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JustBob Shop, also known as JustBob, specializes in selling CBD buds and related products. They advertise themselves as selling “CBD Buds of Legal Weed.” The company prides itself on being the top CBD weed company in Europe and Ireland and offers a range of products. JustBob has a team made up of experts and specialists. They describe themselves as safe, simple, and fast, as well as respectful of privacy. The website for JustBob advertises its express delivery, and its shipping policy falls in line with this claim. You get a tracking number for your order within 24 hours and will receive your packaging within just three business days, usually two. This especially prompt service means that you don’t have to wait long for your hemp products.

The packaging from JustBob is discreet as well, helping to maximize your privacy. The sealed package you receive is unbranded, making it impossible for anyone to see inside of it. JustBob takes multiple steps to ensure the quality of its products. This includes checking the products at every step of the process, starting with the selection of plants and products all the way through delivery. Additionally, all products undergo lab analysis to confirm they have legal THC levels and are free from harmful contaminants. This is done by an independent specialist lab to prevent any conflicts of interest. All of the hemp, or “CBD weed” as JustBob refers to it, is organic. It is all grown in Italy in protected, specially designed environments. The various products are derived from hemp that the EU has certified for agricultural use.

Top Products From JustBob

JustBob offers a wide range of products, including something to fit all preferences. You will find flowers, hash, and oil, as well as kits. Some of its most popular products are its CBD flowers, which come from crossing the most popular CBD strains. These include strains with the genetics of Gorilla Glue, Do-Si-Dos, and California Haze. Those who want a completely THC-free product will want to explore some of the most popular CBD strains without THC, such as Super Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato 33, and Forbidden Fruit. As you browse the CBD flowers, you will notice that they all indicate whether they are grown indoors or in a greenhouse and their percentage of CBD + CBDA from the main selection page. When you click on a product page, you get even more details. These include information about the aroma, origin, and cultivation.


Those interested in hash will notice several options, including Charas, Burbuka, and Moonrock. As with all of the CBD flowers, you see detailed information, including the CBD + CBDA percentage, aroma, and cultivation. If you are interested in CBD oil, JustBob has sativa strains with concentrations of 5% to 25%. They also have a sativa pet line and sativa CBG oil as well as Sensitiva oil. The discovery kits are also incredibly popular. They are especially great for those who are new to CBD or want to try a few different products. The kits focus on THC-free products.

What People Are Saying

Overall, people have mostly good things to say about JustBob. It has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot and 3.4 out of 5 on Facebook. However, it is worth noting that there are claims of fake reviews, especially on Trustpilot. As such, the overall rating may be closer to the rating from Facebook. Positive reviews praise the company for its quick delivery and high-quality products. There are even some negative or fair reviews that highlight the quality of the product but complain about something unrelated, such as the inability to cancel an order.

JustBob Shop Coupons and Discounts

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If you opt for one of the discovery kits from JustBob, you will notice that the total price is less than the amount you would pay for each product separately. This is one great way to enjoy savings, especially if you want to sample products or incorporate several into your varied routine. Another small way to save is to order more than 60 Euros worth of products at once. Doing so will qualify you for free shipping. You will also notice that buying a larger quantity of buds will result in a discount. This is helpful for those who will use a fair amount of CBD before it loses its freshness, or for friends who want to share an order.

JustBob Shop Legal Compliance

JustBob has a detailed description in its FAQ section describing how CBD products are legal in Europe and Ireland. As part of the compliance with the law, every single CBD product from JustBob has less than 0.2% THC, which is in accordance with the law. Some products will contain trace quantities of THC, but never more than 0.2%. Other products are THC-free. All of the company’s products undergo laboratory testing to confirm that they meet this legal requirement. That lab testing also confirms that they are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and chemical treatments. JustBob also states that its products are for collectors or for “technical use.” So, if you want to try a new CBD shop, consider JustBob.

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