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Purple Princess Cannabis Strain Review

April 11, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Purple Princess Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Princess Cannabis Strain

Spunky and full of zest, the Purple Princess cannabis strain is one that just oozes with personality. This herb might not be quite as visible as the other royals, but her majestic lineage is ripe with aristocracy. But as her name suggests, the Purple Princess hybrid isn’t exactly a heavy-handed queen that can whip you into absolute submission.

On the contrary, Purple Princess is a mid-level strain that doesn’t severely impact your faculties. Instead, the herb works toward a fully lucid experience that simply lifts away those unwanted symptoms of physical and cognitive unrest. The result? A completely balanced experience that’s neither overwhelming nor disappointing.


Origins of the Purple Princess Strain

It’s not entirely clear where Purple Princess comes from, but some farmers and cultivators have dissected its genetics and experimented with crosses to determine just that. Today, it’s widely accepted that Purple Princess was birthed from the combination of Cinderella 99 and Ice Princess – two noteworthy herbs in the cannabis world.

Cinderella 99 – sometimes called C99 or Cindy 99 – entered the cannabis market in 1999, and has since been known as a formidable sativa strain. Combining a lip-smacking herbal flavor with awakening effects that shoot through the body with total relentless power, C99 is a must-have in any cnnabis-head’s stash. Its full effects can be overwhelming in some cases, lifting the mind off into a state of absolute euphoria.

The Ice Princess strain on the other hand is a little-known strain that has yet to pierce through the market. Another of Cinderella 99’s offspring, crossing Ice Princess with one of its parents might have been a genetic gamble. But the turn-out was nothing short of impressive, resulting to the birth of the Purple Princess herb. A heavy indica, Ice Princess gets its name from the fact that it can, quite literally, freeze you right where you sit.


Purple Princess Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Just as her name suggests, the Purple Princess strain can pluck the hearstrings of any cannabis head with her pretty, undersized, purple nugs. The adorable little budlings are up to half the size of your average cannabis flower, which is how it gets its ‘Princess’ statue. Displaying a combination of purples and pinks laid across a bed of pastel green, it might be hard not to ask your local budtender to take down the jar.

As you turn the lid and stuff your nose into the sample, Purple Princess slaps you with its spunky aroma. Bringing together a competition of flowers and skunk, sticking your snout into a jar of Purple Princess can feel a lot like faceplanting into a fresh bed of flowers with fertilized mud sitting right underneath. Needless to say, the complex aroma can have you chasing after the aromatic notes of flora, while trying to avoid the pungent skunk laced with it.


Experience and Effects

When taken as smoke, Purple Princess can taste a lot like a mouthful of fruit and flowers that have started to turn rotten. The fermenting flavor is a result of the skunky aroma that wafts from the leaves, creating a combat of pleasant and unpleasant flavors through the smoke encounter.

As you try to glug down the remnants of taste left behind by the herb, its cannabinoids rush through your body to make its promised changes. But unlike other strains, Purple Princess doesn’t shoot through the system at unprecedented speeds. Instead, the strain delivers a gradual increase of effects that become more and more apparent as time passes by.

The mid-level effects are soothing, yet not quite enough to sedate. They’re awakening, yet not enough to get you running around and getting work done. In a nutshell, the Purple Princess experience can be described as you, just better. That means the herb does away with the discomforts that usually weigh down your body to help you feel palpably better than you typically do. These effects stick around for a few hours, and work wonders for those moments when you might need that extra kick of well-being.


Purple Princess Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Purple Princess is an easy strain to grow, but she isn’t exactly the most rewarding. That’s because as a short, dumpy plant at just 3 to 4 feet tall, the Purple Princess herb produces only around 1 to 3 ounces of bud per foot. That means each plant can yield a minimum of 3 ounces to a maximum of 12, which isn’t exactly what you would call a bountiful harvest.

Nonetheless, the plant does have a few high notes. As a fast finisher, the Purple Princess herb can reach maturity in a whopping 5 weeks, which is one of the shortest known in the cannabis world. It’s also an easy-go-lucky plant that can grow almost anywhere, adapting well to both indoor and outdoor conditions.

If you’re interested in extracting that delightful CBD though, it would be important to consider assisting the cultivar towards reaching its full genetic potential. That said, providing lots of sun exposure and just enough fertilizer at the right times should thicken the herb’s trichome layer and intensify its cannabinoid profile.


Who Is It For?

There’s a lot to love about the balanced effects of the Purple Princess strain. Without overwhelming your system, this strain aims to bring you into an elevated sense of self, where stress and aches are non-existent, and you can function at your highest capacity. That said, it can work well for novices who are only just learning about the wonders of marijuana. For veterans and connoisseurs, the ultra-mild effects might be hard to detect or appreciate. So, it might be better to take a bigger dose or to use a different hybrid altogether.

On the other hand, the Purple Princess doesn’t exactly provide such an abundant yield, so business owners might stray away from using her as their main herb. Even then, personal gardeners can find her to be a wonderfully controlled growth, offering just enough bud to meet the needs of a single cannabis head from the comfort of home.


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