Purple Paralysis Cannabis Strain Review

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Purple Paralysis Cannabis Strain

Also called the Jellyfish Bud, Purple Paralysis is a plum-hued strain that does exactly what its name suggests. Relatively unknown, the strain has yet to reach superstar popularity on the cannabis market, but it’s definitely on its way there. Fruity, sweet, and yet venomous in its effects, the alluring aroma of Purple Paralysis can draw you into its seductive trap like a cunning spider awaiting its prey.

Anything but a lightweight strain, this heavy-handed cultivar pleases the senses with sensual smoke and tranquilizes into full submission with its complex cannabinoid profile and dense terpene composition that make for a truly indica-dominant encounter.

The Purple Paralysis Lineage

Purple Paralysis’ parents are on opposite ends of the popularity gauge. Just like your favorite teenage rom-com, the strain’s ancestry proves that the nerd does in fact, win the girl next door. Through this unlikely union of two opposing strains, Purple Paralysis’ delicate genetics were brought forth to inflict its venomous bite on the unassuming cannabis user.

Power Plant – the studious sativa – is the quintessential strain for heavily experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Its prototypical effects are dank and traditional, making it a top choice for those who enjoy the experience of the classic 90s cannabis varieties. Creative, euphoric, hungry, and motivated, this strain is guaranteed to give you the power you need to charge through that mountain of work.

The girl next door – Lavender – is the strain that completes this unlikely marriage. The indica-leaning strain is delicate in both effects and flavor, lending a fruity, flowery, citrus flavor to its Purple Paralysis offspring. For the most part, Purple Paralysis takes after mom when it comes to both flavor and effects, but she gets her potency from her Power Plant papa.

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Appearance and Aroma

Well, it’s purple. That’s kind of where it gets the name. Purple Paralysis doesn’t look quite as bland as other strains on the lower shelf, which is mainly thanks to its obvious purple overtone that doesn’t hide behind the leaves. Yup, the spotty exterior showcases a blend of green, brown, and plum, giving the strain undeniable bag appeal.

Ask your budtender to crack open the jar, and the strain lures you in even further with its delectable fruity floral fragrance. Taking after the Lavender ancestor, this strain doesn’t skimp out on the aromatic experience. The detectable notes of berry and honey can captivate the olfactories and make you want to dive right in.

But a fair warning – these alluring qualities are all part of Purple Paralysis’ ploy. The scheming strain is definitely enthralling in the way that it dances with your senses, but if you’re not too experienced with cannabis, then it’s best to behold beauty elsewhere.

Experience and Effects

If you just can’t deny yourself the fragrant aroma of Purple Paralysis, then you’ll likely find yourself taking a toke or two shortly after your trip to the dispensary. True enough, the strain delivers a flavor profile that’s exactly as its fragrance advertises. The blend of flower and fruit can be especially effortless as it glides over your tongue. Caressing your taste buds and crawling down your throat, the strong flavors are sensationally blissful, making you want to keep dragging to maintain the taste on your lips.

But after a toke or two, Purple Paralysis’ fast acting effects should start taking shape. The strain weighs heavily on your limbs and puts the body into a state of pseudo-stupor. Your limbs flop down to your sides, and you’ll find the need to slump in a seat all too strong to overcome. Simultaneously, your mind is shuffled, with stressful thoughts of work and responsibility taking a backseat to happy, trippy daydreams and fond memories.

As you hum yourself a little tune, the strain gets to work on calming your entire body. Sure, you probably won’t fall asleep. But Purple Paralysis will definitely keep you immobile for several hours after you take your final toke. With that said, here’s a word to the wise – don’t try your luck with this herb if you’ve got anything to do.

Growing and Processing

Easy to grow, Purple Paralysis is a hardy plant that thrives will in lots of different conditions. It’s particularly resistant to lots of the dangers that put other cultivars at risk of failure, making outdoor growth a viable practice for this specific herb. Lots of sunlight should usher the plant into the flowering phase with little effort, usually occurring at the 10-week mark.

In some cases, a Purple Paralysis plant can grow up to just 3 feet in height, but some phenotypes are known to reach as high as double that. Harvests are bountiful, producing 6 ounces of bud per foot. Loose soil, some fertilizer, and lots of warmth should let you grow your Purple Paralysis specimen without having to check up on it too much.

With her complex terpene profile and rich cannabinoid content, Purple Paralysis demonstrates the qualities of the ideal sample for extraction. Its fragrance, flavor, and effects are beautifully preserved through the process of extraction, letting you enjoy the benefits of cannabis in more ways than one. If you’re a cannabis-derived product manufacturer, Purple Paralysis proves to be a formidable addition to your existing line of formulations.

Who Is It For?

The feeling of cannabis-induced paralysis isn’t for everyone. In fact, beginners and novices might feel overwhelmed by such a compelling concoction of effects. That said, those who don’t have a lot of experience smoking dank cannabis might want to try their hand at milder strains that won’t overpower with such intense effects

Nonetheless, Purple Paralysis turns out to be a fun strain for those with more knowledge and experience with cannabis. Its long-lasting, full-body releasing effects can be a worthy challenge for some connoisseurs hoping to push the envelope on their threshold of tolerance. In the same way, individuals with severe discomforts relating to physical and mental well-being are likely to discover sound relief with Purple Paralysis’ intense chemistry.

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