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Hulk CBD Hemp Flower

(11 customer reviews)

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  • Lightly Seeded Flower
  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant

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11 reviews for Hulk CBD Hemp Flower

  1. 420lover (verified owner)

    got to honest here this is some of the best smelling cbd ive found its super strong like the hulk

  2. Ian Williams (verified owner)

    Nice smell and taste. Good for the price.

  3. Manifold (verified owner)

    Another one of the best from IHF. I’ve tried 19 strains from here and this and Outdoor Russian are my go to’s from IHF. A little dry but the flavor is enjoyable and the effects are calm, focused, and long lasting. Good stuff.

  4. GaDawgZ71 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an oz. of Outdoor Hulk. This was my first purchase from IHF. I can honestly say this hemp is grade A for making you chill out if you are stressed. My girlfriends father passed away last night, and I received my package today. Smell is tart, large to medium sized nugs. No shake or seeds. Kind of a heady buzz, and super relaxing. Like taking a chill pill if there was such a thing . For the price you can’t go wrong with this strain. Trust it will be worth every cent. Yes it is dry, but smokes very well. Has a smooth inhale and exhale. Doesn’t choke you into submission. All around price + positive effects nothing negative to say about Hulk strain , besides cotton mouth, + nuggs are pretty nice themselves at appearance . Pretty dense nuggs. You can’t go wrong at this price . After all factors considered , I give it 5 stars! GREAT FOR CHILLING OUT IF YOU ARE STRESSED!!! I’m 10 minutes in on a bowl , and I’m chill as you can be, but not sleepy!

  5. OGtim44 (verified owner)

    First time ever purchasing from here and I’m pleased. The picture really doesnt give this strain justice, it’s a darker green with orange hairs and the smell is straight dank. I was honestly caught off guard with how well it smelled and tasted. A little sticky on the lips when smoked in a joint or cigar, only gave 4 stars because, as everyone seems to say, it was a little dry

  6. James Jackson (verified owner)

    anybody complains about this product for the price they paid are unhappy with the life they live. 2 thumbs up.

  7. Shannon Hinton (verified owner)

    Not bad at all! Minimum purchase was ONE OUNCE. I’m not used to buying in ounces, but it was $34 and change!! Hulk has about 20% CBD, is really, really dry. Decent sized buds, but there are decent sized stems, too. Regardless, it’s still less than I’ve paid for anything, considering the quantity. Not bad, either. Currently, I’m mildly relaxed, a bit of body tingle. Not at all sleepy, but I feel pretty good. I also had a nap today LOL. Talking with my buddy, I’m considering using about 7gms of it to maybe make a sublinqual oil. Only thing I’m not crazy about with that, is smelling up the house. Hulk is pretty fragrant, with a pleasant, coooool, piney taste. If they plan to keep this, I’d buy it again. I have several other strains, and I’ve mixed this one with those that didn’t seem to work so well.

  8. Chad (verified owner)

    Not bad smoke, when you smoke a joint, the buzz feels like you smoked some good marijuana leaf…

  9. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    Not bad for price but all shake not much bud but whatever I’ll make hash i guess or wax out of it smell is good and that’s about it if i wanted shake i would order shake thanks I guess

  10. wezal1369 (verified owner)

    fast 2 day shipping . super dry as dust ! put mine in canning jar with 1/2 cop 70% pg for 2 days . in 2 day it sucked up all the pg and was nice . super compacted tight buds lots of smalls and 1 huge finger bud . well worth the money will buy again

  11. Chad (verified owner)

    Very happy with this strain it’s a bit on the dry side but smokes great out of a pipe or rolled I noticed when rolled it’s very resinous which I like the taste is nice not harsh at all decent bag smell I bought a ounce and I’ve already ordered 2 more ounces its labeled cheap discount flower but it’s great I think there was a boveda pack in my ounce but like I said I think it was a bit dry only complaint.

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