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Miami Rave website

Miami Rave is a different type of CBD company. They chose to be different because they understand that you are unique. No matter which phase of the buying process you are in, they help you research and select the products that are right for you. They have a comprehensive set of values that sets their company apart from others. The first is to offer you support 24/7/365. Their telephone, live chat, and email support are free for any purchase-related issue. You get a money-back guarantee from Miami Rave. If you are unsatisfied with any product you purchase, they will refund it or exchange it. The last promise they make to you is fast, free shipping every time. They ship every order within 72 hours. They’re an award-winning company, and they stand behind all their products.

Top Products from Miami Rave

Miami Rave has a large selection of hemp products you can buy.  Their top product is their quality hemp flower. They have many strains, and the bestselling is the ACDC, Harlequin and Charlotte’s web, Elektra, and lifter strains.

The ACDC strain is a Sativa dominant flower and is very high in CBD. It can also aid in the reduction of pain caused by ongoing chemotherapy. The bus is great and looks well-trimmed. The nuggets are big and round and have great colors of green. On the green flower, you can see it covered in amber hairs that will soothe, uplift, and relax you when smoked.

Their Harlequin CBD hemp flower is a Sativa dominant strain that is a trifecta dominant of Colombian Gold, Nepali Indica and Thai and Swiss Landrace strains. The combination makes it a favorite amongst cannabis lovers who want to keep a clear head and stay alert throughout the day. The terpene profile affords an earthy, musk aroma and leaves a faint taste of sweet mango in your mouth and the air. Choose this strain for a clear head while maintaining alertness and focus.

Miami Rave products

Charlotte’s web is a well-known CBD strain that is excellent for helping those who have epilepsy. People know that the flower offers high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. This strain is a leader in preventing epileptic seizures around the world.

If you want something that will help you unwind after a stressful day, you can grab a bag of Elektra strain flowers. The flavor profile is amazing, with a mix of red wine, chocolate, and citrus. The aromas are due to the unique and robust terpenes that the flower provides. On the other hand, if you need to be more talkative and want pine and earthy flavors, you can grab the lifter strain, which is 100% organic.

Miami Rave also has a huge variety of Delta 8 products in topicals, vapes, and edibles.

What People Are Saying

Miami Rave

The company has a Trustpilot page, and it has a five-star rating. The edible gummies offered on the site are extremely strong and leave you feeling chilled out. Reviews describe their skincare products as “a must.” The online reviews say the products are worth the hype and have the lowest THC content possible. You will not experience any psychomotor disturbances, just high-quality CBD that will leave you feeling amazed and refreshed.

Miami Rave Points and Discounts

Miami Rave has decently priced products on its webpage. If you want top-shelf flowers at an affordable price, they have got you covered. You can get good bud for around $15 per gram. Buying in bulk will save you more as your quantity increases. The savings are crazy good. If you get 7 grams of quality flower, it will cost you $75, which is a savings of $2 per gram. They have a subscribe and save option that will save you 15%, and they deliver the product to your door. It is a great option for people who will continually consume CBD products, and it saves $28 a pop if you’re buying an oz. There are no loyalty points because of the great prices and subscribe and save option.

Miami Rave Legal Compliance

Miami Rave expressly states that all of their product is within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Cannabis that contains less than 0.3%THC is legal in America under the 2018 farm bill. The company emphasizes that if there are any problems with your order, they will help you by offering round-the-clock support. Shipping is fast and will be discreet so your product can arrive on time. The promises made by the company certify their product is legal and provides excellent quality, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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