Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain Review

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Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain

Three, two, one – blast off! The Jet Fuel hybrid is a chiefly sativa strain that lets off the pungent odor of gasoline fumes. Its parents are hard-liners of the Diesel lineage, and the herb itself encapsulates what it means to be a member of their brawny clan. And of course, just as you would expect from a cultivar named Jet Fuel, this herb jump-starts your system with a jolt of high energy that roars through your body with the force of V8 engine.

Tapering off into a gentle calm towards the tail end of the encounter, the Jet Fuel cultivar is what you might call a true-blue hybrid. Able to combine the effects of both sides of the genetic pool, this strain promises a complete experience that leaves nothing to be desired.


The Origins of the Jet Fuel Strain

Jet Fuel is perhaps one of the most prominent members of the Diesel family. Today, the strain enjoys almost the same level of lofty popularity as its Sour Diesel ancestor, but the herb is relatively more low-key than the ever-iconic SD. Its parents come in the form of the Aspen OG and High-Country Diesel which are both relative unknowns in the Diesel heritage, yet equally formidable in their flavor and effects.

The Aspen OG parent strain has yet to attain any sort of fan-base throughout the cannabis market, but it is a viable stash staple nonetheless. The strain works hard to help alleviate common issues like loss of appetite and sleeplessness, making it an ideal choice for users in search of relief versus the symptoms of poor wellness. Sweet berry undertones bring life to Aspen OG’s flavor profile, and overtones of gasoline temper the sugary goodness from getting carried away.

And in the red corner, we’ve got High Country Diesel. A cross between the classic Diesel and the legendary OG Kush, this strain brings together otherworldly genetics that power through with the pungent flavor and odor of gasoline. The strain’s deep bitterness may deter the average cannabis head, but its unyielding sativa-leaning effects can definitely spice things up for a seasoned connoisseur or veteran.


Jet Fuel Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Glistening with the drizzle of fuzzy white fur, the Jet Fuel herb bares its glorious trichome layer for all to see. The thick forest of peach fuzz is what produces the resin – the sticky substance that contains the nug’s complex cannabinoid compounds. As you peer through the forest of snowy pelt, pastel green and yellow poke through to the surface in a dazzling display of muted color. The enchanting little nugs can look pretty enticing from the dispensary shelf, making any average Joe or seasoned connoisseur dive in for a sniff.

Turn the lid and stick your nostrils into the jar, and you’ll be surprised at the stark contrast between the fanciful aesthetic and the herb’s offensive odor. The strain packs a strong punch of gasoline, almost like sticking your nose into a jerrycan full of diesel. In many ways, low-tolerance cannabis heads, rookies, and novices might find the scent unpleasant, making many pull away with a furrowed brow. But for veterans, purists, and connoisseurs, the strong odor can be perceived as aromatic, lending a preview of the experience to come.


Experience and Effects

The Jet Fuel strain produces thick plumes of smoke that puncture the throat with abrasive tenacity. As it slowly scrapes through the soft tissues, the smoke leaves a thick, pasty feeling that induces the cough reflex. Of course, many of those who are new to cannabis might find the experience to be a little on the unpleasant side, but veterans and experts can find significant enjoyment in the challenging encounter.

Needless to say, Jet Fuel tastes like its name suggests – fuel. The bitter flavor travels through and ignites your system as the cannabinoids course through your body and enter your blood stream to jump start the actual cannabis encounter. It all starts with clarity. What’s nice about Jet Fuel’s cognitive effects is that they’re almost instant, making it easier to detect what changed. Abruptly, the strain puts all racing thoughts and negativity to rest, inciting a tranquil mind that’s sharp and highly sensitive to stimulation.

With this new-found clarity, razor sharp concentration follows suit, giving you the uninterrupted attention you need to power through a day’s worth of work. Body-wise, a rapid buzz jolts through the system, racing up and down your spine to breathe new life into your tired body. The result is a truly awakening experience that makes work and toil a total breeze.

But what really makes the Jet Fuel strain a stand-out pick is its gentle mellow-down. After you reach the height of the experience, the strain cradles you down, down, down into a state of blissful relaxation. Clarity and sensitivity remain, but the buzzing should tone down to a slow, relaxing rhythm, letting you doze off into a restful existence after the heightened energy and productivity levels.


Growing and Processing

Fortunately for the novice farmer, Jet Fuel can be particularly easy to cultivate. The hardy plant survives just fine in climates that aren’t quite as hot. But if you want to maximize the herb’s genetic potential, then it would be wise to expose the plant to as much sunlight as you have available. That said, it’s also best to grow them outdoors, especially since they can reach heights of over 6 feet, owing to their sativa genetics.

With the right conditions, the plant can produce around 4 to 5 ounces of bud per foot. Sure, it’s not what you might call a fat harvest. But because it takes no more than 7 weeks to bring you the spoils of cultivation, its relatively modest yield becomes a small price to pay.


Who Is It For?

Better reserved for those with experience smoking cannabis, the Jet Fuel strain can feel overwhelming for a novice – especially if you’re not accustomed or partial to bitter cannabis flavors. In terms of its effects, the controlled energy and slow descent to relaxation can work wonders for anyone, bundling the genetics of indica and sativa in a perfectly balanced hybrid.


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