Master Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Master Kush Cannabis Strain

While it isn’t a sativa, the Master Kush strain almost always makes the ideal companion if you really want to soak up what you’re doing. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not going to give you a jolt of energy for a productive afternoon. Instead, its razor sharp clarity and extended attention span let you zero in on a movie, your favorite reruns, or any other non-cerebral task. And by zoning you in on what you’re doing, this strain can make the entire experience all the more enjoyable.

Aside from its effects, the Master Kush strain has earned a reputation as one of the spiciest herbs you’ll find on the cannabis market. Incorporating a strong punch of pepper, this herb will line the nostrils and throat with its intense piquant flavor that can really rouse your senses.


The Origins of the Master Kush Strain

There’s a reason why the Master Kush herb has such intense genetics, and it’s the strain’s parents. However unlike other herbs that have two different parent strains, the Master Kush cultivar touts technically just one parent. The powerful Hindu Kush landrace is recognized as the only ancestor in the mix. But because this particular variety grows over a 500 mile mountain range, some of the samples can change properties depending on where they grow specifically.

That said, two Hindu Kush samples from two different points in the mountain range were taken and bred to produce the Master Kush variety. These two ancestors demonstrate similar indica properties, with the other showcasing a slightly energetic profile. That’s how the Master Kush herb gets its interesting twist of vigor that makes the strain feel more concentrated and composed rather than sleepy and hazy.

The Hindu Kush flavor also slightly varies from its Master Kush offspring due to the involvement of a minor note of pine. Predominated by citrus, the Hindu Kush flavor profile also touts a bit of pepper that sits right behind the lemon foreground, unlike the Master Kush strain that punches straight forward with hot, fiery flavor.


Master Kush Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Master Kush proudly displays its gorgeous colors and textures that are the perfect representation of a classic indica of the 80’s. Deep forest green nugs entangled in brown hairs that jut out of every crevice, this strain simply demands attention with its high saturation and ultra dark colorway. But other than its color, the herb also sets itself apart with its overbearing size at almost twice as large as others on the shelf.

Letting out a strong aroma, the Master Kush strain smells remarkably like a spicy herb straight out of the jar. This powerful piquant quality definitely makes the encounter somewhat unique, tracing down into the throat as the aroma passes from your nostrils. The backdrop of the overall aroma can be described as a citrusy herbal fragrance with hints of bitter coffee.

One thing about the Master Kush aroma is that it fights its way out of the container with supreme power. And that’s mainly because of the exaggerated trichome expression all over the nugs. This excessive presence of white fuzz produces a surplus of terpene-rich resin that gives the strain its fragrance. And of course, just like the terpenes, cannabinoids are also produced through these trichomes. So the more fuzz a strain has, the more powerful its effects are likely to be.


Master Kush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Master Kush strain’s flavor slightly differs from its aroma with a stronger presence of gasoline. Otherwise, the notes are relatively retained with pepper piercing through as the primary taste throughout the experience. This strong, spicy flavor scrapes the throat and may heat up the airways. Its prominence can be felt all throughout even into the lungs, and helps create a more unique taste experience. The smoke itself can feel abrasive and may cause a coughing fit as you continue to puff.

The strain washes away both cognitive and physical stress and discomfort, putting you in a relaxed mood right before it takes a sharp turn to concentration central. Once it reaches its height, the strain’s chemistry will have you feeling exceedingly sensitive to all the stimulation around you. As though heightening your senses, the strain amplifies the detection of even the slightest sounds and movement.

As it puts your mind in absolute drone mode, the strain makes every activity non-cerebral. The feeling is almost like your body is put in autopilot. As you indulge in some low commitment activity like watching TV or even knitting up a sweater, this stuff will have you glued to what you’re doing with zero desire to interrupt the process. So what you get is dead centered focus that really helps to unwind without being totally unproductive.


Master Kush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

In terms of height and yield, the Master Kush herb makes the ideal choice for indoor growth. The dumpy little thing can grow to just a measly three feet in height at max, so you don’t really need to worry too much about affording it vertical space. Yields are also pretty impressive at 6 ounces for every square foot of the plant’s growth. Of course, the issue here is how easy it is to grow.

Requiring some care and expertise, the Master Kush strain gets a better chance at reaching maturity when placed in the hands of an intermediate farmer. With the right conditions and care, the plant might see flowering within 7 weeks from the seed.


Who Is It For?

Despite being quite literally the descendant of one of the most intense landraces known to man, this strain delivers tolerable effects that aren’t just easy on the system, but pleasurable to a wide audience. Offering impressive relaxation and unmatched clarity, this strain transcends the various levels of expertise and experience, making it a great choice for all cannabis users looking for that awakening indica encounter that sharpens every corner of the mind.



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