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Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain Review

July 05, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain Review

Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain

Despite being relatively hard to come by, the Laughing Buddha Cannabis strain has is an award-winning herb that was crowned the best sativa around during the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. And just like its namesake, this strain delivers a sensation of light, airy, and upbeat wellness that can bring you to the next level of cognitive clarity as you enjoy the benefits of a completely re calibrated mood.

Sweet, earthy, fruity, and spicy, the Laughing Buddha herb is everything you might be looking for in a sativa. But beginners beware – this heavy-handed sativa can get pretty hairy. With strong effects that tend to stick around for several hours, the Laughing Buddha herb might be better reserved for those truly enlightened users who know what a pure sativa can do.


The Origins of the Laughing Buddha Strain

The fact that the Laughing Buddha herb comes from the marriage of two landraces makes it pretty easy to see how it gets its intensity. The lovechild of two prominent herbs, the Laughing Buddha cultivar touts chemistry and genetics that come as close to Mother Nature as possible.

The Jamaican is an energizing sativa with a slightly more relaxed group of effects compared to its Laughing Buddha offspring. Growing indigenous to the rich tropical soil of the locality, this herb is packed with aroma and flavor, making it an absolutely bewitching sensory trip for even the most experienced veterans. For the most part, Laughing Buddha gets most of its aromatic genetics from this parent from which it inherits both flavor and fragrance.

The Thai landrace is one of the most commonly used throughout the breeding industry. Throughout the years, Thai has been used to breed a variety of Cannabis strains that have all earned their rightful place in the Cannabis industry A-list. While it isn’t quite as potent as Laughing Buddha either, it’s intense sativa properties combined with the Jamaican landrace come together to create a potent chemistry that seems to amplify both of their sativa properties.


Laughing Buddha Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Looking almost like a chunk of gold, the Laughing Buddha strain draws in its patrons with its beautiful, glistening, opulent extravagance. The glittering leaves look almost like they’re wrapped in a golden foil, drizzled with the sticky nectar that contains the strain’s intricate chemistry. The surfaces – enveloped in the delicate embrace of bright orange tresses – perfectly mirror the pristine aesthetic of the iconic golden Buddha.

Naturally, with such intense, eye-popping bag appeal, the Laughing Buddha herb will entice its onlookers to inspect it even further. And as your friendly neighborhood budtender cracks that jar open, you’re met with the sweet aroma of fruit, flower, and a twang of bitter earth. Together, these notes dance with the olfactories and entice the system into a state of pure sensory bliss. Needless to say, that whiff can seal the deal and make you take home a couple of grams.


Laughing Buddha terpene profile


Experience and Effects

While at the store, you might have found it a good idea to bag a big serving of Laughing Buddha for its immensely pleasurable aroma. But be cautious – for as delicious as it might smell, the herb’s potent terpene content should shed light on the kind of power that its resin contains. During the smoke, these notes will remain relatively unchanged. You get the flower, the fruit, all drenched in a nectarine aftertaste and dipped lightly in an aftertaste of bitter earth. And yes, it’s going to be just as blissful as the olfactory encounter.

And that’s what makes the Laughing Buddha herb moderately dangerous. With such intense flavor and aroma that appeals to every discriminating taste, the strain begs for its users to take toke after toke. For veterans and experienced users, self-control and temperance might already be a skill well established. But for the unassuming novice user, the strong desire to keep on dragging can cause immense effects too heavy to handle.

As a strong sativa, the Laughing Buddha does everything you would expect from an energizing strain. It shoots up the body with unprecedented amounts of vigor, forcing you into a state of euphoria and jittery motivation. Needless to say, without anything to focus your attention on, the sudden increase of energy might get you feeling a little apprehensive and stressed. And as thoughts race through your head, the Laughing Buddha herb can usher you into a state of excessive expressiveness. Careful who you hang out with.

And finally, it’s not called ‘Laughing’ Buddha for nothing. While it does give rise to a sense of elevated perception and enlightenment that might help you generate a flurry of fresh new ideas, the strain is also known for its effects on mood, putting you into a light, bubbly, and giggly mood that can have you laughing about the most mundane and trivial things for hours.


Laughing Buddha Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Laughing Buddha herb takes loads of time, needs lots of space, and requires tons of effort to reach maturity. For these reasons, it really makes the ideal crop for farmers who have had previous experience growing their own Cannabis. Yielding just around 1 to 3 ounces of bud for every foot of the plant’s growth, you can’t really expect such bountiful returns with this one, and that’s also why it doesn’t appear too much on your favorite dispensary’s shelves.

Under the right conditions, the Laughing Buddha herb will produce its yield after more than 12 weeks from the seed. Each plant should grow well beyond 6 feet in height, with branches and leaves spaced widely. Paying close attention to its needs in an indoor growing facility should give you better chances of bringing the variety to maturity.


Who Is It For?

As a classic sativa that’s as close to nature as it can get, the Laughing Buddha herb provides an encounter that can leave you feeling like you’re a spectator in your own life. As your body is placed in a state of elevated mood and energy, you might end up feeling out of sorts as you attempt to regain control over your jittery system. That said, beginners and low tolerance users should try to steer clear of the herb and leave its use to more experienced veterans who know what it takes to enjoy a true blue sativa.


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