Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain Review

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Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain

Just like its notorious namesake, the Jack the Ripper strain can slay you and take full control of your system in the blink of an eye. This high-CBD strain is typically beloved by purists, hardened cannabis-users, and connoisseurs who are fully aware of the effects of a solid sativa. But for unknowing newbies and rookies, the Jack the Ripper strain might be a little too hot to handle.

Throughout the known cannabis world, Jack the Ripper is hailed as the fastest sativa presently available. So aside from its incredibly potent effects, the cultivar can also manifest its impact within mere minutes of your drag. Now, unless you’re ready to get absolutely lost in its effects, you should be careful to take a dose without being fully prepared for its near instant outcomes.


Origins of the Jack the Ripper Strain

Jack the Ripper touts a star-studded family tree, with icons and celebrities glistening across the lineage. Its parents are a hybrid – the Space Queen – and a sativa – Jack’s Cleaner. Both are formidable choices on the cannabis market, with family lines involving popular names in the known cannabis world.

Space Queen is the daughter of Romulan and Cinderella 99, boasting hybrid genetics that lean towards the sativa side of the gene pool. It’s a high-yield herb with delectable fruity flavors reminiscent of apple, berry, and citrus. Just like Jack the Ripper, she acts fast and delivers an awakening buzz that jolts through the body to distribute unprecedented amounts of vigor.

Jack’s Cleaner is the direct descendant of the Jack Herer strain. In fact, it’s a phenotype of the iconic strain, so you might say they’re one and the same. Its sativa genetics are mainly inherited by the Jack the Ripper strain in full. And that includes hard hitting potency that targets the mind.


Jack the Ripper cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Jack the Ripper nugs are large, loosely packed, and lightly colored. The pallid coat can be reminiscent of grass on the first snow of winter, drizzled with tiny little flakes of crystallized goodness. These fuzzy hairs are the trichomes that produce the strain’s delicate nectar – a thick golden resin that contains the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

With leaves and tendrils that jut out in every direction, the Jack the Ripper strain can look like an unruly monster with an unhinged nature. Its wild, uncontrolled growth can be particularly intimidating, especially if you’re not entirely used to the look of a heavy-handed sativa that means business.

If you do muster the courage to take him down the shelf, unscrewing the lid releases the aroma of apples and citrus – both inherited from its Jack’s Cleaner parent. The herb also incorporates pine and lemon which combat with the other fruity notes to confuse your senses and make you want to take another whiff just to properly register all the various notes you detect.


Jack the Ripper terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Jack the Ripper comes out thrashing with a flavor profile that perfectly mirrors its aroma. The sensory experience can overload your taste buds with the fiery notes of lemon and pine that are often incredibly saturated. No doubt, while the flavors themselves are not offensive or unpleasant, the sheer potency of each note can make you pull away and hesitate before that second drag.

Because it is a fast acting herb, the Jack the Ripper strain doesn’t give you too much time to brace for the oncoming effects. The first you’ll notice is heightened sensitivity to all the various stimuli around you. Sounds are louder, sights are brighter, tastes are better, and smells are stronger. And as you continue to analyze your surroundings, the strain starts to get to work on your cognitive functions.

The herb can heighten mental activity, fueling you with racing thoughts that hop from one to another. For those with apprehension, the herb may induce nervousness, making it better to steer clear in case you’re a low tolerance or sensitive cannabis head. Body-wise, the effects are palpable. The strain lightens the feeling of the limbs and rattles the body with a shot of epinephrine to make you want to move.


Jack the Ripper Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Jack the Ripper is moderately difficult to grow, with specific cultiavtion needs that might not be that easy to meet. These include reduced humidity, extended sun exposure, and proper fertilizer application. For these reasons, it’s always better to isolate your Jack the Ripper plants indoors where you can monitor their growth and tweak the variables that impact its growth.

Its not exactly a high yield plant, producing an average yield of 2 to 3 ounces of bud for every foot of its height. Nonetheless, the towering plant can reach well over 6 or 7 feet tall because of its sativa genetics. So what it lacks in yield density it makes up for with its sheer height.

Flowering takes about 8 to 9 weeks from the seed. If you’re able to meet all of the plant’s needs as it reaches maturity, then it can be a good choice for extraction. After all, with its immense sativa effects and rich cannabinoid profile, the herb produces excellent concentrates that can be used for cannabis-derived product formulation.


Who Is It For?

Sorry, rookies. You’re gonna have to sit this one out. Just like the mysterious serial killer, the Jack the Ripper strain is leaving no nerve untouched. Its potent chemistry can make you feel like you’ve been slain by its chemistry – and that’s exactly what it does. It’s also important to remember that those with unique sensitivities and apprehensive moods should steer clear of JTR just in case.

While it’s not exactly what you would call the perfect agricultural commodity, JTR’s interesting genetics make it worth the shot nonetheless. So if you were hoping to leverage its potent sativa benefits for a cross breed or if you were simply keen on formulating cannabis-derived products and extracts, then the Jack the Ripper strain may be well worth the effort.


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