Lets Blaz Vendor Review – Should You Buy From Them?

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Lets Blaze Kratom Review

Lets Blaz, officially called Blaz, wants to make smoking cool again because it is focused on creating a lifestyle around smoking hemp. It projects hemp smoking as a healthier alternative to smoking nicotine cigarettes. So users still get to enjoy the feeling of smoking something while receiving the therapeutic benefits of hemp.

The website has a very underground, young, and rebellious vibe to it. The landing page treats the visitor to a series of moody video shots showing young people of diverse origins smoking hemp in intimate settings. The brand design is vibrant and colorful with a slightly retro feel to it. The website itself is very minimal and clean, highlighting the product even more.

The text and the visuals are all geared towards attracting a younger generation who want something cool but are also aware enough to avoid nicotine and the overwhelming effects of THC. So Blaz hemp has positioned itself as a premium smoking brand that fits this demand and looks and feels just right for the lifestyle.

The company is based in North Carolina where it does its manufacturing, and the hemp is grown in California, Oregon, and North Carolina. The website does not offer any facts about the company beyond these few points.

Blaz is clearly poised to take over the social smoking space that nicotine-based tobacco cigarettes have long dominated. As hemp becomes more popular, other brands are stepping into the arena to take a piece of the same pie. However, Blaz has the advantage of branding itself for the youth, which might ensure that it never goes out of style. Only time will tell.


Top Products From Blaz

Blaz is all about premium quality hemp cigarettes and a few associated accessories and merchandise. The catalog is small and focused on delivering quality options for the new-age smoker. It makes up for the lack of variety through clean design and high-impact aesthetics.

Top Products From Blaz

There are two main varieties of Blaz hemp smokes to choose from. The regular range is simply called Premium Hemp, and the special range is called Blaz Reserve Ultra-Premium Hemp Smokes. So you will not be paralyzed by too many options when it comes to choosing a hemp smoke.

The Premium range comes in two different flavors – Natural and Menthol. Without any additional flavorings, the Natural hemp smokes are ideal for those who are looking for the pure hemp flavor. The Menthol flavor is great when you want something different and perhaps don’t like the natural, dank hemp flavor. However, some hemp flavor will remain as this is just additional menthol on top of the hemp.

The Ultra-premium smokes are, of course, extra special. They have to be because they are more expensive and carry the tag of being Blaz Reserve. These are marketed as being more potent, more flavorful, and made with light-burning french paper. Even the hemp filters used are biodegradable. The flowers used for these smokes are high-quality greenhouse-grown flowers (organic, of course) that are more aromatic and potent.

Blaz does not disclose which hemp flower strains are used for making these smokes, so there is no way of actually pinpointing the flavor profile. However, it is clear from the description that the regular and the special versions are different flowers and possibly different quality of flowers and blends thereof. It is common for such proprietary blends not to be disclosed, so we just hope that the company is able to maintain a consistent flavor profile in whatever blend they are using.

Overall, the smokes are advertised as light on the inhale, so they are easy on the throat and lungs. The CBD in these hemp smokes creates relaxation and mild euphoric effects, which are also part of the branding. Blaz is quick to highlight the fact that it is much better than nicotine-rich cigarettes and much more pleasant in all its aspects.


What People Are Saying

This is a very niche market, and thus the Blaz website does not have too many reviews to go on. Based on the few reviews that can be found on the website and elsewhere on the internet, Blaz seems to have successfully attracted its intended target audience of the young and the young at heart.

The users are quite happy with the flavor profile and the effects of the smokes. Independent reviewers on third-party websites and social media platforms appreciate the aromatic and smooth effects.


Blaz Coupons and Discounts

The only major discounts available are on large purchases of buying a carton of 10 x 20 Blaze Smokes. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, the Premium cartons were sold out at the time of writing.

However, there are options for applying coupon codes during checkout, and third-party coupon websites offer Blaz coupons. The success rate usually varies with such third-party sites, but it also indicates the fact that Blaz offers coupons and discount codes.

Coupons and Discounts

Blaz Legal Compliance

Blaz only sells legal CBD hemp products that fully comply with federal laws. All products are below 0.3% Delta-9 THC, as mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill

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