before processing the refund, we will need to inspect the package to determine that it is unopened and undamaged. Please allow for one full business day for this inspection period.

Refund Policy – Opened Packages

We have a strict no-refund policy on opened packages. If you are not satisfied or do not want the items, you can request an exchange or a store credit. The exchange or store credit must be requested within 30 days after receiving the package (as observed with the tracking number). We will need all the original item(s) for the applicable request back to our warehouse before issuing the exchange or store credit for these items. The customer will be responsible for the return postage costs unless IHF LLC management has determined otherwise. Please allow for  one full business day inspection period once the good arrive back to us. After this time, customer support will either initiate the exchange shipment, or store issue a store credit.

Exchange & Store Credit Policy

All returned items that meet the opened and unopened refund policy requirements, are eligible for an exchange or store credit. Items to be exchanged must be returned to us before we issue a reshipment or store credit. Return postage costs will be the responsibility of the customer unless IHF LLC has determine otherwise. Please allow for a one full business day inspection period when the original goods arrive back to us. After this time, we will issue the exchange or store credit.

Order Cancellation & Shipping Policy

If уоu wish tо саnсеl your order dіrесtly аftеr purchasing оr before wе hаvе shipped your item, then рlеаѕе contact us immediately with your оrdеr numbеr. If you dont need to cancel but need to change the address or edit the contents of the order, it is important to message us as soon as possible before it ships. Customer support staff will be able to change these details before 3:00 PM MST, which is our shipping cutoff and drop off time

Lost or Stolen Shipment Policy

IHF LLC is not responsible for lost or confiscated shipments. The package is the full responsibility of the customer after it leaves our facility. It is important to ship your items to a secure and safe address. We are not liable for theft or damage that may result from leaving the item in a poorly secured area. IHF LLC is not liable for law enforcement confiscation after it leaves the hands of USPS. The customer is responsible to know the individual laws in their city and country in regards to hemp products. In the case of a USPS postal inspection, IHF LLC will work directly with the postal inspection to ensure its release. If the USPS postal service doesn’t release, IHF LLC will take full liability. Confiscation outside of the USPS system, will not be the responsibility of IHF LLC.