Mustard Berry Hemp Review

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Mustard Berry is a unique cultivar known for its high CBD and complex flavor profile. It is grown both indoors and outdoors. It is not the most common hemp strain, but it is one of the most flavourful and potent ones out there.

Mustard Berry CBD Hemp Flower: Potency and Cannabinoid Profile

This strain is known for its potency. It averages around 10% CBD with less than 20% overall cannabinoid concentration. However, depending on the grower and the phenotypes used, it has been seen to have well over 20% overall cannabinoid concentration with CBD concentration ranging in the 12-6% range.

This Indica-dominant strain is known for inducing an intense body high.


Mustard Berry Hemp: Cultivation

The Mustard Berry hemp flower strain is known for being grown indoors and outdoors. Many people will vouch for the superiority of indoor-grown flowers of any strain. This is because it is considered more potent and likely to be cleaner. The precise control that indoor growing operations afford farmers is the reason cited for this.

Hydroponics and potted plants are grown indoors can be more potent and of a higher quality than outdoor plants. But this is not always a hard and fast rule. A lot depends on the cultivation techniques, growing medium, climate (in outdoor farms), and inputs. An experienced outdoor or greenhouse farmer can often outdo indoor-grown buds.

In the case of Mustard Berry, it is not the most common strain, whether indoor or outdoor. However, the few boutique farms that sell this strain are almost equally divided between indoor and outdoor. Many of these farms tend to be smaller, indoor grow operations, focusing on producing small batches of rare and unique strains.

Overall, indoor Mustard Berry seems to be more common, mainly depending on the season. If you buy from an experienced grower, you will get one of the most flavorful hemp buds on the market.


Mustard Berry CBD Hemp: Feel, Aesthetics, and Visual Appeal

Mustard Berry buds tend to be large. Even the smalls will be larger than other strains. The robust body of the buds is not just for show, though. It is a densely packed flower with long orange pistils that are frosty with trichomes.

It is a fluffy nug that breaks apart easily when needed but remains sticky enough to get back together when you pack a bowl. Breaking it by hand is easy, but steel scoops or similar would be handy for vaping.


The buds tend to have a pointed, teardrop shape, adding visual appeal. Premium buds like this are usually hand-trimmed. So you can expect your buds to look almost picture-perfect with rust red/orange highlights to offset the frosty dark green of the bud.


Mustard Berry Hemp: Flavor and Aroma

Mustard berry has one of the densest terpene profiles amongst common and boutique hemp strains. You will smell its aroma as soon as you open the jar or bag that it comes in. The initial nose is berries and a faint skunky/gasoline smell typical of hemp. Upon breaking up the buds, you will get the mustard notes with more hints of berry sweetness.

The smell will make you think of mustard berries, and it carries through well into the taste of it. If you are vaporizing it, you will immediately notice the complex bouquet of terpenes. If you enjoy dense flavourful buds, you can’t go wrong with Mustard Berry.


Mustard Berry Hemp Effects

You will feel the body effects right away. One toke is enough to start feeling it in your body. In about 20 minutes and a few more puffs, you will likely not want to move much. So that way, it has a very sedative quality to it. But if you can moderate it, it may also be suitable for a quick relaxing session in the middle of your day.

As a heavy Indica, it has a very heavy body effect but keeps the mind clear. So for most people, this is recommended after your workday is done. It might also be suitable for some people as a sleeping aid.

If you want something to calm you down and take care of aches and pains, this is an excellent strain to go for.


Mustard Berry: Smoking vs. Vaping

The effects change little as you switch from smoking to vaping. The same intense body high, with an elevated mood and clear mind, is felt in both cases. Smoking is a more limited experience because you are losing out on the subtler aspects of the flavor and taste. That said, it does smoke very well.


You will notice a lot of Myrcene on the nose when you switch to vaping. Vaping is undoubtedly the best way to go if you really want to get immersed into the beautiful terpene profile that this flower has.



Mustard berry is a premium hemp flower that is ideal for relaxing and sleeping. It is Indica heavy and has a complex and pleasant flavor. It is ideally vaped to maximize the experience of the complex flavors.

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