Natural Nuggs Vendor Review – Everything you need to Know

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Natural Nuggs is a specialized indoor cultivation hemp farm. It is partnered with the well-known Green Luster, LLC, from where it obtains its genetics. NN is also a certified Master Grower from the Hemp Geo Institute, LLC. It uses the processes taught at the institute and consults them for the production process.

Natural Nuggs thus comes across as a company focused on using specially fine-tuned processes for the best possible results. The website communicates the organic nature of the growing medium, which leads to organically cultivated hemp flowers. As a Master Grower certified facility, NN only sells flowers that it grows.

The indoor growing facility allows the grower to use the best nutrients and custom growth mediums to enhance the quality of its products. Indoor grow enthusiasts are often fast to point out the superiority of this growing method. The main argument favoring indoor growing is the grower’s ability to control all growth aspects and inputs. While it is always debatable whether outdoor or greenhouse growing can genuinely compete, it is clear that the certified expertise of these growers is bearing fruit. Or flower, to be more precise.

Natural Nuggs focuses on purely organic cultivation, holistic harvesting, and therapeutic properties. It is dedicated to using every part of the flower to create the most potent medicinal products available.

Top Products from Natural Nuggs

As a grower known for its produce, the main products from Natural Nuggs are, of course, its CBD hemp and cannabis flowers. NN leverages its expertise in growing high-quality indoor plants by choosing the best genetics. Put together; these two factors make for some potent hemp.

Natural Nuggs sells only a few strains that it specializes in growing. It is a smaller and more niche company with a more artisanal approach than large outdoor farms. Their primary focus is on quality while keeping the prices reasonable.

The company offers its flowers in the usual categories, which are topped by the premium top-shelf flowers, followed by smalls or nuggets, and lastly, the trim/shake/sugar leaf.


It cycles through harvests relatively fast because it can choose to grow and harvest rapidly without waiting for the seasons to change. This is one of the main advantages of an indoor grow facility. However, NN focuses on just a few strains and continues to fine-tune and elevate each successive batch.

Popular strains from Natural Nuggs include the famous Mustard Berry, Afghani Maple, White Mustard, and Miss B. Most of these strains are available in options of top-shelf premium nugs, smalls, and sampler/combo packs.

NN also manufactures bubble hash from these strains, which is also available from the shop. Another noteworthy product is the RSO extract of the strains.

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. It is a particularly potent extract developed by Canadian self-taught expert Rick Simpson who used it to cure his skin cancer. His success inspired him to sell the oil, and it became a famous cannabis product that evolved to gain cult status.

The RSO tag here means that NN uses the same extraction and concentration techniques to create highly potent tinctures. RSO products are known for their extreme potency and powerful healing properties.

Unlike most sellers, NN does not sell gummies. Instead, there are hard candies called Natural Nuggs Nuggets. There are three varieties to choose from, each focusing on a key effect: sleep, relaxation, and energy.

What People Are Saying

Natural Nuggs customers seem to be raving about the company. One look at various third-party and social media platforms reveals the company’s reputation for providing high-quality flowers and derivative products.

Based on the feedback, it is clear that customers are genuinely satisfied with NN purchases apart from the occasional shipping-related hiccups. The potency and flavor are both equally appreciated. Customers mostly see the price as reasonable, with few exceptions.

a brown amber tincture dropper bottle with a green and white label that reads 'cbd full spectrum hemp oil'
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
$15.99$66.49 Details
CBD Isolate Powder
$9.49$875.00 Details

Regular customers and connoisseurs also appreciate the inclusion of specialty products like RSO and hard candy. Products such as RSO are not easy to find online, and NN makes it easy to purchase them.

Shipping is generally fast, and the few times customer service was needed left the customers feeling good and satisfied. So overall, NN is doing an excellent job of production and sales.

Natural Nuggs Coupons and Discounts

Discount codes and free sampler packs are offered through the website and the newsletter. No pop-up screen asked us to sign up for a new visitors’ discount code. There is also a reward program based on points offered against purchases.

Signing up for the newsletter and following the company on social media are the best ways to receive the company’s deals and coupon codes. NN also offers bulk discounts and wholesale prices for most of its products. These are for those purchasing significant quantities for resale or further processing.

Natural Nuggs Legal Compliance

Natural Nuggs is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and other state and federal legislation that applies to CBD hemp farming and sale. The website is age-restricted to users above 21-years. All products come with genuine certificates of analysis from reputed third-party labs.

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