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Para-Cymene Terpene Isolate

Para-Cymene Terpene Isolate

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Para-cymene, more commonly known as P-cymene, is one type of terpene. P-Cymene is found in cumin and thyme mostly but can also be found in basil oil, clove bud oil, and a few other sources. This terpene is transparent and almost clear with a slight yellowish hue at times. P-cymene is used in food, essential oils, enhancing fragrances and some other products such as paint, surprisingly. P-cymene is most known to have a somewhat citrus aroma. The effects of p-cymene are anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. There have also been claims that p-cymene can be used as a pain reliever but there is not yet complete scientific data to back up those claims.

  • Chemical composition: Para-Cymene has an official chemical formula of C10H14.
  • Aroma: The best way to get a sense of p-cymene’s aroma is to smell freshly cut basil.
  • Effects: Lavender has often been used as a home remedy to relieve pain. Modern day scientists are now exploring just how powerful the anti-inflammatory qualities in para-cymene really are. In addition to helping people with inflammation, some scientists believe it may have some anti-fungal properties. The vaporizing temp for linalool is set at 350°F.

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