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Pineapple Express CBD Hemp Flower

Pineapple Express CBD Hemp Flower

(9 customer reviews)



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Known for its sweet and citrusy flavors, Pineapple Express delivers a burst of energy. You’ll find that the smell is similar to that of popular fruits like mango or apple, but has a taste resembling more citrus-based fruit. The energy boost lasts quite a while, too, and can keep you alert throughout the day.

9 reviews for Pineapple Express CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Mike S

    Man this strain is 🔥! Well worth it!

  2. Devinmarch95 (verified owner)

    Omfg! Big buds, looks like the pic, taste great, this shit is the real deal. I need to try the maui, jet fuel and sweet grass now !

  3. Chef (verified owner)

    Every since I saw the movie I wanted to try this and I am very happy 😎

  4. Bradley Jones (verified owner)

    Top notch flower it don’t get much better than this . Very smooth and relaxing and doesn’t make you drowsy at all

  5. Ebony Gadsden (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds. Great smoke . Will be ordering more .🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Darnelljim (verified owner)

    It is my first time buying and may I say Pineapple Express was good. I will keep buying as long as I continue getting great buds and results.

  7. tyler3633 (verified owner)

    Wow insane you guys I got the oz and wow it’s like hrdroponic best I’ve seen from ihf so far man you guys are awesome ty ihf

  8. Teadaddy (verified owner)

    I splurged getting this Pineapple Express. I been looking for it all over online for months and either it was too expensive- to far away- or it was possibly not the best quality. I mainly buy from IHF because quality and price are the best out there! This strain is the shit! I missed it so much! I hope I bought enough to last me some months cause It’s literally my favorite strain! The scent was dank as f. The flavor is great, citrus on citrus with hints of spice and pine maybe or earthy something. Damn good!

  9. Jason Donovan (verified owner)

    I ordered a ounce of Pineapple express, got it and opened it, buds looked so good, sticky and smelled great, but I was a little Disappointed the effects was just ok, With the name of Pineapple express I expected something great, I liked the top shelf skittles and GDP better, I ordered the jet fuel, I’m hoping its better, I don’t mind spending 200.00 for a ounce but it should be the funk for that price, it can look and smell great but if the effects are not the best, I can’t see spending the extra, when I’ve had top shelf that was great, well I hope jet fuel will be the funk, I wish they would list more info about each strain, CBD%, when I first ordered from them they had all that info, I need a high CBD strain, well I’m going to try jet fuel, hoping its the funk

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