How to Vape Hemp Flower

Because of the distinct, expansive benefits of hemp flower, people have found more and more ways to enjoy its effects. Today, there are more than a handful of methods to use hemp flower, and all of these different options make it possible for people with varying needs, preferences, and abilities to experience the herb’s chemistry.

Recently, vaping hemp flower has become more and more popular. Said to be a much safer alternative to smoking, vaping provides the same benefits while allegedly extending the effects of the dose so you can go for longer between uses.


How to Vape Hemp Flower


Smoking vs Vaping Hemp Flower

Smoking has become a popular method for using hemp flower because it’s easy. In fact, most hemp flower dispensaries even sell pre-rolls and hemp flower cigarettes, providing buyers a convenient way to use and enjoy the effects of CBD.

But just because it’s easy, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best option. There are some people who worry about the potential effects of smoking hemp flower, especially on the lungs. While it’s definitely nothing like cigarette smoke, there haven’t been enough studies to determine the safety of long-term hemp smoke exposure.

Other than that, smoking also isn’t the most pleasant experience, especially when you’re using hemp flower with more potent chemistry. Even experienced hemp flower smokers can experience bouts of coughing and throat irritation after taking a puff.

And finally, there’s the issue of longevity. While smoking has been found to be the fastest route in terms of how long it takes before you experience any effects, it also doesn’t last very long. On average, smoking hemp flower should provide benefits for up to an hour, which means you’ll have to keep smoking throughout the day to reap the herb’s effects.

And then there’s vaping. Turning hemp flower into a vapor, this method provides more potent benefits while prolonging the effects of the herb’s chemistry. What’s more, vaping has also been found to produce a cleaner, smoother glide that doesn’t irritate the throat. The only reason why it isn’t as popular as smoking is because it’s not quite as easy to do.


Knowing Your Vape

Before you get to the vaping proper, it’s important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the different parts of a vape. These include:

How to Vape Hemp


How to Vape CBD Hemp Flower

Although vaping has often been seen as more tedious than smoking, it’s actually almost as simple. If you already know the parts of your vape, then the entire process should be pretty straightforward.

  1. Prepare Your Hemp Flower – Vaping requires that you properly prepare your hemp flower and make sure it’s finely ground using a grinder. This entails removing any stems and seeds that might still be attached to the leaves. On average, you should have between 0.25 and 0.5 grams of flower for one vaping session. Remember that this also depends on the size of your vape’s oven.


  1. Set the Heat – If you happen to have a vape that has heat controls, then you’re going to want to set the proper heat to achieve your desired effects. In general, temperatures between 360 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough to produce potent vapor. Going upwards of 400 degrees can produce even stronger vapor, while going below 350 degrees produces milder effects.


  1. Add the Hemp Flower – Once your vape’s indicator light’s up, it means that the oven is at your desired heat and that it’s ready to take your hemp flower. After you pack in the flower, make sure to properly seal the chamber to prevent any issues while vaping. Any errors in closing up the oven could mess up the heating and vaporizing process.


  1. Take in the Vapor – Now that your unit is ready, you can start to vape away. Remember that when you inhale, it’s important that you breathe all the way into your lungs as opposed to just keeping the vapor in your mouth. You should be able to taste and feel the vapor during the exhale if you did it properly. Pace yourself and feel for effects before taking a next inhale to make sure you don’t overdo it.


  1. Finishing Up – If you notice that the vapor no longer has any taste whenever you inhale, then that means the chemistry in the hemp flower you loaded has been completely spent. At this point, you can discard the flower and reload or turn off the unit if you’re done. Some people like to keep the used flower to make homemade edibles. If you turn off the vape before the flower is spent, you can keep it there for a while until you decide to take another smoke.

An Alternative to Smoking

If you find that smoking hemp flower just hasn’t been working for you, then you should give vaping a try. Allowing users to experience the benefits of CBD hemp flower on a whole new level, vaping can double up the effects and potency of your favorite strains. Keep in mind though that there are a few considerations to make to ensure a proper vaping experience. Remember these pointers when you give the method a go to guarantee a fruitful vaping experience.


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