Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

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Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain

There is an unspoken preference among cannabis lovers for strains with engrossing citrus scents. So much so, in fact, that these strains usually end up becoming favorites within the community for decades on end. Such can be said of Lemon Skunk, a marijuana bulwark that has stood the test of time as one of the landmark strains this generation of smokers has ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Lemon Skunk was among the most popular strains in the year 2009 in which it found itself consistently in the High Times list of top strains. With its complex cannabinoid profile, this strain was well known for giving users a happy energetic buzz engineered to shake you out of your morning funk. If there ever was a strain worthy of your time, thoughts, and patronage, that would definitely be this monster of an herb.


Origins of the Lemon Skunk Strain

A hybrid strain heavily leaning on sativa effects, the Lemon Skunk is a combination of two unknown skunk phenotypes that produced strong lemon and citrus flavors. The origins of this strain are shrouded in mystery and only trace amounts of info can be found on its heritage.

Rumor has it that this strain was actually a cross between a Dutch Citron Skunk and Skunk #1 but nothing is for certain. Despite this lack of enlightening information, Lemon Skunk continues its upward rush through our collective consciousness. No doubt, its enigmatic history has somewhat added to its popularity, garnering for itself numerous accolades in the previous decade.


Lemon Skunk Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

A signature quality is usually what makes or breaks an award-winning strain, and the Lemon Skunk delivers that in spades due to its aroma. The scent of this thing is will make your nose twitch with excitement as it teases you to take part in its euphoric promises.

The flowers of this herb are sported in nice compact buds with trichomes and red hairs surrounding every inch of the dense nugs. Green and light green tinges cover the buds and leaves of this cultivar, giving it delicate organic appeal. The nugs in particular are sticky mainly thanks to its rich trichome jacket produced from within its resinous secretions.


Lemon Skunk terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Lemon Skunk will have you reminiscing of the famous cartoon suave skunk Pepe Le Pew coercing his unsuspecting lover to stop resisting his bold advances. Free your mind, let it all go, and just let Lemon Skunk take you on one sweet ride.

This strain starts with a sudden rush that jolts through the head, making its unsuspecting user reflecting on his deepest, innermost thoughts. Prepare to be taken immediately to a state of zen where your thoughts and creativity flow seamlessly as a river navigates its way from within the mainland to the freedom of the sea. The herb then completely transforms the mood with an accompanying numbing effect meant to sedate your tensions and ease you into rest. The balance of light relaxation and heightened mental clarity is an experience the Lemon Skunk alone may be able to provide. All of these make it a perfect day time strain, offering a balance of effects and a stabilized mood that support the accomplishment of daily tasks.

Lemon Skunk is as potent as potent strains go so make sure you are well aware of its complex chemistry before trying your hand at this bad boy. The basic tenet of use for this strain is “less is more”. You run the risk of amplifying the less favorable effects of the herb with too high a dose, which may very well drive your head straight into a headache if you’re not too careful.


Lemon Skunk Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

If you are looking to jumpstart your cultivator cannabis career, then the Lemon Skunk lends itself well for culvators who trying to learn the ropes. Lemon Skunk can grow into a relatively tall plant meaning you will need significant vertical room to accommodate its towering height. Though it may be grown both indoors and out, some experts recommend moving the plant into the fresh air of the great outdoors as the effects of sunlight provides the appropriate stimulus for exponential growth.

As has been mentioned before, the Lemon Skunk is an easy strain to grow and it owes that to it being a fairly low-maintenance plant. It is a strain that is less likely to be affected by pests and diseases. The plant has been reported to endure cool outdoor climate without any relative detriment to the final product. Optimizing your plant growth with the use of organic soil is the way to go with this plant. You won’t need to worry about overdoing fertilization, thanks to the herb’s relative resistance to nutrient burn compared to others.

Grown indoors, the Lemon Skunk will usually take around 8-9 weeks to flower. Yield may amount to up to 18 ounces per square meter. The harvest is often better for the plant when started or transferred outdoors where it can produce somewhere between 26-28 ounces of bud per full grown plant. Persevere with these tips and you’ll be treated to a cornucopian harvest within the next few months.


Who Is It For?

Users looking to jump start their day should include the Lemon Skunk in their go-to shortlist. A drag of this cultivar simply entangles your senses with the lemon aroma, all the while giving you that dose of uplifting energy you need for the day to come. The signature relief of tension and the initial cerebral surge keep users coming back to this favored strain.

Inexperienced users, however, should take extra precautions as they might not be able to expect the sedative experience that comes after the initial stimulation. Just remember – less is always more with the Lemon Skunk strain. Make sure you manage your dose to get the best experience out of this veteran herb. Newer strains may be in the forefront of many an aficionados’ dispensaries, but for the discerning connoisseur, the Lemon Skunk is a classic worth your time and your attention.


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