Purple Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Purple Haze Cannabis Strain

Named after the 1967 Jimi Hendrix classic, the bubbly Purple Haze cannabis strain brings a blast of vibrant energy that awakens your creative energy and cerebral zest. The sharp-flavored herb brings a collision of sweetness and earthy spice that sparks a powerful interaction between the smoke and your taste buds. Equally psychedelic in terms of appearances, the Purple Haze strain is a triple threat the brings together aesthetics, alluring flavors, and potent effects that can sweep any cannabis enthusiast off of their feet.

Inspiring a sense of blissful happiness and deep-seated contentment, the Purple Haze strain has become the go-to herb for buyers in search of an herb that can take away their stresses and worries. Releasing a tidal wave of vigor and enthusiasm, the Purple Haze strain can be the ideal herb for users who want to add a little color to an otherwise monotonous day.


The Origins of the Purple Haze Strain

One of the reasons why the Purple Haze strain has become so popular is because of its iconic parentage. The child of two well-known herbs, the Purple Haze cultivar boasts premium genetics that puts it in the leagues of top shelf cannabis varieties. And while its parents might be hard to come by, the ingenious combination of these two relative rarities has birthed one of the most beloved of the Haze family tree.

Purple Thai is one of two parents in the mix, and contributes its dynamic flavor. Itself the child of two particularly rare strains, the Purple Thai herb is one of the few cannabis cultivars that delivers a delicate chocolate flavor, mixed together with bitter herb and mild tones of citrus orange. All together, its eccentric flavor profile makes it the stuff of legend, especially since it’s so hard to find.

Then of course there’s the Haze. The parent of all Haze strains, this classic herb can be traced back to the 60’s as one of the very first named cannabis varieties on the market. Since then, it has gone on to parent a variety of other award-winning cultivars, many of which inherited its high energy effects that buzz through the body.


Purple Haze Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

While it’s name does say purple, the strain doesn’t exactly shine through with the same kind of saturated intensity. If anything, the Haze genetics really shine through, clouding the surfaces of the herb in a mist of fuzzy white trichomes that blur out its leafy details. Underneath the surface, the nugs boast a rich, deep green colorway that pierces through the tough trichome exterior. All together, the strain can look like it was rolled in dusty, powdered sugar right before being tossed into the jar.

The kief-covered nugs might look quite Hazy on the outside, but the smell on this stuff is crystal clear. Delivering a nose-full of intricate aromas, the Purple Haze strain blends together delicate hints of coffee and chocolate with a strong citrus overtone. This produces a sweet yet earthy symphony that lingers and clings to the nostrils as the terpenes exit your sinuses. Needless to say, the delectable encounter can make you want to keep whiffing, which would then subsequently lead to a purchase.


Purple Haze terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Purple Haze strain starts off with a rush of citrus and earth flavor that plows through the throat with unrelenting smoke. The fast-moving, silky smooth clouds glide seamlessly down your pipes and enter the lungs where they cool the chest. On the exhale, a skunky aftertaste lingers in the mouth, and may leave some with a slight case of sunk breath. The taste itself is an experience all on its own, and may even urge you to take a few more tokes than you should.

But take heed – the Purple Haze cannabis strain isn’t one that you would want to overindulge. The strong effects will be felt almost instantly, shooting through your spine with a tingling sensation that might make you want to feel the need to move around. Working away mental clutter, the strain’s chemistry can help ignite a creative fever, with thoughts and ideas rushing through your mind as you bask in the relatively carefree disposition.

With the vibrating energy pulsating through your system, you might want to make sure that there’s a lot for you to do in order to direct the sudden charge of vigor. That said, before taking Purple Haze, it might be best to prepare your to do list, so you don’t have to deal with the jitters of nervous, undirected energy.


Purple Haze Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Relatively easy to cultivate, the Purple Haze strain reaches about 6 feet in height, but will stretch to just about 3 to 4 feet on average. Despite being relatively short, the herb does produce a bountiful harvest of about 6 ounces of bud for every square foot of growth. Keeping the plant indoors can give you the best chances of optimal growing conditions, but even growing outdoors won’t completely affect the plant’s health.

For the most part, you’re going to want to provide it rich, fat soil from the seed. Phosphorous rich fertilizers and a whole lot of sun can help the Purple Haze cultivar reach the maximum of its genetic potential. If you play your cards right and pay attention to the plant’s needs, you should see it flower in about 7 to 9 weeks.


Who Is It For?

The Purple Haze plant is a lively, energetic sativa leaning strain that works best for those who need an extra jolt of vigor and zest. Best reserved for individuals who know they’re up against a butt load of work, the Purple Haze strain can often feel a little overwhelming and jittery if you were just hoping to chill out. In the same light, beginners and novices might feel that the potent high-energy effects might be slightly out of their comfort zone. Either dial down your dosage or look to other strains first to avoid the potentially unwanted effects that the Purple Haze cultivar might cause a less experienced user.


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