Rainbow Sherbet Strain Review

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Just like the ever-elusive pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, the Rainbow Sherbet cultivar is rare yet precious, serving straight-up sativa effects that are sure to bring you to an all-new high. Sweet, sticky, and supremely aromatic, the Rainbow Sherbet strain is one that promises a sublime taste experience that might be reason enough to find it a place in your pantry. So, pick up your pipe and fill up your bowl – it’s time to taste the Rainbow.


Relatively unknown, Rainbow Sherbet’s parents aren’t quite as low-profile. This cultivar comes from the marriage of Blackberry and Champagne, which are both pretty popular for their potent benefits and dynamic flavors that evolve and change as you smoke.


Blackberry has become pretty prominent on the cannabis market because of its calming effects that combine with an upbeat buzz to put you in the perfect, balanced disposition. The strain is heavily fruity in terms of flavor, making its grand entrance with strong citrus and berry notes that linger on the tongue as a blanket of bitterness wraps up the toke.

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Just like a flute-full of your favorite bubbly, Champagne brings an instant mood change, lifting your spirits and relieving negative feelings to give rise to an effortlessly positive disposition. The strain promotes a strong sense of well-being making it the ideal pick-me-up for those days when you might feel a little less than swell.


The strain isn’t called Rainbow Sherbet for nothing. Its vibrant, bright green colored nugs feature streaks of blue, purple, pink, and yellow, giving it a color-saturated aesthetic that makes it stand out. The compact, densely-packed leaves are tied together by bright, sunset orange hairs, adding yet another dynamic facet to its eye-popping exterior.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the Rainbow Sherbet strain is covered in a frosted layer of trichomes. The crystallized coating makes the nugs glisten in the light, and adds a fanciful touch to the attention-grabbing bud.

THC Content

Averaging just 16% THC, the Rainbow Sherbet strain isn’t one that you would describe as potent, but it is sufficient. The slow, easy, and steady effects are palpable yet controlled, making the strain ideal for low-tolerance users or first timers who might not be completely capable of wrestling with the effects of a hard-hitting cultivar just yet.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Sweet, citrusy, and creamy with hints of berry, the Rainbow Sherbet cultivar comes at you with the fragrance and flavors of your favorite frozen dessert. The lip-smacking strain starts off with a sweet citrus flavor, subtle to begin with but building up to a mouthful of lemon zest midway through your toke.

Then, expect to be sucker punched with an overwhelming fruity taste, enveloped in the shroud of bitter, jet fuel smoke. Altogether, smoking the stuff can feel like an experience all of its own, serving you every flavor on the spectrum in one compact package.

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Rainbow Sherbet Effects

Balanced and controlled, the Rainbow Sherbet strain delivers meditative effects with a resonating energy at its core. The uplifting cultivar allows a sense of well-being and inspires a palpable weightiness that focuses on the arms and legs.


A few minutes into the experience, you’re likely to feel your extremities feeling a little heavier than usual. The weighted effects focus on the distal parts of the body, making you want to sit down and keep your hands at your sides for a relaxed, laid back high that keeps you feeling anchored down for maximum relief.


Unlike other strains that tend to empty the mind, Rainbow Sherbet clears out clutter for a one-track mind and killer concentration. The strain inspires meditation, letting you analyze and closely consider some of your most pertinent thoughts in a deep meditative state that will have your mind wandering for hours.


Inherited from its sativa leaning parent strain, Rainbow Sherbet releases happy hormones to uplift your spirit and improve your mood. The change is almost instant, and lets you enjoy a well-rounded disposition that helps relieve negative thoughts and feelings.


Rainbow Sherbet is a moderately difficult strain to cultivate, so make sure you read up. The plant favors warm climates and does much better with less water. Choosing a space that gets lots of fresh air and sunlight, and that isn’t too humid can help ensure optimal conditions that maximize the flavor, aroma, and effects of your plant.

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A spacious pot with significant depth is often preferred for growing cannabis indoors. These plants tend to like stretching out their root system, so offering enough room can help them thrive in optimal conditions. Provide just enough water to dampen the soil and avoid getting the leaves with your spray bottle. For the most part, Rainbow Sherbet will thrive best when kept in dry conditions with minimal moisture.


While fertilized soil isn’t necessary, treating the land before planting your seeds can be especially beneficial if you want your plant to grow in the best conditions. Provide lots of space and make sure there aren’t any other plants growing nearby. Water as needed, and try to avoid letting moisture sit on the leaves. To evaporate excess fluid, use a plant lamp positioned at least 6-8 feet away from your sapling.

Similar Strains

Yes, Rainbow Sherbet is pretty darn rare. So, you’d be lucky to find it through your local dispensary. But that shouldn’t be a problem. Here are a bunch of other similar strains that can bring you almost the same effects.

  • Rainbow Kush
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Raspberry Kush
  • Sour Banana Sherbet
  • Cherry Sherbet
  • Champagne Diesel


It’s not like you need any convincing to get you to take a drag of this sure-fire winner. But just in case you were looking for that extra push, here’s some Rainbow Sherbet lovin’ from those who have tried the killer concoction before.

  • Hands down the best high I’ve ever had. I felt in control, I felt balanced, and yet, there was that feeling like I was floating away. It was a full-body high that somehow left enough of your mind intact that you knew exactly what was happening. Totally a wild trip.
  • Rainbow Sherbet is one of my faves not because of its effects – I think there are lots of others like it – but because of its flavor. There’s some bitterness to it, but not as much as other strains, so it really works well for sweet tooths like me.
  • I honestly forgot I even planted these. I chose a dry patch of land out back, sowed the seeds, and then pretty much left them there to fend for themselves. Nine weeks later, I pop outside to get something from the shed, and there she is – a full-grown plant, flowering and all without any thanks to me.

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Final Thoughts

Sweet and satisfying, the Rainbow Sherbet strain can be your perfect daytime trip or your soothing night-time companion. With the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica effects, this strain delivers a controlled experience that keeps you at the steering wheel – all enveloped in a delicious combination of lip-smacking flavors that will have you coming back for more.


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