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Purple Panties Cannabis Strain Review

January 14, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Purple Panties Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Panties Cannabis Strain

Not to be confused with the Purple Panty Dropper strain, Purple Panties is as sexy as its name suggest. The alluring, deep purple hued strain delivers calming benefits that relax the body, release discomfort, and put you in a sultry mood that’s perfect for cozying up with your special someone. Often considered by users as an aphrodisiac, the Purple Panties strain can definitely crank up the heat, making every intimate moment feel even more elevating.

But if you’re all by your stony lonesome (pun intended), the Purple Panties strain can deliver straight up calming relaxation and body-numbing relief that can ease away all that unwanted tension. Its impact on mood can get you all smiley, giggly, and just downright happy, which also makes it a suitable solution against the blues.


Origins of Purple Panties

The indica leaning strain offers the mild sedative benefits you would expect from a plant of its lineage. But its perfectly balanced genetics mean that the Purple Panties herb won’t push you into a state of stupor or couch lock, mainly due to its one sativa dominant parent.

The Sour Jack cultivar lends its tropical sweet flavor topped off with a moderately strong fuel end note to Purple Panties descendant. Although its sativa dominant properties were watered down during the breeding process, Sour J’s energizing benefits do shine through in the form of alertness and wakefulness expressed in Purple Panties’ effects.

The other parent contribution to the Purple Panties’ genetics is the Purple Abacus strain. This variety is best known for its potent sex appeal, with its thick clouds of smoke said to fire up libido and unleash the desire for intimate expression. Whether or not that’s a consistent effect that users have experienced with the strain, it seems to have been passed through the breeding process, with the Purple Panties strain said to demonstrate the same sultry effects.


Purple Panties Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Plucking a bag of Purple Panties out of a cannabis store’s top shelf shouldn’t be too big of a challenge. After all, they’re not called Purple Panties for nothing. The strain’s striking appearance boasts a glorious leafy green jacket with eye-popping amethyst peeking through to the surface. Upon closer inspection, the loosely packed nugs shine through with a beautiful gradient of orchid and plum, with hints of pinks and blues mixed sparingly throughout.

On the surface, the dramatic bud features fine pink-orange hairs and fuzzy trichomes that coat the exterior in a hodge podge of textures. And, as you might expect, the gorgeous aesthetic sheds some light on how the strain smells altogether. The ultra-fruity fragrance can make you feel like you’re at a far-off tropical paradise. Sweet notes of pine and summer fruit shine through to produce a delicate, nose-caressing aroma that’s guaranteed to lock in your interest.

But as the wafting goodness of tropical fruit starts to fade, a strong punch of gasoline takes center stage, working to cradle the aroma and anchoring down the sweetness for a more dynamic, multi-dimensional experience.


Experience and Effects

The sexy, smooth smoke produced by the Purple Panties strain glides effortlessly through the throat, leaving traces of gasoline as it passes through your mouth and into your lungs. Fruit and pine retain their powerful potency, with the flavors readily evident during the smoke experience. The delicate tastes caress the taste buds and linger long after you take a toke, saturating your senses with their strong flavor.

The creeping effects of the Purple Panties strain can take a moment to manifest. But as the cannabinoids rush through your system, they lend an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. But unlike other cultivars that put the body in a state of numbness, Purple Panties causes a gentle buzz to course through the system, ultimately resulting to a full-body tingle that increases sensitivity.

The pleasant experience is what has been said to enhance libido, especially when stimulation is focused on the more reactive parts of the body. Needless to say, exposing yourself to sensual stimulation during the experience will undoubtedly result to intimate activity. But if you’re all by yourself, the calming tingle can be a wonderful way to relax, cradling your body into a state that’s totally free of discomfort.


Purple Panties Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Purple Panties strain can be relatively easy to grow, albeit being slightly more susceptible to fungal infections and other sorts of contamination. Keeping moisture at bay and preventing overwhelming humidity can help maintain the integrity of the herb. Water sparingly and direct moisture towards the roots to reduce the risk of rotting the leaves.

Taking an average of 9 weeks to reach full maturity, the plant produces a moderate harvest of around 4 ounces for every foot of height. They grow best indoors to permit farmers to optimize the variables the contribute to the plant’s health. Offering lots of nitrogen and phosphorous rich fertilizers towards the start of the flowering phase can significantly improve flavor and effects.

Although the Purple Panties strain doesn’t have a thick trichome layer, it still makes a viable choice for extraction. That’s mainly thanks to its unique seed genetics that pave the way for full cannabinoid extraction. When processed, the plant produces a beautifully rich concentrate that doesn’t lose the full spectrum benefits of the original mother strain.


Who Is It For?

Often considered a strain for lovers, Purple Panties can find a suitable place in the stash of couples who want to add a little heat to their flame. The stimulating and calming effects of the cultivar can easily heighten an intimate evening, making those moments shared even more memorable.

On the other hand, Purple Panties also provides relaxing effects that can work well for anyone and everyone. Gently clearing away cognitive distress and physical discomfort, this all-rounder can work wonders to help you unwind after a long, stressful day. Plus, its distinct fruity flavor and light gasoline ending make its taste profile pleasant and tolerable even for users who might not be fully accustomed to the intense flavor of other cannabis varieties.


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