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The child of an iconic threesome, Orange Sherbet – sometimes called Orange Sherbet – delivers fun, dynamic flavor and mild effects that work to put a smile on your face.

Despite its relative unpopularity, this strain is lip-lickin’ good, embracing your taste buds with a blend of cream, oranges, pepper, and herbs to invigorate your system and give you that well-deserved energy boost to see you through your day. Plus, with its mild THC content, the Orange Sherbet cultivar makes a wonderful choice for first-timers and low-tolerance users who might want something a little more manageable.


Unlike most other strains that are the result of a cross between two parent cultivars, the Orange Sherbet strain combines qualities from three parent strains, giving it a more dynamic appeal that’s multi-dimensional, versatile, and adaptable.

Orange Cream

Smooth and citrusy, the Orange Cream strain is one that won’t irritate your throat with strong, scratchy smoke. This strain boasts the perfect THC content, sitting pretty at the 18.5% mark. This makes it highly adaptable to a variety of needs, giving you great effects whether you’re looking for an easy high or couch locking intoxication.

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Purple Urkle

Deeply relaxing, Purple Urkle is a strain that puts its patrons in a state of trance-like calmness. Heavily dominated by sativa effects, this cultivar contains just 16% THC, but promises to clear your mind and body of clutter and stress to release a strong sense of self-peace that can keep you seated, silent, and smiling for hours.

Cherry Pie

Sweet, sour, and sublimely balanced, the Cherry Pie cultivar captivates with its combination of delectable fruity flavors. Blanketing your tongue in a lively blend of herbs, pepper, and pine, Cherry Pie can give you the best of both worlds with its profile that falls right smack dab in the middle of indica and sativa dominance.


If there’s one thing that stands out about Orange Sherbet at a glance, it’s the strain’s bright orange pistils. Unlike other strains that have bright marigold veins that add an aesthetic touch, the Orange Sherbet strain is enveloped in the stuff. This gives it an intensely unique appearance, with forest green and a saturated sunset orange battling it out to give the cultivar distinct eye-popping bag appeal.

THC Content

Mild at just 14% THC, the Orange Sherbet strain is well-adapted to users who want light, easy, tolerable effects that leave you at the steering wheel. The gentle strain provides controlled, balanced effects, allowing the perfect combination of sativa and indica results to let you enjoy both relaxation and heightened energy.

For those who a want more potent experience, the Orange Sherbet strain’s effects are buildable. Take a larger dose depending on your tolerance to help bump up the results of your high.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

When you first rip open a bag of Orange Sherbet, you’re likely to get hit by the pleasant smell of forestry grass. This is then closely followed by the aroma of fresh peeled oranges, putting your olfactories in a state of complete arousal. The scent of herbs, pepper, and spices intertwine with the major citrus backdrop, jabbing at your nose and waking up your system.

Just as her name suggests, the Orange Sherbet cultivar is powerfully citrusy in flavor. This major taste component combines with pepper and herbs to give you an uplifting, invigorating flavor experience that captivates the senses and takes hold of the tongue. The unique blend also helps to clear out the sinus, allowing you to inhale without a hitch.

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Effects of Orange Sherbet

Ideal for low-tolerance users and first-timers, the Orange Sherbet strain is slow to take effect, bringing you on a low-speed cruise that works up to full-blown relaxation. The strain takes effect after a few tokes, and provides balanced results that combine both indica and sativa qualities.


One of the first things you’re likely to notice as Orange Sherbet’s effects start to course through your system is a strong sense of happiness. The strain relieves stress, and a host of other negative feelings to help uplift your mood and make it easier to face the day with a smile.


Maybe you’re feeling a little lethargic. Orange Sherbet ups the energy and gives you that well-needed boost to help you sustain productivity throughout the day. Say goodbye to those lazy bones and up your vitality for those demanding daily duties.


The Orange Sherbet strain can put your body in a mild state of numbness, lifting away tension and pressure to relieve discomfort that might be causing some distress. In this way, it also becomes easier to cope with the challenges of daily life, without the added pressure of physical disturbances.


What’s a cannabis strain without some relaxation? The Orange Sherbet cultivar – much like all the others available – instils a strong feeling of relaxation, temporarily relieving any problems or feelings that might be keeping you from a state of inner peace and calm.


Much like other cannabis strains, the Orange Sherbet cultivar grows best in hotter climate. Keeping the plant from excessive cold and humidity can give it a better chance of survival. When properly cared for, the Orange Sherbet strain can reach maturity in an average of 10 weeks.

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Growing the Orange Sherbet plant is relatively easy compared to other cannabis cultivars. When growing indoors, make sure you keep your plant near a source of fresh air and natural light. At night, provide a plant growing lamp to sustain proper heat and brightness. Water sparingly and place under sunlight or lamp light after watering to allow proper evaporation and prevent root rot.


The Orange Sherbet plant can thrive very well outdoors, especially in warmer climates. Keep the plant from other vegetation to ensure optimal nourishment absorption from the available soil. Whenever watering, always keep in mind that under-watering is preferred to over-watering, since cannabis plants tend to grow better under hot, arid conditions.

Similar Strains

The Orange Sherbet cultivar is distinct, yet familiar, sharing a bunch of qualities with a number of other cannabis strains. Here are some of its closest cousins in terms of taste and quality:

  • Blackberry Kush
  • Green Crack
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Alien OG
  • Sunshine
  • Mandarin Cookies


Although not quite as popular as some of the cannabis strains you might be familiar with, the Orange Sherbet strain has gained quite a patronage throughout the market. Those who love the cultivar have this to say about it:

  • What I really like about Orange Sherbet is that it’s easy. It doesn’t demand a lot from you, you don’t need to commit and to stay locked to your sofa for the duration of its effects. It really just clears away those mental and physical hindrances without pushing you into submission and sedation.
  • I had some trouble growing the plant because of root rot. I didn’t think it would be so easy to damage with too much water. Fortunately, I was able to salvage some of the growth. Just keep it from moisture and humidity and you should see flowers after 10 weeks.
  • Orange Sherbet was the very strain I tried when I first dove into the world of cannabis. It’s light, easy, and effortless, taking you on a slow and steady trip that doesn’t overwhelm you. I can definitely recommend it to low-tolerance users.

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Final Thoughts

With its mild THC content and perfectly balanced effects, the Orange Sherbet strain is one that’s just great to have around for those moments when you need a pick-me-up. Gentle and steady, this strain can be your perfect go-to for that well-deserved energy boost that doesn’t take your consciousness or productivity hostage.


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