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Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

April 09, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain

Just can’t get a good night’s rest? Monster Cookies should offer you some well-deserved relief. Touted as one of the best strains for night time use, this cultivar leans heavily towards the indica side, brandishing a dominance that pushes 90%. Its earthy, organic flavor and aroma is laced with a tinge of sweet, juicy grape that gives the herb a delicate balance of taste that plays with the senses.

Relaxing and sleep inducing, the Monster Cookies cannabis strain is the ultimate solution for a night of uninterrupted rest. And with its decadent blend of earthy, fruity flavor, it delivers a full-body experience that you won’t soon forget.


Origins of the Monster Cookies Strain

There’s a reason why Monster Cookies has earned such a stellar reputation. Combining the genetic masterpieces that are Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, this strain boasts a lineage of legends that both have their own spot in the cannabis market.

Girl Scout Cookies is poster child for the Cookies family. Considered one of the most beloved strains across the globe, GSC combines the genetics of OG Kush and Durban Poison, earning itself a perfectly balanced hybrid expression. The multi-award-winning strain blends together calming effects and a distinct fully body buzz that keeps you lucid and heightened yet at complete peace for hours on end.

The Granddaddy Purple strain on the other hand is a deep indica strain that dropped into the cannabis market way back in the early 2000’s. It brings together full physical release and dreamy cerebral effects that birth the perfect mood for relaxation and calm. But more than that, GDP has often been used to target a range of common discomforts like decreased appetite, stress, physical tension, and lack of sleep.


Monster Cookies Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

In a lot of ways, the Monster Cookies strain takes from its GDP parent in the appearance department. The deep colored nugs boast a glorious colorway of rich dark plum, streaked with hues of pink and lavender. Across the surface, tinges of pastel green mute out the rich undertones to create a more dynamic, contrasting aesthetic.

Needless to say, Monster Cookies’ look can be more than enough to make you ask your local budtender to take down the jar. And once you crack it open, it would be near impossible to take home a few grams. Much like its GDP parent, Monster Cookies boasts a rich, fruity aroma that blends together sweet berry and grape. And from its GSC mother, it inherits the deep, bitter scent of earth that provides just enough contrast to highlight the high notes of sweetness.


Monster Cookies terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Slow to take effect, the Monster Cookies strain first enthralls the senses with its delicate blend of fruit and earth which swirl together and combat for center stage. During the toke, the hints of earthy organic fragrance become far more pronounced, executing a full-on tug-of-war to fight for your utmost attention. In the end of course, neither the fruit nor the earth wins the fight, and your left with a palate that’s intoxicated with the fierce competition between juxtaposed flavors.

But even with the hellish combat of sweetness and bitterness taking place on your tongue, the Monster Cookies cannabinoid content insidiously takes effect. The slow changes might make a novice feel impatient, reaching for another bowl before anything changes. But be careful to take a dose too powerful – the Monster Cookies strain means business.

Once the creeping calm takes a hold of your cognition, it’s all a freight train of relaxation. The soothing effects grab tightly to your body and mind, clearing away discomfort, stress, and clutter to help you achieve a tranquil state of meditation. With time, the effects well up and heighten even further, lulling you to a calm and gentle sleep that’s impervious to interruption.


Monster Cookies Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

So, how easy is it to grow your own Monster Cookies? All things considered, it’s really not a tough strain to cultivate. Taking after its GSC parent, the Monster Cookies strain grows well both indoors and outdoors. But providing as much sunlight as possible can help the plant reach its maximum genetic potential. This essentially means that keeping your cannabis plant where it can get lots of heat and light can foster optimal growth and heighten flavor, aroma, and effects of the resulting harvest.

With the right conditions, the Monster Cookies strain should produce its yield after around 9 weeks from the seed. Every foot of its height – averaging 4 to 5 feet – produces about 3 to 4 ounces of bud. Sure, it’s not exactly the most significant yield compared to the abundant harvest of many other strains. But given its relatively easy cultivation, the moderate yield and long wait time can be well worth it.

In terms of using Monster Cookies as the raw material for extracts and concentrates, it all depends on how well you’ve managed to cultivate the herb. Providing the ideal growing conditions can increase the presence of trichomes – fuzzy white hairs on the surface of the leaves that produce the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Monster Cookies nugs that are rich with trichomes are smart candidates for post processing.


Who Is It For?

The Monster Cookies strain offers blissful relaxation that can work wonders for anyone and everyone. But novices who have yet to encounter a slow acting strain might want to take caution. The lack of immediate effects can make a rookie reach for a second bowl, and with the increased dose, the Monster Cookies strain may put you into couch lock.

For veterans, connoisseurs, and purists, the Monster Cookies strain provides the quintessential indica profile, putting you into that iconic state of happy, sleepy hunger that encapsulates exactly how the good ol’ cannabis strains used to do in the 70’s and 80’s.

Those interested in farming Monster Cookies will find that its near effortless cultivation makes it an easy choice for personal gardens. Of course, it does take a little more time than the average strain and it might not produce such a fat harvest, but with its potent benefits and wild flavor profile, those are all forgivable kinks.


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