Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Review

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Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

With a reputation that’s as bright and brilliant as the Aurora Borealis herself, the Northern Lights strain is a cannabis superstar, coveted for her bountiful resin, rapid growth, and delightful full-bodied flavor. With powerful pure indica effects, this herb places the body in a slow sailing state, as though you were light enough to flow through the sky as it lifts your worries and discomforts away.

Named for its ability to heighten the senses, the Northern Lights cultivar can make bold and beautiful hues and notes out of dull dreary sights and sounds. So sit back, take a drag, and bask in the gleaming benefits of this heavenly herb.


Origins of the Northern Lights Strain

The Northern Lights strain is one of the first few to have arrived on the cultivated cannabis scene. Back in the day, cannabis-heads weren’t particular about breeds and strains. But as time drew on, farmers began to discover the potential that cannabis had if properly crossed and cultivated. So when the name game began for various types of marijuana, Northern Lights became among the earliest ancestors to tout a distinct, repeatable genetic profile.

First appearing in the bright and beautiful cannabis horizon in 1985, the Northern Lights strain descends from two potent landraces known for their aggressive consequences. The first is the ever popular Afghani landrace, and the other, the equally formidable Thai landrace.

Native to the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, the Afghan herb had grown for millennia without the influence of human hands. Untouched by the genetic alteration efforts of farmers and cultivators, this cultivar thrived in the scorching summer heat of its native land. The result is a heavy indica herb that demonstrates a cannabinoid profile that’s formulated for relaxation and sedation.

The Thai landrace on the other hand, thrives perfectly well in the hot, humid climate of its native region. Growing taller and sparser than its Afgahni counterpart, this parent strain is a true-blue sativa, known and feared for its poisonous fangs that infuse the body with unrelenting energy levels for a truly awakening experience.


Northern Lights Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

During cultivation, the Northern Lights plant brandishes a dress that can make anyone’s eyes pop out of their sockets. Like the grand natural light display, flashing across the deep blue sky, the Northern Lights herb touts a glorious colorway that includes almost every hue in the known color spectrum. Pinks, oranges, greens, blues, and purple waltz together in a majestic display as its fanned-out leaves stretch and reach every which way.

Dried and cured, the Northern Lights herb might lose some of its saturation, but it remains far more colorful and vibrant than any other strain on the shelf. Purples and blues become far more pronounced as the cultivar is sapped of all moisture, and the orange tendrils that expand from the bases become more vibrant and vigorous, embracing the nugs in a tight cage of hair as though keeping the leaves together.

As you crack open the jar, the pent up aroma slaps you straight on with sweet and spicy herbal aromas. Similar to a spoonful of cinnamon, the Northern Lights cultivar rages through the nostrils with a jab of piquant nectarine goodness that clears away the sinuses and awakens the system. Undertones of citrus pierce through the veil of cinnamon, brewing together to create a zest tea of fragrant bliss.


Northern Lights terpene profile



Experience and Effects

Before you go on ahead and take that first toke, it helps to know that the Northern Lights cultivar likely isn’t going to let you stand and walk around. So find a nice, cozy, safe place to stay before its impact comes hurtling at you with the full force of a rogue train. No, really – it’s going to be an oppressive calm, so don’t let the slow, silky smoke fool you.

The Northern Lights herb might produce a delicate, flowy cloud of cinnamon-flavored smoke. And most often, this delectable, lip-licking entrance can enthrall the unknowing user. With its alluring flavor tapping into your desire, it’s not unlikely that you might be tempted into taking a second toke. But be warned – the intricate flavor is all part of the Northern Lights’ trap.

Unsuspecting users who give in to the urge might soon find themselves biting off more than they can chew. The Northern Lights strain is a fast acting herb, delivering a pile-driver of relaxation that shoots straight through the system in record time. And as the soothing, calming effects of the strain rapidly rush through your bloodstream, you’re likely to feel limp and worry-free.


Northern Lights Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Beginners rejoice! The Northern Lights strain’s incredibly hardy nature makes it the perfect pick for novice farmers. Its short stature is characteristic of the indica genetics, growing no more than 3 feet at maximum age. To help lower and inner leaves get maximum sun and air, make sure you prunre your plant on the regular. Cutting off the tops can help expand the growth and may even help maximize your yield at the end of the season.

Its Thai landrace parentage is mainly the reason why the plant has such success as a household plant. Able to survive hot and humid climates, the Northern Lights herb isn’t too sensitive to moisture, but will require careful watering nonetheless. And if you manage to meet all of its needs throughout its growth, this species can promise you a maximum of 6 ounces for every square foot of its growth.


Who Is It For?

The Northern Lights herb is a strain that delivers a heavy, knock-out indica punch. That said, it should be obvious that first timers and rookies might not be too well-equipped to face the cultivar’s deep tranquility. For veterans and cannabis hotshots however, the dazzling, starry-eyed submission can be a wonderful way to experience the true-blue effects of an indica herb.

As a fast-finisher, the Northern Lights plant is a short growth with max yield. And because it thrives perfectly well in most climates, this plant can be a suitable first pick for farmers looking to earn a quick buck without sacrificing the quality of their cannabis product.


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