Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower

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  • Sticky and Dense
  • Non-Detect on Delta-9 THC
  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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Blue Dream

20 reviews for Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower

  1. bridgette romero (verified owner)

    i smoke this in thc form from a dispensary and ive been on the hunt for ever since…. the BEST strand in my personal opinion shes everything you could want , didnt know how i would react in her cbd form and i wasnt at all disappointed…… cannot reccomend enough

  2. tyler3633 (verified owner)

    Very sticky very chunky so far best tasteing strain I’ve had from ihf will be getting more for sure

  3. Woodrow kenton jr

    Very nice timing on arrival. Buds were as it is in the pic, smells awesome, smokes nice, and the flavors are there. Nice body high. Will be purchasing again.

  4. hathawaybm (verified owner)

    the flavor is top notch

  5. GanjaGamers (verified owner)

    I love this flower. Very sticky and great tasting. It’s been my go-to strain to smoke the past couple of weeks. Full video review here:

  6. Jason Donovan (verified owner)

    Nice strain, very dry on the outside, once you bust open a bud really sticky, nice sweet smell with a little gas, my favorite is Zskittles,

  7. Ian Williams

    This is such a beautiful and healing flower the terp profile is pleasing to the nose and the palate.

  8. Jenni Kelley (verified owner)

    The flower smells great. The smoke is smooth and full of flavor. I’m very happy with this flower.

  9. 420lover (verified owner)

    this is favorite bud ihf sells tight compact buds really super sticky . they smell and taste top notch

  10. Devinmarch95 (verified owner)

    Very good for price, i tried this and the stormy 2.0 and this was a little better quality, i wish the buds were a little bigger in my half though but i would def buy again.

  11. wezal1369

    blue dream is one of the freshest flowers so far with a cheese blueberry gassy flavor . cure was perfect and super fast shipping

  12. Jsh_english (verified owner)

    Talk about some amazing flower very gassy and the flavor and feeling was a A+ puts you in a nice calm relaxing atmosphere

  13. steven gross (verified owner)

    came in pretty fresh, maybe a little short on the eighth. Looks great smells great, and taste great. Love this strain, tried an gram and came back for the 1/8th. Good when mixing with other strains ,Great for the tackle box.

  14. Nicole Lewis

    Fire flower and a little gassy too! Smokes nice and buzz was 👍

  15. AliciaAzeez (verified owner)

    I got my package in the mail today and I am impressed. The taste and freshness is better than any I bought from a otc store. I will be purchasing more of the Blue Dream

  16. ScrapeG718 (verified owner)

    This puts you down fire fire fire


    It was very relaxing


    I got some it was great look good smelled good felt good and smoke great was impressed

  19. Brad A. (verified owner)

    🔥Blue Dream🔥
    This is a great flower for anytime day or night…
    The buds I received were unique in color on the blueish green side which is awesome.. A little leafy but covered in frost so who cares.. Love The smell after a grind great aroma..
    Haven’t had any seeds pop out yet half way thru the Quarter I ordered… My buds are more on the fluffy side.. High Quality for Sure!!
    This one for me is a Stand Out Flower.. As Always IHF delivered another Great Strain

  20. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    I say 4 star only cause the flavor is not strong as I hoped lol it taste good thou dont get me wrong just not dank strong, effects r outstanding I felt it on the first hit small buds smells hella good kinda blueberry earthy spice great meds yall keep it up

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