Oregon Pineapple Cannabis Strain Review

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Oregon Pineapple Cannabis Strain

Ever heard of Oregon Pineapple? Exactly. This ultra obscure herb doesn’t have a lot of information circulating on the web about it. But even then, there are more than a handful of people who claim to have tried it. Did they just collectively have a collective cannabis dream, or is this stuff even real?

Allegedly having originated from Oregon, the Oregon Pineapple herb just suddenly appeared on the cannabis market without a peep. Overnight, the strain rose to a modest level of popularity, prompting experts and cannabis connoisseurs to seek it out and give it a shot. And what they found would not disappoint. Delivering a sudden rise of energy that quickly plateaus, this variety can be the perfect way to climb to a better mood without punching through your tolerance ceiling.


The Origins of the Oregon Pineapple

Despite often being considered a mysterious, enigmatic variety, the Oregon Pineapple strain touts a family tree that’s pretty dank. Both of its parents – considered heavyweight and classics, no less – are two of the most highly regarded herbs on the market. They’ve both been around for a while, that’s true. But through the decades, both of these strains have managed to rough it out with the ever evolving competition to cement their names in the cannabis hall of fame.

The first – Master Kush – is a fruit flavored indica that delivers a punch of full-body calm. Its balanced effects work to numb the mind and release all sorts of tension, all while sharpening your senses to help you pick up on slight environmental changes as you soak up the calm and relaxation. Flavor wise, the Master Kush herb is loved for its hot, spicy foreground of flavor that blends seamlessly with citrus and herb.

The Pineapple strain is the second parent in the marriage, and this is where the Oregon Pineapple herb gets its tropical fruit flavor and aroma. A hybrid that leans towards the sativa end of the spectrum, this variety wakes up the body and gives a burst of vigor to help see you through a day’s worth of activities and responsibilities.


Oregon Pineapple Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The scruffy Oregon Pineapple nugs look sort of like they were found on the floor of an untouched forest. These clusters look no better off than gathered clumps of organic material, and even an expert might question whether or not they’re actually from the cannabis family. Nonetheless, its colorway and tendrils give away its identity, and the delicate trichomes that cover its surface further affirm its genetics.

While the fuzz on the surface might not seem too extreme, the Oregon Pineapple nugs are often covered in a layer of sticky resin that makes the tacky to the touch. Even then, buyers who tend to be too particular about the look of their herb tend to shy away from the Oregon Pineapple variety thinking that it doesn’t have the kind of chemistry they’re looking for.

What they don’t know is that when the jar opens, the strain releases a stream of aroma that just comes pouring out. Blending together the scents of fruit and earth, this variety creates an olfactory symphony that can be pleasing even to the lowest tolerance users. Its combination of various scents and fragrances are all swirled together in a very distinct aroma that’s underlined by the presence of burnt sandalwood.


Oregon Pineapple terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Oregon Pineapple smokes almost exactly like the Pineapple strain. This leaves a cutting feel in the throat as the smoke pours into your lungs. With a slightly creamier texture than its Pineapple parent, the Oregon Pineapple gently rubs against the soft tissues inducing a slight need to cough to clear out the irritation. The exhale drags out with the burnt taste further amplified, evolving into a slight gasoline taste.

The effects of Oregon Pineapple are pretty fast. The rapid ascent into a state of sativa dominance can be easily felt, and might feel unpleasant for low tolerance users or beginners who want something a little more relaxed and easy. A sudden jolt of energy captures the system and elevates the user into an abrupt euphoria that encourages lots of smiling and laughing. But right before you pierce through the ceiling of your limits, the strain suddenly plateaus, and the effects begin to wash down into a more relaxed state.

As you crash gently into a calmer mood, the smile is left in place and the giggles water down into more practical territory. Within a few hours of the last toke, you should be ready to face the world outside with a delicate buzz rustling through your system and a positive outlook that can be hard to thwart – even on your worst day.


Growing and Processing

Oregon Pineapple doesn’t exactly cooperate with its cultivators, so a more experienced farmer might have the chops to be better able to see this variety through to maturity. Indoor growth suits its needs much closer, considering its need for constantly monitored humidity and heat. With the right kind of care, you should see the Oregon Pineapple bloom into harvest-ready flowers after about 10 weeks from the seed. Yields will average 6 ounces for every square foot of plant, which towers to just about 4 to 5 feet on average.


Who Is It For?

We’re not gonna lie – that first skyrocket through to heightened energy can be overwhelming for most. The increase of vigor can be tough to deal with if you’re a noob, and may even be the reason that you might feel some nausea during the experience. If you’ve got more experience or even just a higher level of tolerance however, that first jolt can feel like the initial climb on a roller coaster. Fortunately, the effects will plateau after a while, so there’s no need to worry about limits.

Keep in mind though that the Oregon Pineapple’s flavor – although slightly abrasive – can be palatable to most. Overindulgence can be a major risk when taking this stuff, especially if you’re not well versed with the strain’s effects. Keep intake to a minimum and find out your tolerance before smoking more than you can handle.


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