Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

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Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain

Also called ‘Fruity Juice’, this herb boasts chemistry that comes as close to nature as possible. The child of two landraces, Juicy Fruit proves that no one does it better than mother nature. Its intense flavor, sativa-biased hybrid chemistry, and long lasting effects that can stretch for several hours are all a testament to the kind of genetics you can expect from herbs that are cultivated with as little human intervention as possible.

As one of the up-and-comers on the hybrid scene, Juicy Fruit sets itself apart by rapidly bringing you to the height of cognitive euphoria and then suddenly setting you on a free-fall all the way down to an intense indica sleepiness. Certainly, not everyone will enjoy the rollercoaster effect, but for any discriminating veteran, the highs and lows of the Juicy Fruit strain make an encounter that’s worth playing over and over again.


The Origins of the Juicy Fruit Strain

Juicy fruit is fairly new to the market, and yet it’s intense properties and qualities have earned it quite a prominent seat among others. A good reason for its quick descent to popularity – aside from its own chemistry – is the fact that it comes from an impressive family line. The daughter of two landraces, Juicy Fruit finds has an upper hand in the market because most buyers will typically gravitate towards a strain with a solid heritage.

The Afghani – perhaps one of the most used landraces for Cannabis cultivation – is the proud parent of the Juicy Fruit strain. Contributing to the mix with its sweet, earthy flavor and aroma, and its heavy indica effects. Although its sleepy impact isn’t quite as easy to feel during the first few moments of the Juicy Fruit encounter, Afghani’s effects are perfectly mirrored towards the downswing of the experience.

Then of course there the Thai landrace. Another common choice for cultivators hoping to maximize the genetic potential of their crop, Thai has found its place as among the most utilized landraces on the market. It’s a sativa dominant pick that was first brought to the US in the 70’s, and has since wowed crowds with its A-list offspring that are imbued with the parent herb’s fruity, floral, herbal properties.


Juicy Fruit Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Highly saturated yellow-green leaves cover the surfaces of the Juicy Fruit nugs. All around, bright orange tresses envelope the bud in a delicate yet dramatic fashion. Breaking the nugs apart reveals a slightly darker interior, which may or may not be infused with deep purple hues. And of course, as with any landrace offspring, the trichomes on this stuff are aggressive, to say the least. In many cases, the Juicy Fruit strain can look like it rolled under a dusty old sofa and was kind of left there over the course of a couple of decades.

But as many Cannabis heads know, in the industry of cannabis, the dustier and fuzzier a nug is, the stronger its chemistry should be. And that’s exactly the case with the Juicy Fruit strain. Its thick trichome jacket, coupled with its strong aroma, shows the caliber of the resin it produces. Merely touching the herb leaves a sticky coating on the fingers, again proving that the Juicy Fruit strain means business.

As for its aroma, well, it isn’t called Juicy Fruit for nothing. Aside from the fact that the nugs definitely are juicy with resin, the fruity aroma that wafts from the leaves can be a blissful encounter for Cannabis heads of all levels of expertise. Sweet and strong, the fruity floral aroma is laced with hints of herb and tea, creating a truly enthralling olfactory encounter that might make you want to take a bite.


Juicy Fruit terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Juicy Fruit’s smoke is thick and textured, leaving a trace of mild abrasiveness as is passes down into your lungs. For low tolerance users and novices, it might induce a slight bout of coughing but it’s definitely not over top. On the exhale, the sweet fruity flavors are replaced by a minty herbal taste with a tinge of gasoline. It’s certainly not enough to make a rookie cringe, but strong enough to be noticed by even the least trained of palates.

The moment you make that first toke, the chemistry gets to work almost instantly, which is why the Juicy Fruit strain is known for its relatively fast acting effects. The ascent into euphoria and heightened energy is definitely palpable, with each new breath bringing you to the next level. Your heart rate starts to rise, and your sensitivity to the stimulation around you begins to elevate.

At the utmost height of the upswing, you’ll feel a strong urge to move and get things done. Whether its plowing through work or binging on Spongebob reruns, you’ll be pretty much awake and alert before that sudden drop. Three hours into the experience, expect a rapid descent into an Afghani-esque indica encounter. The sudden rise of clarity and energy will be almost instantly replaced by a desire to sleep, and yes, sleep you will. Shh, don’t fight it.


Juicy Fruit Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Juicy Fruit strain is surprisingly easy to grow despite being the child of a couple of landraces, which are notoriously difficult to cultivate. With an average flowering period of just around 7 weeks, the Juicy Fruit herb can be a great starter crop for first timers hoping to get their hands on a fat harvest. Grown properly and in the right conditions, Juicy Fruit can yield around 1 to 3 ounces of bud per square foot of the plant’s growth. And because they can average just around 4 to 5 feet in height, they can be a good choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.


Who Is It For?

While it isn’t exactly an overwhelming or overpowering herb, the Juicy Fruit strain doesn’t exactly make the perfect fit for a newbie. The sudden crash from high to low can be a bit much for someone who’s just learning how Cannabis works, so it’s really best appreciated by those who have had at least some experience using similar strains. Nonetheless, there’s always the option of adjusting your dosage to minimize the drastic feeling between that initial climb and the sudden drop.


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