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Pineberry CBD Hemp Flower

Pineberry CBD Hemp Flower

Our premium Pineberry hemp flower contains under 0.3% Delta-9-THC. IHF LLC is licensed with the Colorado Department Of Agriculture and the United States Postal Service to ship to all 50 States.

  • Indoor Grown
  • Visible Crystals
  • High CBD Content
  • No Seeds or Stems
  • Diverse Terpene Profile
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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This hybrid of Early Resin Berry and Ringo’s Gift is a fresh and earthy treat that’s clean and neat. In the Old West it used to be a bold threat to tell someone you were gonna put them in a pine box.

Obviously they weren’t talking about a box of Pineberry CBD hemp flower, otherwise every cowboy from here to Cody, Wyoming would’ve been doing their damnedest to land themselves in one.

With a fine fragrance of pine, lavender and fresh fruit, Pineberry smells and tastes like a walk through the wilderness. This is Mother Nature at her most generous—clean, calming, cool and refreshing.

Each cone makes for a dreamy good time and a sight for sore eyes. Bristling with orange and yellow hairs, our Pineberry CBD hemp nugs outshine any of our competitors thanks to our fastidious genetic selection and mindful storage techniques.

All of our Pineberry buds contain Bisabolol, b-Caryophyllene, Farnesene and Myrcene. Precise concentrations of each terpene and/or cannabinoid may vary.

Our customers have raved about Pineberry’s refined aroma and fantastic flavor, calling our buds “bright,” “expressive,” “awesome” and “arousing.”

Our chemicals are appropriately analyzed and approved prior to distribution. Industrial Hemp Farms‘ CBD hemp flowers have been found to be below 0.3% THC before harvest. Precise concentrations may vary from strain to strain. This product is Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.

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