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NuLeaf Naturals Review – Everything You Need To Know

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NuLeaf Naturals is one of the most established CBD brands in the market, having been founded in 2014. The company’s mission is to pave the way for a line of cannabis wellness products that promote a healthy mind and body.

Since its birth, the company has been committed to creating the highest-quality cannabinoid products in their purest and most potent form. It claims that its full spectrum cannabinoid products contain no additives, with the only ingredient being organic hemp.

NuLeaf Naturals’ cannabinoid products are extracted with advanced methods to obtain a complete range of terpenes, essential oils, cannabinoids, and other beneficial phytonutrients. The result is a more potent blend that doesn’t require additional harsh solvents.

To ensure quality and consistency, the company uses interdependent labs to confirm that its CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG products are free of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, fungi, and mycotoxins. The third-party lab testing also guarantees that the company’s products contain the optimum concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.


NuLeaf Naturals Product & Service Overview

NuLeaf Naturals offers a wide range of cannabis products, including oils, soft gels, topicals, and pet products in its CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN product range.

The company’s most popular products include full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures. They come loaded with lots of cannabinoids and terpenes to optimize wellness. According to the company, the only ingredients in the tinctures are full-spectrum hemp extract and USDA-certified organic hemp.

The company’s full-spectrum CBD oil is available in 300 mg to 6,000 mg concentrations. This is unique since most companies offer a maximum concentration of 3,000 mg. The lower concentrations are suitable for beginners. Meanwhile, the 3,000 mg to 6,000 mg concentrations are suitable for more experienced users. You can also save on your purchase by ordering a 3-pack or 6-pack to get a 25 percent discount.

NuLeaf Naturals’ pet products are also quite popular. The company’s full spectrum pet CBD oil is made from high-grade hemp extract and is safe for four-legged animals, including cats and dogs. They also taste pretty ‘okay,’ so you can feed them to your pet directly or add them to food.


If you prefer a more subtle means of consuming CBD, you can also try out the company’s Hemp CBD Capsules. The soft gel capsules contain full-spectrum hemp extracts loaded with naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for optimum effectiveness. The CBD capsules also offer precise dosing, with each capsule containing 15 mg of CBD.


NuLeaf Naturals Product Cost & Price Comparison

Overall, NuLeaf Naturals’ pricing is pretty fair. For instance, the company’s tinctures go for $38.50 for 5 ml bottles and $439 for 100 ml bottles. This is much cheaper compared to other brands. Here is a quick breakdown of the price of its most popular products in each category vs. other vendors.

CategoryproductPrice at NuLeaf NaturalsOther Vendors
OilFull Spectrum CBD Oil 900 mg$63.20$59.98
SoftgelsFull Spectrum CBD Capsules (15 mg/soft gel)$63.20$70.00
TopicalsFull Spectrum CBD Balm$39.20$48.00
Pet productsFull Spectrum CBD Pet Oil (60 mg/mL)$63.20$65.00

NuLeaf Naturals Customer Reviews

NuLeaf Naturals seems to be doing something right because there are over 20,000 positive customer reviews on the website alone. Many customers commend the company for its high-quality and effective products.

This is what a full-spectrum CBD oil customer on the company’s website had to say:

“I love this product, have been using it for nearly 2 years. Definitely worth the cost.” another customer on the same platform says, “It is comforting to know that there is a CBD oil out there that is actually legitimate. There is so much garbage out there. NuLeaf reduces or eliminates my arthritis pain effectively.”


We also saw numerous positive customer reviews outside its website. This is what a customer on Trustpilot has to say:

“Excellent service and products. For premium CBD oils, try NuLeaf Naturals! NuLeaf is now part of my dietary supplements.”


NuLeaf Naturals Complaints

Despite the numerous positive customer reviews, there are some dissatisfied customers, particularly when it comes to customer service and delivery. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“They sent me the wrong CBD, customer service was unhelpful and the oil didn’t work at all… I do not recommend it! They don’t care about their customers as long as they make money.”

“Very good product, however, delivery is very slow…6 weeks to deliver and customer service not that great either.”


NuLeaf Coupons & Discounts

The company offers free shipping to any location across the United States. After processing, the products are shipped via the postal service and delivered within two to three business days.

NuLeaf Naturals also has an affiliate program where you can earn some extra cash by referring your friends. In the referral program, you get a unique referral link and coupon code. When someone buys any products using your code, you get a 20 percent commission. The company also offers a 20 percent discount for anyone enrolled in the referral program.


Lab Testing

All the company’s products undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to test for pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. The products are also compliant with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. The bill stipulates that all CBD products must contain a maximum of 0.3 percent THC.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a consumer advocacy organization that seeks to protect the rights of all Americans to consume safe kratom legally. NuLeaf Naturals is not a member of the organization.


Is NuLeaf Naturals Legit?

Based on the numerous customer reviews we’ve seen on the internet, coupled with the fact that the company has both a functional website and a physical location, it’s safe to say the company is fully legit. Moreover, the company doesn’t have any outstanding lawsuits pertaining to manipulation or deceit.



With so many CBD companies lagging in product quality, it’s nice to see a CBD company going out of its way to provide its customers with the highest quality products. NuLeaf Naturals will surely take over the market soon if it keeps up with the quality of its products.

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