Merlot Cannabis Strain Review

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Just like her namesake, the Merlot strain packs distinct flavor and an easy smoke experience for those who want to unwind at the end of a long day. As Merlot wine makes the ideal nightcap, so does the Merlot cannabis variety provide the soothing relaxation you might be looking for to ease away the stress and discomfort of work and responsibilities.

Smooth, easy, and with a soft bitter ending, the Merlot strain is an aromatic variety that soothes the mind and body, lifting you up into a mild euphoria as its blissful effects envelope your system. The smiley, happy effects of the strain make the perfect solution against tension and pressure, and may very well cradle you off into dreamland for an uninterrupted evening of rest.

Origins of the Merlot Strain

Combining the red, fruity flavors of berry and cherry, the Merlot strain results from the marriage of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom – two blissfully sweet strains with distinct bitter undertones. Just like the flavor of overripe fruit, these two strains come at your senses with overpowering sweetness that slowly transforms into a deep, earthy flavor that jabs at the taste buds.

Cherry Wine showcases a distinct flavor, encased in a beautifully compact nug with vibrant colors and aggressive trichomes. It resonates with the glorious fragrance and fruit, flowers, and cheese, with hints of spice and pepper shining through during the smoke experience. In terms of her effects, the Cherry Wine strain works just like a glass of your favorite red – that is, she’s going to get you feeling light, airy, and a little giggly.

Berry Blossom on the other hand tastes more like acai and fruit, underlined with the bitterness of earth and gasoline. Her effects focus mainly on the body, putting you into a state of calm relaxation as your limbs are weighted down to keep you from moving around too much. Together, these strains produce an exceptionally relaxing cultivar personified in the Merlot herb.

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Appearance and Aroma

Just like other strains on the top-shelf that work hard to earn their spot at the head of the display, so too does the Merlot strain showcase eye-popping aesthetics. The gorgeous golden nugs are hard to miss even alongside electrifying strains. Her metallic exterior is further highlighted by a thick jacket of trichomes that leave a shiny resin on the nugs. Within the compact samples, deep shades of rich red and pink saturate the interior, adding another dimension of character to its bag appeal.

Traversing the leaves are networks of yellow orange hairs that twist and turn to cover the nugs. The delicate crown of tendrils look as though they hold the entire sample together, with fuzzy white trichomes gluing the sunshine colored fingers in place. All together, the Merlot strain comes packed in an attractive ensemble of colors and textures that make her difficult to ignore.

The Merlot’s nose is a fruity, floral, berry scent with generous jabs of cheese and pepper – just like her parents. Cracking open a pack releases the delectable aroma, and may feel a lot like swirling and sniffing a glass of fine wine. A strong earth undertone lines the fragrance, rounding off the encounter to further enhance the potency of its pleasant fruity aroma by adding a touch of bitter contrast.

Experience and Effects

The blissful, mildly sedative effects of the Merlot strain aren’t exactly the fastest to manifest, but you won’t have to wait a lifetime either. Its smooth, velvety smoke glides almost effortlessly down the throat, like finely aged wine with an easy tannis. A very mild dryness caresses the soft tissues of the mouth, delicately abrading as it courses through into your lungs.

Merlot’s mild euphoria gives the same effect as a glass (or two) of premium, aged wine. The strain works to relieve physical tension and discomfort as it puts the mind in state of controlled elation. Its gentle effects wash over the body and cognition and for a moment, it clears away any stress that might be hindering you from achieving a truly restful disposition.

The ideal nightcap, Merlot can ebb you gradually into a state of sleepy stupor, cradling you off into dreamland with happy thoughts in your head and a smile stretched across your face. Take a drag or two before bedtime to experience release from distress and enter a disposition that’s perfect for a fully refreshing night.

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Growing and Processing

Merlot’s reliable compliance throughout the growing process makes it a mainstay in many farmers’ fields. Easy to foster and quick to finish, the strain produces a bountiful harvest that can easily earn you a fat profit. Its complex terpene and cannbinoid profile mean that you might have to feed it fertilizers and supplements to help it manifest full genetic expression. But with patience, the payback can be well worth the modest effort.

To maximize the potent chemical composition of the herb, providing phosphorous rich fertilizer should be a priority. But in some cases, Merlot’s easy-going nature makes it possible for farmers to achieve maximum strain quality by simply choosing the ideal soil. Premixed, loose soil that drains easily should be your base of choice, reducing the roots’ exposure to moisture over extended periods of time and giving your plant the nutrition it needs to fully express its genetic potential.

When properly grown, Merlot showcases a glorious crown of sticky trichomes that shed light on the complexity of its cannabinoid and terpene profile. The resin maintains its flavor and potency quite well through various extraction processes. So if you were interested in producing your own cannabis-derived products whether for personal use or for retail, Merlot can be a wonderful base ingredient.

Who Is It For?

If you’re looking to escape the stresses of everyday life, then Merlot can be just for you. Developed as the quintessential nighttime cannabis strain, this wine-like cultivar lends a mild euphoria with the release of happy hormones that uplift the mood and release cognitive and physical tension. With its smooth, fruity, floral taste and aroma, the strain also proves to be quite the smoke experience as well.

Growers in search of a fat profit can find sound purpose in the cultivation of Merlot. With its complex terpene profile and rich CBD content, the strain’s top-shelf quality deserves nothing less than top dollar.

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