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Pink Champagne Cannabis Strain Review

April 26, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Pink Champagne Cannabis Strain Review

Pink Champagne Cannabis Strain

Yes, she tastes like bubbly. The Pink Champagne strain is an up-and-coming herb that’s working round the clock to earn its rightful place as a stash staple. Its prominent flavor and sweet sensual smoke have helped the herb wiggle its way upwards the cannabis ladder, finding it a place in many bud dispensaries nationwide. So yeah, she’s kind of a big deal.

But more than the delicious flavor that can make you feel like you just took a sip of world-class bubbly, the Pink Champagne strain brings with it a surplus of tranquility that can subdue your thoughts and body and bring you into full submission. The pure indica prides itself in its calming benefits that take a hold of your system and drag you deep into the pit of peacefulness.


Origins of the Pink Champagne Strain

There’s a reason why Pink Champagne has the capacity to demonstrate stupendous genetics. Coming from the marriage of two premier herbs, the Pink Champagne cultivar is quite literally the child of two wild parents who grew under the direction of expert craft farmers. At the mercy of their master cultivators, these two ancestors were given the perfect conditions to manifest the true power of marijuana the way that Mother Nature intended.

The Cherry Pie parent strain is perhaps the most popular name in the Cherry lineage. The herb has gotten so popular in fact, that you’re likely to find it across any dispensary you stumble upon, any time of the year. The Cherry Pie hybrid delivers deep indica-leaning effects that blend together euphoria and relaxation for a comfortable high that swaddles you in a blanket of tranquility and calm.

The of course there’s Grandaddy Purple. The backbone of many popular offspring sprains after it, GDP is a solid indica that delivers a sleepy stupor to anyone that dares to take a hit. With its intense herbal and pine flavors, blended with a deep gasoline bitterness, this herb promises a punch of aromatic incense along with its sleep-inducing effects.


Pink Champagne Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Pink Champagne is a lively plant with gorgeous saturated colors and neon hues. The leaves themselves are a bright neon green, with deep orange pistils scattered about for added oomph. The mature plant’s colors can be especially eye-popping, manifesting the full artistry of untouched marijuana genetics. Of course, the trichome coat is also impeccably noteworthy, showcasing its full effect as a drizzle of confectioner’s sugar all over the delicate leaves.

Once harvested, dried, and cured, the Pink Champagne cannabis strain graduates into a deep green and brown blend, still manifesting the glorious white sheen of trichomes but with even more drama as the little fuzzy hairs glaze over from the curing process. Aroma-wise, you best believe this herb will make you swoon.

Just like a swirling flute full of bubbly, the Pink Champagne cannabis strain’s fragrance is an olfactory tug-of-war between sweet champagne and chamomile. Almost like the scent of a fresh bottle that’s been rid of the cork, the Pink Champagne cultivar doesn’t think twice about courting your senses and pushing your system into a state of total surrender. And that’s just the smell.


Experience and Effects

Needless to say, it would be impossible to take a whiff of this stuff and just leave it at that. Pink Champagne is an herb that begs to be stuffed into a pipe and lit on fire, especially as it sucks you into its vortex of aromatic bliss. So during that first, inevitable toke, you’re likely to experience the same swirling flavors as the first sniff encounter brought to your senses.

But what sets the Pink Champagne taste apart from its aroma is a slight tinge of bitterness. Like that hint of coffee at the tail-end of a bite into a soft chocolate chip cookie, the Pink Champagne herb’s bitterness is a welcome contrast that simply further enhances the sweetness of the champagne base flavor. During the smoke, other flavors also come forward that might not have been too apparent during the first smell. These include notes of pastry, citrus, and even lavender that mix in with the basic concoction to bring you a cocktail of flavor.

Now, as the blissful smoke exits your system, you’ll start to feel the immense impact of the Pink Champagne’s indica genetics starting to take a hold. The waves wash over your body and take away discomfort with each ebb. And as the final few tidal waves crash into your mind, they completely remove the stress and apprehension that might be bogging you down. At the end, you move into a state of total submission and relaxation. With your limbs limp and weighed down at your sides, this strain empties your mind of any and every thought, so you can enjoy what peace and quiet really feels like.


Pink Champagne Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

For as much as the Pink Champagne strain takes after its GDP parent in terms of effects, it inherits most of its growing needs from its Cherry Pie ancestor. Just like the Cherry Pie, the Pink Champagne herb requires very specific conditions that make it a bit of a chore to grow. As a pure indica, it doesn’t grow too tall, so constant pruning can help space out the leaves and give lower layers more access to air and light in prevention of mold and mildew.

At the end of a 7 to 8 week period, you should have your first ever Pink Champagne harvest. The strain can deliver around 4 to 5 ounces of bud, depending on how well you managed to prune its tops. But what’s really delightful about growing this herb is how well it secretes that strong vanilla flavor even before it reaches maturity.


Who Is It For?

For the humble cannabis beginner, the effects of Pink Champagne can be a total trip. The overwhelming calm and emptiness might very well overpower the unassuming cannabis head, so it’s really better reserved for those who have had some experience with strong indica strains in the past. It’s also worth mentioning that although the herb might be hard to grow, it’s also exceedingly rewarding. So if you’ve got some farming expertise under your belt, the Pink Champagne strain might be a worthy exercise to bump up your game.


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