Limeade Indoor CBD Hemp Flower



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Limeade’s Strain Review

Limeade Hemp Flower might be just for you. Lending a feeling of well-being, this upbeat and lively strain awakens the senses right from the first smooth drag making this a supporting strain for your needs. Its potent citrus aroma blends together with a strong yet heightened earthy floral scent.  This strain gives a unique flavor  perfect for those moments when you want to feel upbeat and energetic. Looking to be  soothed and uplifted? You will quickly notice that this sugar bud is the one you need in your daily strain collections. Users looking for an uplifting effect will keep their heads clear and focused and find that this CBD Flower is a great choice when consumed during the day. Enjoy a carefree disposition that’s light and effortless to maintain.

The Limeade’s Flavor Profile

Rich and fragrant, the Limeade’s flavor profile can heighten the cultivar’s buzz. Expect high notes of Limonene, prominent citrus, and gentle balanced floral notes. The buds can often be a bit more dense, sticky and more softly dusted in trichomes than other CBD strains.

The Limeade strain is a sativa-dominant strain, a revitalized effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and bump creativity and focus. Indicas are typically correlated with full-body reactions, such as improving heavy relaxation and diminishing sleeplessness.


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