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Jack Frost Cannabis Strain Review

January 14, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Jack Frost Cannabis Strain Review

Jack Frost Cannabis Strain

With a complex lineage of four ancestors, the Jack Frost strain delivers effects that are as complicated as its family tree. Hitting you in four waves of varying experiences, the strain is your all-in-one solution for any and every reason you might need cannabis for. The dynamic and multi-faceted roller coaster of effects takes you through every kind of cannabis-induced encounter. So whether you’re a first timer who wants to discover what cannabis can do, or if you’re a veteran in search of a next level trip, Jack Frost can be the perfect solution.

The incredible herb is virtually void of THC, making it a wonderful choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without even a single trace of intoxication or sedation. Its robust coat of trichomes and specific seed genetics make it particularly ideal for extraction if you’re interested in producing your own brand of CBD products.


The Jack Frost Lineage

The complicated Jack Frost lineage was perfected over the course of 5 years, and involves the genetics of four parent strains to achieve the distinct JF profile. Over the course of half a decade, the dedicated farmers who cultivated and bred the strain worked to improve the potency and effects of the strain, resulting to a rainbow of effects that make it the versatile cultivar that it is today.

The first parent – Jack Herrer – lends it sativa-leaning effects to its JF offspring. Its also where the Jack Frost strain gets its delicate blend of fruit flavors that are moderately detectable during a smoke. White Widow comes in next to offer its explosion of energy and rushing, heady impact that are heavily palpable towards the end of the JF experience.

The third parent is Northern Lights #5. The balanced, controlled cultivar is where JF gets its calming benefits that are most profound during the first phase of the toke. The gentle, ebbing waves of relaxation make the perfect opening to the entire experience, which are highlighted by the rich and intricate flavors of its fourth and last parent – Rainbow Kashmiri.


Jack Frost Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The frosted, fuzzy exterior of Jack Frost’s nugs make it a total eye-popper from its seat on the top-shelf. Glorious trichomes drizzle the bud and created a whimsical appearance that any cannabis connoisseur could easily fall in love with. Delicate and light, the loosely packed nugs are oversized yet fragile, with shakes easily breaking off with rugged handling.

Aroma-wise, there’s not a lot to detect. Subtle notes of fruit and honey here and there can be picked up by more sensitive noses, but for the most part, the grassy organic aroma dominates the entire smell experience. But for as light and airy as its fragrance might be, the Jack Frost strain delivers a mouthful of flavor that proves there’s more than meets the olfactories when it comes to this unassuming herb.


Jack Frost terpene profile


Experience and Effects

As was previously mentioned, the Jack Frost strain comes in a very delicate structure, with crumbs easily coming away from the branches with moderately rugged handling. The reason for that is because Jack Frost needs to be dried to perfection to heighten the effects of the CBG it contains. CBG – or cannabigerol – is a cannabinoid that’s beloved for its ability to combat both physical and cognitive annoyances.

The powerful component makes Jack Frost the ultimate herb for users in search of fast relief against all sorts of discomfort and distress. The trade-off for the process of drying is a delicate nug, which is barely a deal breaker if you consider the potent benefits and power of the strain.

Arriving in waves, the multi-faceted experience served by the formidable strain starts off with a mild buzz. The ringing sensation pangs through the cognition and sends a stir of subtle energy to course through the feet. During this time, you might find yourself feeling a little disoriented, not knowing what to do with the pent up vigor.

But as the effects move into the next phase, an overwhelming sense of calm should push you to take a seat, relax, unwind, and bask in the pleasant experience of an uncluttered mind. The effects rage through the body and extend through the extremities, adding palpable weight to the arms and legs for minimal movement.

Floating off into a more sensitive state, the third phase heightens the lower powers and rouses your sleeping libido. If your partner is around, this would be the perfect time to cuddle up. And finally, as the effects round off at the tail end, a strong sense of sleepiness takes over the body, lulling you into a deep slumber that can last well into the morning.


Jack Frost cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Jack Frost takes around 7 weeks to reach the flowering phase, producing a moderate harvest of about 4 to 5 ounces for every foot of height. Most farmers will speed up the process of growth to prevent the conversion of CBG to THC, which is how the strain can The relatively tall plant can reach heights of up to 6.5 feet or more, depending on the quality of the conditions you grow it in.

A favorite among cannabis product manufacturers, Jack Frost is an ideal full-spectrum concentrate base ingredient for its CBG content, among the other cannabinoids that it incorporates. With a strong genetic profile and distinct effects, this strain can produce hard-hitting extracts that can be used for a range of formulations – from tinctures, to hash, and everything in between.


Who Is It For?

With Jack Frost, a little goes a long way. If you’re a novice or a low tolerance user, then perhaps starting off with smaller amounts of the strain can help you manage the impact and reduce the risk of overwhelming your system. But veterans and connoisseurs can easily find enjoyment in the Jack Frost’s versatile roller coaster experience.

If you’re worried about overwhelming your senses with the pungent flavor of gasoline and earth, don’t sweat it. Jack Frost’s delicate flavor experience combines the sultry goodness of succulent fruit laced with a mild tinge of honey, draped over a tolerable backdrop of bitterness that almost anyone can find pleasure in.


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