Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain Review

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Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain

An enigmatic strain veiled in mystery, the Pinkman Goo cannabis cultivar possesses a unique history that’s just as distinct as its peculiar growth. Named after the bright, glittering resin that oozes from its pink leaves during pollination, this herb isn’t exactly one that you’re likely to find on the shelves of your favorite dispensaries. Nonetheless, the glorious rarity has found supreme popularity, if not for its odd aesthetic, then for its uplifting, light, and airy effects.

Soothing and relaxing, Pinkman Goo is one of those varieties that are guaranteed to turn any sour mood around, helping you enjoy the day without the stresses of negative emotions and feelings. But other than that, this ooey gooey strain can help lift up your body, giving you that carefree air that can make you feel truly at peace with yourself and the world around you.


Origins of the Pinkman Goo Strain

A modern mystery of the marijuana industry, Pinkman Goo’s origins are just about as well-known as the whereabouts of Big Foot. Legend has it that the strain was first discovered when Twompson Prater’s sister found the herb’s seeds in an Altoid container behind some beat-up kitchen stove. The cannabis head obviously had to explore, taking the seeds from his sister and then farming them to life. And poof – Pinkman Goo was born.

What we do know is that the herb is an indica-leaning hybrid. Its effects focus more on relaxing the mind and body, dealing heavy blows to the limbs to bring you into a state of moderate couchlock. The mind however is left to wander, with a distinct, palpable feeling of euphoria and well-being encroaching on every corner of your cognition. The result is effortless smiling, giggling, and talking that can get you socializing and chilling out with good company for hours. For that reason, it’s suspected that the herb also has roots in the sativa side of the genetic pool.


Pinkman Goo Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

There’s something special about the Pinkman Goo herb. The first is that it probably won’t look like cannabis at all. The bright pink leaves give it away as an obvious choice for the visually stimulated buyer, with its uniquely colored nugs giving it distinction in your average everyday budtender’s line-up. The second is its incredibly sticky exterior. Coated in a fat nectar, the Pinkman Goo strain lives up to its name. Needless to say, touching the stuff leaves a film of glue-like tackiness on your fingers.

As your eyes pop out of their sockets, it becomes just a matter of time before you ask your friendly neighborhood budtender to take down the jar and crack that baby open. Once you do, the pent up aroma stampedes its way out of the container, letting out a gust of fragrance the moment you twist off the cap.

The smell equivalent of faceplanting in a bed of dew-laden fresh flowers, the Pinkman Goo strain lets out a truly organic, fresh, and leafy aroma. Reminiscent of freshly cut grass right after a gentle rainshower, this herb embraces the senses in a smell experience that can zap you straight into an outdoor retreat that’s as close to nature as it gets.


Experience and Effects

The best way to describe the Pinkman Goo’s smoke is that it’s clean. With well-rounded edges and perfectly silky smooth textures, the plumes swim effortlessly through the mouth, throat, and lungs. In a lot of ways, smoking this stuff feels just like breathing – no abrasion, no coughing. As you might expect however, it does shine through with the same potent flavors that are manifested in its aroma.

Fruity and floral notes blend together for an organic, close-to-nature experience that tickles the taste buds. On the exhale, a swirl of sweetness battles it out with a strong gasoline end note, fighting for your attention as the clouds of thick smoke finally exit your system. Some veterans might also notice hints of sweet dough and berry, but these often fall under the radar for novices without much experience.

As the resinous herb gets to work on your system, you’ll notice your body falling heavier and heavier as you’re pushed into a state of immobility. Make sure you’ve got your bed within a few feet so you can crash into a comfy space for the next few hours. But while your body is suplexed into submission, your mind is recalibrated to bring you into a disposition of carefree joy. The bliss of worry-free happiness can send you into an episode of giggles and talk – it might be better to have a few good friends around.


Pinkman Goo Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Pinkman Goo strain is interestingly enough, pretty easy to grow. The novice plant makes the ideal entry point for beginner farmers hoping to get started on their first harvest. Hardy against humidity and less prone to mold and mildew, the Pinkman Goo herb owes its immunity to its thick resin coating. The nectar that envelopes its leaves act like a shield against moisture, helping the plant resist the degradation of extended exposure to wetness.

You should be able to harvest your bounty at the end of 7 weeks from the seed. Pinkman Goo isn’t what you would call an abundant provider. With a modest harvest of about 3 to 4 ounces per square foot of plant, it should offer just enough for the needs of a small group of users. To maximize your returns, consider topping the plant off to encourage dense shrub growth.


Who Is It For?

Pinkman Goo can transcend all the different levels of experience and preference. This unique herb brings distinct flavor and aroma to the table, and also offers a wealth of effects that can help you chill out and laugh off all the problems of daily life. For beginners, the couchlock can be a brand new experience. But because you’ll still be pretty much lucid, there’s really no need to worry about being overwhelmed.



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