OG Kush Breath Cannabis Strain Review

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OG Kush Breath Cannabis Strain

OG Kush Breath, also conveniently called OGKB, is a hybrid that acts like a pure indica. With a chemistry of 90-10, this cultivar drenches the body in its consuming effects, inspiring the senses and solving a range of daily issues that might be tough to deal with sans the help of cannabis. The herb was specifically developed to help people who struggle with sleep, stress, and discomfort, but many of those who use the herb for a variety of other daily distresses have found it to be particularly helpful nonetheless.

The go-to for users who want instant, effective, and reliable relief, OGKB has set the standard for non-recreational cannabis use. Able to target a wide range of physical and cognitive problems, this cultivar can easily replace a range of remedies that you might use to relieve your daily demons.


The Origins of the OG Kush Breath Strain

First things first – there’s a lot going on with the OGKB name. And if you’ve been hanging around the cannabis industry for a while, you should know that every word that makes up the name has something to say about the strain’s colorful heritage. Strangely enough however, there is no OG in the family tree, so to speak. There isn’t a Kush ancestor either. And what might actually catch you off guard is that the OGKB cultivar actually descends from the Cookies heritage.

A direct offspring of the ever iconic Girl Scout Cookies, the OGKB strain was a choice phenotype of the legendary variety. Selected carefully for its properties, the once random phenotype was back crossed with other samples of similar qualities to get a stable, recurring herb variety. Once its qualities could be reproduced through farming, it came to be known as its own distinct herb variety, separate from its GSC parentage.

In many ways however, much of GSC’s properties remain well-reflected in the OGKB profile. The flavor is particularly identical where buttery pastry and fruit melt together to create a slice of breakfast toast that you can smoke. But unlike the OGKB child, GSC touts a loud backdrop of hoppy that underscores all of the other flavors that make up its terpene profile.


OG Kush Breath Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The beautiful OGKB nugs are perfectly proportioned and just sufficiently compressed. Neither packed tightly nor loosely, these herbs let you break up the leaves just enough to release the delicate aroma that wafts from within. Inside, the nugs showcase a beautiful colorway that’s hidden beneath the boring green exterior. Here, bright splashes of purple and blue give life to the herb and justify the principle that choosing a strain based simply on what you see on the surface isn’t really the best of purchase practices.

Fortunately however, the OGKB has some safeguards in case it’s confronted by a bunch of ‘at-a-glance’ buyers. On its surfaces, the strain presents a garish display of fuzzy white trichomes that glisten with the coveted resin of the cannabis herb. This overpowering forest of fuzz overrides the green colorway and leaves nothing but pallor in its wake.

And with such an intense trichome presence, you should expect that the OGKB strain delivers a noseful of potent aroma that can consume an entire space – and it does. The sweet notes of buttery bread and pastry blend together with nectarine fruit and herb. All of this is encased in a delicate undertone of rugged petrol, giving the overall aroma a really well-balanced appeal that doesn’t overpower the senses with too much of either side of the fragrance spectrum.


Experience and Effects

If there’s one thing about the OG Kush Breath flavor, is that it will leave you with kush breath. The strain enters the system as a tasty, gooey smoke that’s laden with the flavors that mimic its aroma. Of course, there’s going to be a slight increase in the prominence of diesel, but that’s only normal for any herb being burnt. On the exhale, this stuff leaves a trace of its terpenes in the back of the throat where they react with friendly local bacteria to leave you with a nasty case of cannabis breath, perhaps one of the reasons for its odd name.

What’s especially ideal about the OG Kush Breath effect is that it doesn’t take you away from the steering wheel. Left in complete control of your thoughts and actions, this strain simply works to take away a range of the discomforts that might make daily life a drag. Enhancing your appetite, easing away stress, and clearing out physical aches that might make your day far more tiring than it should be, the OG Kush Breath strain is your all-around fix for mostly anything that might dampen your existence.

At the end of the entire experience, the strain lends a strong sense of sleepiness that starts to kick in hours after the last toke. By slowing down your breathing, calming your thoughts, and numbing out your body, the strain’s last hurrah involves cradling you off into dreamland where you can fully enjoy a night free of interruptions and void of all that tossing and turning.


Growing and Processing

The OG Kush Breath strain isn’t an easy herb to grow and may require advanced cultivation knowledge and technique to reach maturity. And if that weren’t enough to get you to think twice about taking the leap, it’s also worth knowing that the strain could take up to 11 weeks to flower, which is often way too long for the average farmer to wait. Nonetheless, if you’re one of those who just wants to grow the stuff for kicks, you should expect mature heights of about 4 feet at best, with a yield that sits at an average of 2 to 3 ounces for ever square foot of plant growth.


Who Is It For?

Ideal for users of all experience levels and needs, the OG Kush Breath cannabis strain doesn’t play so much with your cognitive activity as it helps with the range of discomforts you might deal with. That said, anyone looking to use cannabis for more recreational purposes might find that the OG Kush Breath strain’s utilitarian effects to be slightly on the boring side.


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