Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

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Who wouldn’t want to stuff their pie-hole with spoonful of ice cream cake? No different from your favorite frozen treat, the Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain is creamy, smooth, sweet, and thick, giving you a face-full of deliciously intoxicating smoke that can put you in the most relaxing trance-like state you’ve ever experienced. Get your just desserts and drift effortlessly into dreamland with a whiff of the Ice Cream Cake cultivar.


The Ice Cream Cake cultivar comes from the union of two equally lip-smacking strains – Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. These top-shelf cultivars are both pretty popular in their own right, boasting soaring high THC levels and a blend of popping flavors that deliver an otherworldly experience that elevate, entrance, and knock your freaking socks off.

Wedding Cake

Now here’s a Wedding Cake you can truly enjoy. Also called Pink Cookies, the Wedding Cake cultivar is a calming, sedative strain that boasts ultra-dense nugs packed with rich creamy flavor. The strain exudes a sweet aroma, and delivers feelings of euphoria, happiness, and a strong sense of hunger with its impeccably high THC levels.

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Gelato #33

Gelato #33 is one of the many phenotypes of the ever-popular cannabis classic, Gelato. This particular variation sets itself apart with sativa-dominant effects that are all wrapped up in a creamy, silky, smooth smoking experience that glides down the throat without so much as a hitch.


Glazed with a coating of sticky, crystallized trichomes, the Ice Cream Cake strain looks as it should – like a frozen treat of sugary goodness. The pale green nugs give way to bluish purplish undertones that course underneath the leaves to give the bud a really dynamic bag appeal. Running over its surface, yellowish pistils top off the eye-popping presentation, adding contrast and saturation to the whole package.

THC Content

Both of the Ice Cream Cake’s parents have above average THC levels, with some growers reporting phenotypes that soar well over 20%. So, it should come as no surprise that the delectable Ice Cream Cake cultivar touts a whopping 27% THC content, well over the average range for a typical cannabis strain.

What does that mean for you? Hours of happy, hungry smiles and a full-body high that should take you to new levels. First-timers and low-tolerance users beware – the Ice Cream Cake strain isn’t for the faint of heart. Take doses in smaller amounts if you’re not entirely certain about your threshold.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

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The sweet sugary scent that Ice Cream Cake gives justice to its playful name. When you first crack open a pack, you’ll get a face-full of that sweet, sugary scent reminiscent of a slice of vanilla cake. When you take that first hit, you’re likely to feel the rush of creamy, velvety smooth smoke gliding through your mouth and down your throat, like a rich spoonful of ice cream cake.

The sweet smoke gives off hints of citrus and pepper, with minute notes of herbs jabbing at your taste buds between sweeping servings of sugary smoke. At the tail-end, a potent jet fuel bitterness rounds off the experience, giving excellent contrast that makes for a more dynamic flavor profile.

Effects of Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake’s comparatively high THC content means that it delivers hard-hitting results even with smaller doses. Taking it in smaller amounts and working up to the kind of intensity you’re hoping to achieve instead of taking too much all at once can help you enjoy its soothing effects all the more.


Reported as the strain’s main effect, the relaxation brought about by Ice Cream Cake is unlike any other. Powerful, unstoppable, and almost instant, you’d be smart to make sure there’s a nearby sofa to catch you when you finally crash from the strain’s effects.


With its overpowering sedation, it comes as no surprise that the Ice Cream Cake strain brings with it a strong urge to snore. The cultivar can set you on your way to dreamland within minutes after your sesh, letting you sleep in complete sedation for a truly restful experience.


Struggling with physical discomfort? There’s nothing a serving of Ice Cream Cake can’t fix. As the ultimate comfort cannabis cultivar, this strain lifts away all of those aches to give rise to a gentle numbness and tingling that relieves the entire body during its entire duration.

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It’s not exactly the easiest strain to grow. But the Ice Cream Cake cultivar delivers an unprecedented high yield that makes the trouble worth it. The dense plant develops compact nugs at up to 4 ounces for every foot of height that it grows. So, you definitely get more than you would with other strains.

As with other types of cannabis, Ice Cream Cake grows best in hotter climates. Ensuring the evaporation of excess moisture can prevent fungus, mold, and mildew from developing on its stalk and leaves, protecting the plant from potential pests and rot.

That simply means limiting the water you provide and allowing enough airflow and light to dissipate excess moisture. You can expect the plant to reach maturity after around 10 weeks from the start of the process.


If you’re growing the plant indoors, make sure you’ve got a deep enough pot. Cannabis roots can grow almost as high as the plant itself, so allowing enough room for them to stretch out can accommodate healthy growth. Choose an indoor space that’s warm with minimal humidity, and position the pot near a window that gets lots of fresh air and sunlight when possible. If necessary, use a plant growing lamp to sustain the ideal temperature during night-time hours.


Because Ice Cream Cake can be a little more demanding than other cultivars, it pays to prepare your soil prior to planting your seeds. Fatten the soil with fertilizer and dry it out just enough so that it’s moist to touch but not caked together with water. Plant your seeds in a spacious area where they have enough room to grow both vertically and horizontally. If night time temperatures dip too low, provide a lamp in the evening to sustain the ideal warmth.

Similar Strains

There are butt loads of other strains out there that offer similar effects and flavors as the Ice Cream Cake cultivar. If you’re interested in a tweaked ICC, here are some of your choices:

  • Dogwalker OG
  • Mendo Breath
  • Banana OG
  • Herijuana
  • Face Off OG
  • Hell’s OG


image of ice cream cake strain review

Don’t just take our word for it – the Ice Cream Cake strain delivers excellent results that can give you the ride of a lifetime, and lots of others who patronize the cultivar agree.

  • She was a challenge to grow and it took me a couple of tries to finally see her flower. It’s prone to rot and mold, so you really need to be careful about moisture. After I got it right though, the effort was really worth it. I got enough bud to last me the next couple of months.
  • I always get knocked TF out when I take Ice Cream Cake. It’s potent, and I love the power struggle between my will to stay awake and the strain’s relaxation effects. I always lose though.
  • As a first timer, I was overwhelmed with the ICC’s effects. I should have probably taken a lower dose, and I strongly recommend that you try it with a trusted friend if you’re using for the first time. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a real knockout? Ice Cream Cake is your go-to. Incredibly overpowering, this strain can put you in a deep state of sleep and relaxation, helping you get over the most challenging cognitive and physical stress. So, grab a bowl and spoon – a big fat serving of Ice Cream Cake is yours for the taking.


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