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Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower (21.48% Cannabinoids)

Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower (21.48% Cannabinoids)

(25 customer reviews)


  • Indoor Grown
  • 100 lbs in stock currently
  • Gas and Fruit Smell
  • 21.48% Total Cannabinoids
  • Seedless Flower
  • 0.08% Delta-9 THC

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Purple Panties is super dank because it is an IHF in-house genetic that emerged out of Colorado Springs, CO resulting from Purple Abacus crossed with Sour J. We grew this indoors and is completely seedless. The smell is very terpy, piney, and fruity.

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams – 1/8th oz, 7 Grams – 1/4th oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 112 Grams – 1/4 lb, 225 Grams – 1/2 lb, 1 lbs

25 reviews for Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower (21.48% Cannabinoids)

  1. Camarok1d12 (verified owner)

    Full of flavor, with a mild hit, very relaxing

  2. Thomas Hanby (verified owner)

    Mild and pleasant flavor, very slightly fruity as the name suggests. Buds look machine trimmed, but no huge stems or anything.

  3. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste really nice. I would deff get this again not as purple as i hoped but still great nugs and dense kinda small buds thou I guess if u get a oz. u might get better nugs still 5 star for me on flavor n smell good job…

  4. dcrupi92 (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying I’ve been smoking bud for 15 years and just started with cbd. The smoke of this PP is really good as far as taste & effect. Not crazy about how dry the flowers were but it’s not a huge deal, but they were really dry. The smoke is smooth and the effect gets your nice and mellow close to the real thing except the fuzziness. I give my a 4.3 because of the looks and dryness. It doesn’t look as fresh as the picture. Would recommend 100% I’m impressed with the quality no seeds and great taste. Not a 5star because of looks & dryness. The smell was nice mild a little skunky and earthy. Delivery was spot on I’ve ordered from 3 different places and IHF #1 forsure. Blown away only took 3days since shipping till I got it. A++ for that will be ordering strictly from here for now on.

  5. Joedaddy90 (verified owner)

    as a former marijuana connoisseur i have to say as far as taste and looks, this hemp flower strain has all the characteristics of being very top shelf bud. The taste is very immacuate with fruity hints as was the smell. It has a very calming and relaxing without an overwhelmingly drowsy feeling effect that is pretty close to marijuana minus the high. Would recommend to anyone interested in trying hemp flowers. Shipping for me took 6 days but due to being on weekend and during holiday plus my location i feel it was pretty normal. Ordered a different strain and will soon be reviewing it as well.

  6. Patrick Vaughn (verified owner)

    I smoke THC and CBD equally and this is a strain that bridges the gap. Fruity, dank smell with a great flavor profile. Put this to the test with dispensary weed and you wont be see the difference. The smoke is aromatic, smooth with a hit that’ll satisfy any stoner for a great experience. Calming feels without the paranoia

  7. BFG4155 (verified owner)

    Let me just say that ihf is great and they always have quality flower. This bud is everything they say and its a smooth smoke. I would highly recommend this one.

  8. Terren Braen (verified owner)

    Sticky icky goodness. Thank you IHF for keeping it real!

  9. Spaceace784 (verified owner)

    First off, very beautiful flower! Extraordinary smell! As far as effect very mild, for those who would like that caviar of hemp that don’t want full effects. Although very beautiful indeed! The smell alone will make you fall in love with this strain!

  10. smoked21 (verified owner)

    great aroma and flavor,soothing and relxing

  11. Robert Dambrosio (verified owner)

    What an awesome strain…cbd bud needs to be vaped not smoked or it tastes like crap and is too harsh! This has a great smell and flavor and very relaxing

  12. stevierayhi9 (verified owner)

    Very great product, looks better than the pictures, very nice buds, not dry the last 3 times I ordered, wish you would still sell it in half pounds and whole

  13. Stephen Nichols (verified owner)

    Purple Panties is about as close I’ve come to the effect of regular bud from CBD flower. Feeling super relaxed, super chill, but still alert and able to think clearly and concentrate well enough to work and be productive. It’s like all the benefits of bud without the drawbacks of being high. I’ve tried several IHF strains, and this is my favorite in terms of smell and effect.

  14. ROzez420 (verified owner)

    I don’t know if my 1g sample was enough to give a good review my nice plump piece was not as purple as I had hoped. But PP was delicious and smells great. I will be ordering a larger amt to give a better review.

  15. Brad A. (verified owner)

    Indoor Purple Panties
    🔥🔥Sit back and Relax🔥🔥
    Indica Effects Total Body Buzz
    Mind melter…. Great way to restart a day.. Love This Flower!!!
    My 7gs Small Tight Buds Purple in color Great Smells!! I’ve been using humidifier packs with all my buds now.. In a few days these buds were sticky and burn slow. With heavy hitting effects! I’ve tried the three purple varieties here this one .. Hits me the hardest … Great Work IHF

  16. Kingkilo (verified owner)

    I smoked the grand daddy purple but this PP is better the taste and smell the high is a 8 out of ten 💪🏾 The grand daddy purple have a stronger high but the taste and flavor not as great ass this PP 💪🏾👌👌

  17. mslomski (verified owner)

    This was the first strain I tried from IHF and it was 🔥! The effects were very good! I just placed my second order. This time I’m going to try Forbidden Fruit and Sour Diesel. Hopefully it’s as good as the panties!

  18. Steven Whalen (verified owner)

    Excellent smell. Great taste !!! Highly recommended

  19. PedroBankzz (verified owner)

    Only because it had seeds that’s my biggest downfall everything else is great smell it taste great

  20. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    Really nice purple buds awesome work killer product nice quarter oz. Keep it up

  21. steven gross (verified owner)

    one of my favorite flavors, mixes well with other, think have gotten 2 times both times little different , dont know why but love the purps!

  22. Nicole Lewis

    Love the taste and smell buzz is good too 2nd favorite next to forbidden fruit

  23. richthegreat2029 (verified owner)

    Great dank smell as stated nice relaxing feel immediately upon smoking. My only concern was that my package was only a ½ instead of the full 28 grams. The customer service was very professional and rectified the situation. Due to them packaging all their product in the same 28 gram packaging I can see how the mistake could happen. Nevertheless I enjoyed the product thoroughly and look forward to purchasing again. In fact just placed a order for the Purple Paralysis fingers 🤞

  24. Kiy295 (verified owner)

    Great smoke very smooth

  25. wezal1369

    this is that dank azz shiznet for reals

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