Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review

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Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

The Purple Urkle strain is one that has achieved superstar status throughout the cannabis market, and for good reasons. Its peppery, spicy flavor profile mixes together with luscious sweet berry making for a flavor encounter that truly captivates the senses. But aside from its taste, Purple Urkle also demonstrates supreme indica leaning effects that max out relaxation to put you in a state of calm lucidity that’s perfect for meditation and concentration.

Deep relaxation that ultimately ends in an interruption-free slumber is what the Purple Urkle strain brings to the table. And with reasonably easy growing requirements, this cultivar can be the perfect backyard pick for those who want to constantly keep her at the ready.


Origins of the Purple Urkle

It’s not entirely clear where Purple Urkle comes from, and that adds to its overall appeal. Its mysterious origins have yet to be confirmed, but many of those who breed and farm cannabis believe that the Purple Urkle cultivar may have come from the Mendocino Purps herb.

Carefully selecting a specific phenotype of the Mendocino Purps strain, farmers were able to cultivate a completely different strain – the Purple Urkle cultivar. But despite simply being an off shoot of its parent strain, Purple Urkle has become significantly more popular than its roots.

The Mendocino Purps cannabis strain is an indica-leaning cultivar that comes from the North American Indica. As another phenotype, the strain demonstrates the untouched chemistry of its parent landrace, which was isolated and crossed with itself to produce a stable strain that could be reproduced. In some ways, you might say that Purple Urkle descends directly from the North American Indica, with a little genetic tweaking and isolation here and there.


Purple Urkle Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

True to its name, the Purple Urkle strain flaunts deep purple hues that course through its shallow green surface. The little leafy extensions that pop out of the surface add texture and dimension to the strain. But the dramatic purple backdrop is what really makes the nugs stand out. Needless to say, Purple Urkle has unrivalled bag appeal, catching the attention of both novices and connoisseurs from its place on the dispensary shelf.

As you crack open the jar, Purple Urkle comes out kicking with a powerful blend of pepper, spice, and chamomile which come together to toy with your senses and awaken your system for the onslaught ahead. Underneath the dense forest of pleasant flavor, the Purple Urkle strain conceals a modest gasoline tinge that peeks through the encounter and makes you question whether or not you actually smelled it.


Purple Urkle terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Purple Urkle kicks of the cannabis encounter with an intermingling of delicate fruity flavors. The sweet overtones are laced with spice and pepper, making the taste more dynamic and interesting, perhaps even pushing you to take an extra drag. But tread with caution – although Purple Urkle’s taste might nudge you to take more and more, its effects are potent, so taking a dose that’s much too strong can incapacitate you for hours.

Once you start to feel Purple Urkle’s effects, you’re likely to sense a tingling sensation that courses up and through the spine and limbs. The sensation can weigh you down, altering your mood to make you feel happier and less stressed. In some cases, Purple Urkle can also awaken the hunger from deep within your stomach, helping you overcome a non-existent appetite.

Deeply soothing and calming, Purple Urkle slows the breathing, the thoughts, and the body for a truly relaxing experience. As the whirlwind of stress and tension starts to settle and clear away, the strain then gets to work on cradling you off into a sleep existence. If you dare to give in, Purple Urkle can keep you in a state of uninterrupted sleep for hours after it takes effect. For that reason, it comes out as a good choice for night-time use.


Purple Urkle Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Purple Urkle is a stubby little shrub that grows an average of 4 feet. The dense leaves cluster together, so some of the plant’s height might not be able to get as much sunlight as they require. For that reason, planting the herb in an area where it can get lots of direct sunlight can help the lower, dense leaf clusters receive the nutrition they need to reach their maximum genetic expression.

In terms of its growing needs, Purple Urkle will require quite a bit of care in order to flourish. Offering phosphorous rich fertilizer towards the end of its growth period can be beneficial in aiding it to its full potential. Nonetheless, even with its demanding growth requirements, Purple Urkle is a fast finisher, taking no more than 2 months to achieve maturity. Plus, because it can produce up to 6 ounces of bud for every foot of its height, it’s definitely one to pay off your efforts.

As an extract, Purple Urkle is often marketed as a one-dose solution versus difficulty sleeping and loss of appetite. Its chemistry makes it possible for the strain to support healthy sleep patterns and dietary practices with no more than a dab or a drop, so it really does appeal to a wide market of buyers as an extract or a concentrate.


Who Is It For?

Versatile, flavorful, and powerful, the Purple Urkle strain is one that adapts well to all sorts of users – as long as you manage your dosage. As a potent indica leaning strain, Purple Urkle will not think twice about putting you to bed, so it helps to schedule your use for those moments when you’re done with all of your daily responsibilities. For low-tolerance users, Purple Urkle’s pleasant aroma and flavor can help keep sensitivities at bay, and may be easy to use as a smoke thanks to its mild taste profile.

Farmers hoping to produce their own line of specialty cannabis-derived products can find sound promise in the Purple Urkle strain. Its benefits center on resolving sleeplessness and loss of appetite, making it a wonderful pick if you’re hoping to develop one-drop CBD oils and concentrates that can ease these common issues without taking too much time or effort.


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